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for the removal of an old ruptured tube, and the breaking up oi the subsequent adhesions, the result of a ruptured ectopic three years Purchase Cefaclor ago. While visit- ing friends in Norwich, Conn., the patient developed all the classical symptoms of a ruptured ectopic gestation. The condition was not recognized there, and while in this Cefaclor Tablets state of partial collapse from con- cealed h£emorrhage, she was brought by train to her home in Paterson, X. J. Her physician met the party at the depot, and, realizing her condi- tion, hurried her Cefaclor Price to a hospital. Operation Cefaclor Mg was per- formed by the vaginal route. A large hematocele was incised, the clots evacuated, and among them was found a two and a half months' foetus. As the haemorrhage had ceased and the woman was in such a precarious condition, nothing further was done. Four weeks later, while still in the hos- pital, she aborted, a three months' foetus being found in the bed after a severe haemorrhage. Its pres- ence in the uterus had never been suspected. Walther reported a case where cceliotomy Buy Cheap Cefaclor was performed for an abdominal tumor, which was thought to be an extrauterine pregnancy. Upon opening the abdomen a uterus bicornis was found. The "right cornu contained a foetus. Introduction of a sound into the Buy Cefaclor Online uterus and other manipulations led to the expulsion of the fcetus. The left tube, owing to a recently ruptured tubal pregnancy, was changed into a hasmatocele. Miller has reported a case of coincident intra- uterine and extrauterine pregnancy. A three and a half months' foetus was found in the bed and the secundines were expressed. Four hours later the patient was seized with intense abdominal pain, went into collapse, pulse 160, respirations shallow, abdomen rigid, tender, and dull. The patient died. Autopsy revealed a ruptured ectopic Cefaclor 250mg in the left tube, and among the clots a second foetus, three and a half inches Order Cefaclor Online in length, was found. In my own case the most puzzling points were the severe pain lasting over a period of four days before rupture, the recent abortion, and above all the chills, fever and other symptoms so closely resembling sepsis, and the absence of haemorrhages or discharge. Under the existing conditions I did not reproach myself very severely for having failed to make a correct diagnosis. References. Beckman. Zeitschrift fiir Geburtshilfe nnd Gynakologie, vol. xxxviii, c. 3, and L'Obstetriqite September, 1898. Walther, Zeitschrift fiir Gynakologie, Bd. 33, Hf. 3. 1896. Miller. Xezv Orleans Journal of Medicine and Surgery, October, 1898. Garrigues. Diseases of JVonicn, 1900. Reed. Text Book of Gyncecology, 1901. THE IGNITION OF ETHER VAPOR IN PRESENCE OF A CLOSED ELECTRIC LIGHT.* By DWIGHT H. MURRAY, M. D., SYRACUSE, N. Y. I feel that any unusual circumstance connected with an operation or anything bearing directly upon it is worthy the attention of the profession. It is on this account that I report the following occur- rence : On the 19th of January, while engaged in a tedious and difficult operation at one of the hos- pitals in the city, my attention was taken from my work b'y a sudden flash Cefaclor Generation of light and some quick movements on the part of the anfesthetist, and I found that the ether vapor had ignited, scorching the hair and Cefaclor Cd eyebrows of the patient, and had burned the skin on his forehead sufficiently to cause quite a marked redness. The anesthetist reported that, the patient Cefaclor 500mg being on the face, he was unable to see the pupil properly, and he had turned on the electric light in order that he might more readily note the reaction of the pupil. The blaze had re- sulted coincidently with the turning on of the light. There was no exposed fire or blaze in any part of the operating room, Order Cefaclor and the only conclusion that we could arrive at was that the vapor of ether had ignited from the spark in the electric light burner made when contact Cefaclor Antibiotic took place in the turn- ing on of the light. I have never seen reported or heard of any such accident taking place during the administration of ether, but the fact that it did oc- cur shows that it can and may occur again. This being the case it is well for Cefaclor Cost any surgeon or anaes- thetist not to turn electric lights on or off near the vapor of ether, particularly when the room is small and there is a large amount of the vapor of ether in the room, as one can easily see what serious dam- age might result. I would also state that it is not Cefaclor Generic so easy to pro- duce a blaze by the turning on of an electric light in the presence of ether w-hen we try it Cefaclor Antibiotics for that pur- pose. Since this occurrence, • I have Cefaclor Ceclor tried the ex- periment several dififerent Cefaclor Monohydrate times in different ways, with the same burner and others, and have been unable to produce a blaze with ether vapor; so • Read before Purchase Cefaclor Online the Syracuse Academy of Medicine. June 27, 1903. STONE: HOSPITAL METHODS IN PRIVATE PRACTICE.

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