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always be done for cancer of the Purchase Avelox uterus, leaving it as a matter of choice to each individual operator as to whether he selects the vaginal or the abdom- inal or the combined vaginoabdominal route; and. at the same time, to fortify this position with Generic For Avelox suffi- cient statistics, at home and abroad, to make the position tenable, and to impress upon the profes- sion at large the absolute necessity of recognizing the early symptom.s, and Avelox Generic Name then seeking the advice and assistance Printable Avelox Coupon of some surgeon who had had a good amount of experience in these cases, so that hys- terectomy could be done when it ought to be done ; (2) to describe another class of cases in which any operation, no matter how radical, will in a large Avelox 400mg Tablets ma- jority of cases fail to give permanent relief; but, at the same time, to state his entire approbation of it in the hands of experts. Carcinoma of the Cervix Uteri. — Dr. Thaddeus A. Reamy, of Cincinnati, presented a paper on this subject. Among other things, he stated that spon- taneous recovery from carcinoma did not Avelox 400 Mg Dosage occur. Unequivocal recovery lasting from ten to twenty- five years in two cases following removal of the diseased and adjacent tissues, proved the curability of carcinoma of the cervix and also its local origin. The author reported six cases of carcinoma of the cervix uteri. Primary Carcinoma of the Vulva. — The author of this paper. Dr. Reuben Peterson, of Ann Arbor. ]\Iich., reported four cases of primary carcinoma of the vulva. He presented a resume of the Avelox 400 Mg Price litera- ture of the subject and the conclusions drawn there- from. The cases were narrated in detail. He spoke of the frequency as compared with other car- cinomatous conditions of the genital tract, and dis- cussed at length the diagnosis and symptomatology. In considering the operative treatment he spoke of the advisability of removing the inguinal Avelox Strong Antibiotic glands. If carcinoma of the vulva was seen and treated early enough, good results could be obtained. Veit had quoted Schwartz as having ten permanent re- coveries out of twenty-three cases. While this might be overstating the facts, it was unquestionably true that there was much more hope of cure in cases of carcinoma of the vulva after the radical operation than after the most radical operations for carcinoma of the uterus. Renal Decapsulation for Puerperal Eclampsia. — Dr. George ]M. Edep.ohls. of New York, read a paper Avelox Antibiotic 400mg on this subject ("to be published). Discussion: Should the Uterus be Removed when the Ovaries and Tubes are Bayer Avelox Removed in Jur.e 20, 1903. PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. n-15 Cases of Double Pyosalpinx, when Operating Either Through the Abdomen or Through the Vagina? — Dr. Anuuew J'. Cukriku, of New York, in a contriliution on this subject, stated that if this was proposed as a matter of routine, the writer would rei^ly emphatically, Generic Avelox no. If it was proposed as an expedient, when the uterus Avelox Generic itself was diseased, extensively diseased, he would say, yes. It might also be removed if it had been greatly injured in the extrication of the appendages, or if it should seem to be required as a means of controlling trou- blesome hemorrhage. To remove the uterus in a young woman might possilily produce an unfavor- able mental effect as a consequence, near or remote. To remove the uterus from one near, at, or past the menopause, might add an element of risk to the operation. To remove the uterus might weaken the pelvic roof, and might introduce an clement of dan- ger from enterocele. Cheap Avelox Buy Avelox To remove the uterus un- necessarily was bad morally, for it tended to estab- lish the impression of the unimportance of the organ, and that it might Coupon For Avelox be unhesitatingly ex- tirpated by any one who had the requisite skill. To remove the uterus on the ground that it might possibly be the seat of malig- nant disease in the future was assuming more than the clinical history taught in the great majority of cases, and was, moreover, a reproach to surgery, making it destructive instead of conservative. Dr. Philander A. Harris, of Paterson, N. J., said that when suppuration had Buy Avelox Online become well esta- lished in both tubes their exsection Avelox Iv was the only operation which could be relied upon to effect a cure. By exsection was meant, the removal of the lumeii of the tul)e to the uterine mucosa. Less radi- cal operations, as hemisection and disinfection of the ampullns and larger portions of the tube, prob- ing and washing of the tube and amputation of dis- tal portions of pus tubes were incomplete opera- tions, and were proportionately unsuccessful in that they left behind a diseased sinus, which not only continued to exist, but was productive of discom- forts and other ill consequences to a greater or less extent. In bilateral e.xsection of double pyosalpinx sufficient Avelox Generic Equivalent ovarian stroma might be left to influence and continue menstruation in at least 95 per cent. of any large class of cases operated upon. The ovaries frequently participated in suppuration which they derived from pus tubes. But in them suppuration was Avelox Online more easily terminated and exsec- tion was not advised excepting for extensive aliscess of the ovary at the time the tubes were exsected, or a belief or knowledge that the suppuration in the ovary was tuberculous in character. Simple excis- ion of double jiyosalpinx alTordcd the maximum degree of relief with a niininuuu of mutilation and interference with the functions of the pelvic organs. The complaints arising from the existence of endo- metritis often ceased after simple exsection of

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