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June 20, i(j03.] EDITORIAL t NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND PHILADELPHIA' MEDICAL JOURNAL. CONSOLIDATED. A Weekly Review of Medicine. ESTABLISHED IN 1864. ARTICLES. 1119 FRANK P. amoxil 875mg FOSTER, M.D., KENNETH W. MILl.ICAN, M.R.C.S. Editor. Associate Editor. Published by the A. R. Elliott Publishing Company. Remittances sliould be made by New York exchange or post office or express money order payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Address all communications to .4. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY. 66 West Broadzuay, New York. Philadelphia Office: Chicago online amoxil Office: 1716 Chestnut Street. 221 Randolph Street. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 1903. PUBLISHERS' ANNOUNCEMENT. It is with very f;rcat satisfaction that the pub- Ushers announce the consolidation of the New York Medical Journal and the Philadelphia Medical Journal. This is in line with the most con- spicuous tendency of the present time in the con- duct of great enterprises — that of amalgamation. Harmonious constituents bound together by unity of management, and sustained in their combination by concentration of resources, form a zvhole which is vastly more powerful than any one of its ele- ments alone. From their inception both journals have been governed by the same policy; the\< have both 'worked for the best interests of the amoxil 250 mg medical profession and of humanity, regardless of commer- cial considerations. Each journal has had a very amoxil 500 mg wide circle of readers composed of the best ele- ments of the profession, and each, zve believe, ha.s everted a strong influence for tlie betterment of medicine. Issued amoxil 500 as a unit from this date, amoxil 400 the amal- gamated journals icill enjoy all the adzvntages of a centralised and economical management, ivhieh can- not but give them still amoxil order greater strength and useful- ness. JVIiatevcr features in each journal were spec- ially appreciated by its readers will be continued, and no effort will be spared to institute such new ones as e.vperience, coupled with constant observa- tion of the profession's needs, may indicate as being called for. The general offices and editorial rooms will remain at Xo. 66 West Broadivay, Nezi' )'ork, with branch offices in Philadelphia and Cliicago. THE CONSOLIDATION OF THE NEW YORK MEDI- CAL JOURNAL AND THE PHILADELPHIA MEDICAL JOURNAL. As has been briefly set forth in the foregoing Publishers' Announcement, the Nezv York amoxil 250 Medical Journal and the Philadelpliia Medical Journal, be- ginning with this issue, are to constitute a consoli- dated journal. In bringing about the consolidation the publishers have not been actuated solely by a de- sire to enlarge the subscription list, though they do not profess to have been unmindful of the advan- tage to be amoxil buy online derived from such accretion. They have cherished the far higher purpose amoxil 875 of combining and furnishing to an enlarged circle of readers all the features thought to be of special value in the two journals. We shall exert all possible efforts for the realization of this purpose. Before the consolidation amoxil tablets the Xeiv York Medical Journal was free of all commercial influence, and so was the Philadelphia amoxil 875 mg Medical Journal. Two jour- nals more harmonious in their aims and methods do not exist, and it amoxil 250mg is most fitting, therefore, that they should so purchase amoxil combine their resources as to further those aims and improve those methods to the ut- most. This we believe to be wholly 500mg amoxil feasible under the unification of the two. Fortunately, the two cities, New York and Philadelphia, are of such ready access to amoxil buy each other that we apprehend no difficulty in dealing with medical matters of local interest in each city, especially as we shall amoxil price maintain a Philadelphia office at which the editor will fre- quently be present. If New York is the larger of the two towns, and therefore presumably the scene of more events, we do cheap amoxil not for a moment forget that Philadelphia is conspicuously glorious in the annals of medicine or that she is destined to be forever a leader in the progress of our profession. We shall see to it that she is fittingly represented in our col- umns. We have a few words in particular to say to the readers of amoxil generic the Philadelphia Medical Journal — a host of cultured and progressive physicians. They have done well to subscribe to such an excellent journal. Let us assure them that their favorite periodical is

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