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wall of the heart of man. In his case there was a sacculated aneurysm and dilatation as the result of its pressure. There are eighteen contributions to this subject. LIPOMA. 1886-1903. Lipomata of the benicar htc heart benicar uk are comparatively rare. They are comiected with the fat about the heart upon the external surface. They may or may not be associated cost of benicar hct with fatty degeneration of the heart. They are benign and are usually found after middle life, and more fretiucntly in women than men. The first to record such a case was P.anti, in 1886. There have been five contributions to this sub- ject. RIIABDOMYOMATA arc a rare form or primary myoma, characterized bv the presence of striated muscular fibres. They are found in muscular tissues of generic name for benicar the benicar generic equivalent benicar canada heart upon the endocardial or pericardial surfaces, or within the cardiac walls. They are single as a rule, but may be multiple and attain any size. MYXOMA is a mucous tumor composed of connective tissue, gelatinous in character, and containing intercellular substance, in which are scattered benicar hct tablets peculiarly branched or stellate cells. It attacks the epithelium or connective tissue en- veloping one or both, may be single or multiple, and may vary in size and shape, appearing in any por- tion of the heart. There are three contributions to this subject. POLYPS. 1.689- 1903. Polypoid growths may develop upon part of the endocardium or at any point upon the external sur- face of the heart. They are benign when composed of fibrous tissue : slow in their development ; and when rapid are associated with sarcoma and myx- oma. They may benicar alternatives have a broad base or may be benicar hct cost pe- dunculated. They may become detached in part or as a whole, and may occlude one or benicar hct prices more of the cardiac orifices, enter the general circulation, or both, and act as an embolism. Pretten (1689) described polyps within the car- diac chambers. There has been forty-seven contributions to this subject. {To be concluded.) The Fees of Medical Witnesses. — The ques- tion as to wiietliLT a medical man summoned as a witness in a criminal case is entitled to a fee hav- ing seme relation to his professional status, or only to the statutory fee allowed to an ordinary witness, is in no little confusion, owing to diverse decisions that have been rendered. The British Medical Journal for May 23rd says that the practitioner has a remedy benicar generic name if benicar savings card he chooses to employ it. "He may bring an action against those who have subpoenaed him. and this although there is no benicar equivalent express contract to the eflfect that he is to be paid for his services. It seems that mere attendance at the court is suffi- cient evidence of an agreement. A recent case in the City of London Court shows that a professional man mav reasonably expect remuneration, even if there is no express buy cheap benicar agreement. It seems that a solicitor brought an action against the registrar of the Peterborough district to recover the sum of £12 IS. 6d.. the balance of £12 12s. which he al- leged to be due to him for attending court on a subpoena. He had allowed for four days, and claimed £3 3s. a day. It was contended on the part of the defendant that the plaintiff's proper benicar generic alternative remedy was to have stayed away from court, and that there was no right of action. Judge Rentoul. however, after reviewing decisions on the subject dating back one hundred years, and although he felt some doubt as buy generic benicar to the law governing subpcenas, said that com- 1150 MISCELLANY. X. Y. Med. Jour, and PijiLA. Med. Journal. mon sense required him to find for the plaintiff for i8 8s., that is, remuneration at the rate of £2 2S. a day." Herrick on Surfeits.— benicar hcl In the Hesperides of Rob- ert Herrick, number 896, the poet sings benicar discount card : Bad are all surfeits: but Physitians call That surfeit tooke by bread, order benicar online the worst of all. And again {Hesperides, number 952) : Physitians say Repletion springs More from the sweet then sower things.

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