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(6) in nearly every case of long delay from inertia where- in the presentation is natural and the delivery not other- wise impeded, or in which (c) there is then either reason to apprehend the probability of subsequent hemorrhage or any such complication as may call for its use; thirdly, during the last stage of labor this ecbolie may be em- ployed (d) to hasten the expulsion of the placenta when delayed by inertia, or (c) for the arrest of haemorrhage; fourthly, after labor ergot may be resorted to either im- mediately (/),to prevent or check flooding, or subsequent- ly {g) to produce such tonic or permanent contraction as will effectually seal up the uterine vessels and so lessen the liability to subsequent septic invasion, or Qi) to effect the expulsion of clots and so arrest after-pains; fifthly, buy etoricoxib and lastly (t), to stimulate such contraction as may quicken or secure the process of involution after parturi- tion. Method of Employing Ergot. — In such cases this ec- boUc, if given at all, and whetlier ergot, ergotine, ergole, or any other of buy arcoxia its preparations is selected, should be em- ployed not in the repeated small and utterly insufficient quantities that have been recommended by some modern writers, but should be administered onlv once during labor, and then in such a bold, full, and effective arcoxia price etoricoxib 60 mg dose as may be likely to excite speedy and permanent etoricoxib tablets or tonic uterine contractibility. With tliis view, in his own prac- tice he therefore generally uses the fresh liquid extract of ergot of the British Pharmacopoeia, of which he com- monlj' gives two drachms, or in some cases three drachms, by the mouth, together with a drachm by deep hypo- dermic injection in the gluteal region at the same time. Abstract of One Hundred and Fifty Obstetric Cases in which Ergot was Employed. — In seventy of these cases the patients were primiparte; in eighty they were multiparje. In one hundred and forty-eight instances the result was favorable to the mother. In ninety-five of the cases referred to the drug was given before the birth of the child — viz., in fifteen for delay from buy cheap arcoxia inertia in tlie first stage of labor, the os being previously dilatable and the head presenting; and in eiglity either for delay similarly occasioned in the second stage, or else then for the pre- vention of liEemorrhage or for other complications. In ninety-two of these instances the children were born alive, either expelled by uterine action or extracted with the forceps. Of the ninety-five cases in which ergot was given before the birth of the child, in eightj'-six the pla- centa was normally expelled, and in nine its removal had to be assisted for morbid adhesions or other causes, one only of which was purchase arcoxia online a case of generic arcoxia hour-glass contraction. In fifty-five cases the ergot was given after the birth of the child — viz., in twenty-five during the third stage to hasten the expulsion of the placenta or etoricoxib arcoxia to prevent haem- orrhage; and in thirty after delivery, for the arrest of post- partum flooding, or for some other reasons to stimulate and secure tonic contraction of the uterus. His experience on this subject, some of the results of which he has summarized, points to the conclusion that the dangers which are now so commonly ascribed to the use of ergot in obstetrics are probably order arcoxia online largely attributable to its misuse or administration in unsuitable cases or in insufficient arcoxia cost doses, and therefore furnish no argument whatever against its judicious and proper employment. Pain and its Treatment with Lactophenine. — arcoxia mg Dr. S. V. Clevenger {Journal of the American Medical Asso- ciation, 1897, No. 5; American Joxirnal of the Medical Sciences, !May, 1897), after pointing out the disadvan- tages of various analgetic drugs, states that lactophenine is destined to supersede largely the entire array of anal- getics proper, owing to its non-toxic peculiarities and the feeling of comfort described by many physicians as fol- lowing its use. It affords the best results with the least ill effects. Its range of incompatibility arcoxia tablets is less than that of other synthetic compounds, and it may be combined with caffeine, quinine, and salicylic acid. The minimum dose of from five to ten grains may be increased until a daily maximum of forty-five grains has arcoxia online been reached. It is etoricoxib msd but slightly soluble in water, although acting promptly, so that it can be given dry and be washed down with a drink of water. A dose of fifteen grains usually acts as a feeble hypnotic. There are no untoward symp- toms following its use, and, contrary to purchase arcoxia the experience with some s^-nthetic drugs, the order arcoxia pulse becomes fuller and stronger under its use. The range of application is ex- tensive, and the testimony of the author is in corrobora- tion of the findings of other physicians as to its superior analgetic effects, its safety, and its promptness of action. The Harlem Medical Asfociation. — On June 2d officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: President, Dr. Pliilip Arthur Malleson; vice-president. Dr. Henry Walton Mooney; secretary. Dr. Joseph Ed- ward Lumbard; treasurer, Dr. Charles A. CUnton: trus- tees. Dr. H. J. Wolf, Dr. S. E. Gibbs, and Dr. David Franklin. IIS^DEX TO VOLUME LXV. PAOE Aaron, C. D. Diarrhcea and Baot«ria ti25 Abrahams, R. Letter to the Editor. 485 Abrams, A. The Value of the ROntgen Raye in Cardiac arcoxia 90mg Diaffnosiw 785 Abscess in Connection buy arcoxia online with Tuberculous Joint Disease 6&2 Abscess of the Lung 69 Abscesses and Phlegmonous Conditions, The Local Treatment of 77 Absinthe, Acute Poisoning due to 784 Academy of Medicine and Surperv, The Rich- mond 158, a-i-i, 364," 428, 529, 667, 823

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