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dam are said to be, though serious enough in them- selves, of minor importance to those arising within a mile of the intake of the Queen Lane jjumping Rosuvastatin 10 station. Dr. Wessels intends to ask for a sufficient number of men to investigate the condition of the section that includes the Manayunk Canal and the Philadelphia bank of the Schuylkill below Flat Rock. One specific instance of pollution was found in a Chinese laundry building, which had a defec- tive closet in the basement from which matter passes directly into the canal. Waste pipes and Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin overhanging water closets were Buy Cheap Crestor also found dis- charging over the canal ; and pig styes, dump heaps, and other sources of pollution in close proximity. New Purchase Crestor Online Philadelphia Graduates in Medicine. — The following had the degree of Doctor of Medi- cine conferred upon them by the University of Penna., on June 17th : James Franklin Allen, Gurdon Spicer .(Mlyn, Louis Max- son Allyn, Walter Haskell Andrus, Will Henry Anthony, George Mason Astley, Benjamin Franklin Baer, Jr., How- ard Spaulding Ballard, Theodore C. Baumbauer, Ralph Bernstein, Edwin Emil Bisbort, James Douglas Blackwood, Jr.. William Augustus Boyd, Crestor Price Alexander John Carroll, Crestor Online Ra- fael Santiago Ramon Carulla, David Clark Gather, James Irving Chapin, William Lawrence Clark, Eugene Calixte Cloutier. Charles Percy Colby, Julius Hiram Comroe, Karl C. Corley, Henry Molyneux Cullinan, Lyn Walter Deichler, Charles Jacob Dietrich, Charles McClure Doland, Henry Cuttino Dozier, Charles Warren D. Duval, Henry C. Earn- shaw, John Thomas Eckert, Jr., George Martin Edwards, Francis Ashley Faught, Harry Buy Crestor Spaulding Fish, John W. Gordon, Herlwyn Ruggles Green, Daniel Chester Groves, John Jay Harington, Thomas George Harris, Fred Abram Hartung, John Greenleaf Webb Havens, William Stager Helman. Frederic N. Henderson, How-ard Kennedy Hill, Daniel Edgar Hottenstein. Tasker Howard, Jorge Lara Iraeta, Ralph Ross Jordan, Joseph Jeremiah Kane, Howard Thomas Karsner, John Brooks Kaufman, Charles Douglas Kayser, James Anthony Kearney, David H. Keller, Alex- ander Ralph Kennedy, Norman Leslie Knipe, Victor John Koch, Oscar Landauer, Mauro R. Fernandez Le Cappellain, Walter Crispin Lippincott, William Humphrey Mackinney, Jere Francis McXvoy, Samuel McClary, 3d, Donald Gilbert McCaskey, Dennis Ralph McElhinney, Harrie Brenneman Martin. Fred Lee Roy Mattern, Ralph Kleckner Mead, James Charles Mevay, John Andrew Murphy, Louis Crestor Cost Bern- hard Nielsen, Edward Irvine Noble. Harry Zebulon O'Brien, Benjamin Stuart Paschall, Sumner Chadbourne Pattee. Alexander Hamilton Peacock, Ralph Pemberton, Edward Roberts Cheap Crestor Plank. Francis Davenport Pringle. Howard .Mden Reed, Albert Whipple Rew. William Dickie Richmond, Joseph England Roberts, Jr.. Napoleon Bertrand Ross, Frank Garfield Runyeon, John Semple Sharpe, Frederic C. Sharplcss. .Andrew J. Sherwood. Crestor Mg Penn Gaskell Skillern. Jr.. William Daniel Snicely, Jacob Daniel Snyder, Edwin Mc- Donald Stanton, Charles Christian Stauffcr. George Wil- liam Stimson, Charles Irvin Stiteler. Elwood Palmer Spen- cer, Merrill Alphcus Swiney. Henry Buy Crestor Online Russell Tarbox. Hor- ace Furness Taylor. Benjamin .\brahani Thomas. Welling- ton -A.ndrew Thompson, Linton Turner. Joseph Smith Van Dyke, Jr.. William Berry Whetstone. William Whitaker, William B. Wilcox, Herbert Heisler Wilson, Arthur Roy Woods, Fred James Wort. Jr., George Austin Wyeth. CHICAGO AND ILLINOIS. The Faculty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago. — Dr. W. L. Ballenger Rosuvastatin 10 Mg has been elected to the chair of otology, rhinology and Purchase Crestor laryngology, to fill the vacancy made by the resig- nation of Professor ^L R. Brown. Medical Students as Waiters. — The waiters' strike in Chicago made it necessary for the alumni of the Northwestern University Medical School to conduct its own annual banquet at the college building, instead Order Crestor of holding it in the Auditorium as in former years. A hundred sophomores volun- teered their services as waiters. The Ozone Treatment of Water.— The Chi- cago health department suggests a trial of the ozone system in use in Germany for purifying the water. It is said that the system has passed the experi- mental stage and should be tried Crestor Tablets here. The germs of typhoid fever, Asiatic cholera and dysentery are said Generic Crestor to be unfailingly killed by ozone. The Chicago Health Department and Fourth of July Tetanus. — The Chicago health depart- ment's bulletin again cautions the public on the care of "Fourth of July" wounds. It suggests a thor- ough surgical treatment of blank cartridge wounds, supplemented by prophylactic injection of tetanus antitoxine when possible, and that all wounds be kept open until thorough medical treatment has been secured. The Chicago Medical Society. — The annual meeting of the society took place in Chicago, on Rosuvastatin Calcium June 17th. For the first time in its history the so- ciety elected two women physicians as members of the board of councilors. Dr. Frances Dickinson and Dr. Rachel Hickey Carr were elected coun- cilors for one year in addition to Dr. W. L. Bal- lenger. Dr. William Harsha, Dr. N. S. Davis. Jr., Dr' Weller \'an Hook, Dr. A. E. Halstead, Dr. C. F. Bacon, Dr. W. A. Evans, Dr. Frank Billings, Dr. A. R. Edwards, and Dr. .\dolph Gehrmann. Rush Medical College Honors. — Dr. Phillip .\rthur Reppert. of Chicago, was awarded the Ben- jamin Rusli modal for the highest scholarship dur- ing the last four years at the Rush Medical College • graduation exercises, in Chicago, on June 17th. What Is Rosuvastatin He was selected for the honor from a class of 227. In 1901, Dr. Reppert was awarded the Freer medal, it being the first time in the history of Order Crestor Online the institution that one student has won both medals. On entering the Rtish College five years ago at the age of thirty-eight, the dean feared Dr. Reppert would fall behind in the classes, but the event proved the contrary. A Modified and Pasteurized Milk Plant for

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