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wholly incorrect, for in personal encounters he was a power to carry point upon point. Moreover, at the bedside, where, after all, he chiefly shone, he was always the dominant spirit. Dr. Love owned and edited the Medical Mirror be ignored. The Mirror brought its editor into late years. To one who knew Love there has con- stantly beamed in its pages an earnestness not to be ignored. The Mirror brought its editor into close and genial touch with a host of readers ; by its instrumentality those who had not had the good fortune to know Dr. combivent neb Love personally were made combivent inhaler price to discern his astuteness and his greatness of heart. Dr. Love had his foibles, as which of us has not ? But of Abou Ben Adhem it has not been more truly written combivent inhaler coupons "that he loved his fellow men." The world of medicine is the better for his having lived in it. Let us buy combivent inhaler hope that a new Love will arise in our profession. THE SUBSTITUTES FOR DIGITALIS. Convenient as it is to use this term, combivent dosage it is im- portant to bear in mind that probably not one of the so-called substitutes combivent mdi for digitalis can be looked upon as in every respect capable of taking the place of that drug. Each of the various cardiac combivent inhaler roborants seems to have peculiar qualities of its own, and when we use a reputed substitute for digitalis we are really resorting to a line of medication differ- ent from what we could carry out with that rem- edy. This cheap combivent is properly insisted upon in an article published in the Journal des praticiens for May 23rd, by Thomas, of Geneva, although, curiously enough, he seems to have overlooked adonidin, which probably comes nearest to being a real sub- stitute for digitalis. We presume that few observers will dissent from ~Si. Thomas's combivent udv statement that digitalis is facile prin- ceps among the drugs employed to sustain the strength and regularity of the heart's action, ex- erting its effects upon the heart, the vessels, and the pneumogastric nerve. Properly timed and pre- scribed on well defined indications, he remarks, it does its work perfectly; if in any instance it does not, he regards the case as not very hopeful. He admits, however, that the so-called substitutes are useful, since digitalis acts rather slowly, accumn- [i8o EDITORIAL ARTICLES. N. Y. Mnj. Jour, and Phila. Med. Journal.^ lates in the organism, and does not readily lend itself to subcutaneous use. Caffeine is the first of the substitutes considered by M. Thomas. The best account of the therapeu- tical action of this alkaloid, he thinks, has been given by Bock, of Copenhagen. That author ex- perimented upon the isolated heart of mammals, and showed that caffeine diminished the muscular elasticity of the organ, combivent inhalers causing it to become more rigid and to relax with less facility. In conse- quence, the volume of the pulse, that is to say, the amount of blood leaving the heart at each con- traction, is diminished; in spite of heightened fre- quency of the pulsations as a result of excitation of the combivent inhaler coupon accelerator ganglia, the blood pressure tends to become lowered. In this respect caffeine exerts combivent dose an action the direct opposite of that of strophan- thine. Aside from combivent coupon its diuretic action, caffeine is useful in such sudden cardiac insufficiency as is shown in the course of infectious diseases ; a salu- tary vasoconstriction is excited, and the accelera- tion of the heart beats makes amends for those in- complete contractions which account for the slow and intermittent pulse. When such an infectious disease as influenza occurs in a person with chronic heart disease, caffeine is urgently indicated, but the condition of the cardiac muscle must not be neg- lected ; if with caffeine we excite a more or less senile buy combivent or degenerated heart, and in addition produce intense vasoconstriction, we are running the risk of accidents. Moreover, M. Thomas questions the utility of large doses. The author regards sparteine as of incontestable value in the cardiac weakness and irregularity of typhoid fever. Regulating the action of the heart and slowing it combivent price while augmenting the energy of its contractions, it gives the organ the strength indis- pensable for the struggle. As it does not excite the central nervous system and acts less intensely than caffeine on the vasomotors, it may safely be given to excitable persons and to those whose cardiac muscular tissue has undergone anatomical change. It is of value as a diuretic also, though less ener- getic than theobromine. Strophanthus is variable in its action, and combivent coupons this is probably due to the lack of a preparation that is always the combivent cost same; sudden syn- cope is not rare under its use, and it irritates the kidneys. The remainder of M. Thomas's article deals with such combivent nebulizer of the lesser cardiac roborants as camphor, hydrastis, and ergotine. A DISTINCTIVE BADGE FOR MEDICAL MEN. A correspondent in the Lancet for May 23rd sug- gests the wearing buy combivent online by medical men of some distinc- tive badge which will enable them to be easily rec-

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