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Stockinette BanJ. grains of quinine sulphate every three hours for an- other three or four days, and is then put back on the antipyrine mixture. The only drawback to the use of quinine is that in some instances it upsets the stomach, but the alternate administration of the quinine with the antipyrine mixture seems in a great degree to obviate this disadvantage. I have discontinued the use of all Acticin Cream other drugs in the treat- ment of whooping cough. Mechanical. — For a prolonged spasm of the glot- tis, intubation is indicated. We come now to the consideration of the part of the title of this paper which refers to a new method of treatment. Can we have, you ask, anything new regarding the treatment of whooping Purchase Acticin cough? For the past six months I have used with marked success, the simple, yet new application of an old principle, to the description of which I ask your at- Generic Acticin tention for a few concluding moments. A stockin- ette band is placed upon a baby with whooping cough, in the same manner as Order Acticin Online is done by orthopae- dists before applying the plaster of Paris jacket. This band extends from the axillae Acticin Cream 5 to the pubes and fits the baby snugly. Two shoulder straps are used to prevent the band from slipping down. Upon this Elastic Abdominal and Chest Bands. June 20, 1903.] WEISS: X RAY DIAGNOSIS OF FOREIGN BODIES. 1105 rs. ^ _^.-r;ijrrjf ICIastic AbJoiiiinal Uand. also of niarkerl advantage when applied around the chest, in aborting the paroxysmal stage : when wearing it, the paroxysms will he noticeably of a milder nature. The only disadvantage of this method is, that in some cases it causes a slight eczema of the underlying skin, but it seems to me that its advantages so far counterbalance this sligb* disadvantage, as to render it really of no conse- f|uence whatever: this eczema Purchase Acticin Online clears up immedi- ately when the belt is removed. In closing, I draw the following conclusions : ( i) Whooping cough is a self-limited disease and runs its course in the same way as does a pneu- monia. (2) The medicinal treatment which has proved the most efficacious in my hands, is that devised by Dr. Kcrley, namely, the alternate use Acticin Price of antipyrinc with bromide and quinine. (3) The application of an elastic belt to the ab- domen or thorax (or both), as occasion requires, ccmbined with the above mentioned medicinal treat- ment, has proved itself to be, in the experience of the writer, the best and most effective method in the treatment Buy Acticin Online of whooping cough. • iTi:; West Eightv-fikth Street. THE USE OF THE X RAY IN THE EXACT LOCALIZAIIOX OF A FOREIGN BODY. By L. D. WEISS, M. D., NEW YORK. The patient w^as a young woman who, one year ago, while sewing on a machine, ran the needle into her finger and broke off the point therein. She said that it pained her whenever she made particular use of the finger, as in piano playing, etc. I took two radiographs of her hand. In the first, the end of the needle is seen embedded in the ter- minal phalanx, seemingly Order Acticin right on top of the bone I-'iG. I. — .Anteroposterior view of foreign body. Structure ; a portion of the eye of the needle can be distinctly seen, Buy Acticin for the needle broke off right at its eye. In Buy Cheap Acticin the first radiograph the location of the foreign body is somewhat misleading, as the needle seems to lie right on the bone, when as a matter of fact it is situated quite a distance from the surface of the bone, as Acticin Permethrin Cream can be seen from the second radiograph (which was taken with the finger held at right angles to the first radiograph), wherein the foreign body shows up as a small dot in the meshes of the fascia, superficial to the flexor tendons.

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