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PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. X. V. Med. Jour, a.nd Phila. Med. Journal. small, and where it can be completely removed with- out much deformity. In such cases complete ex- cision with a fair margin of healthy skin affords a rapid and successful method of treatment. But where the disease is extensive, where entire re- moval is impracticable, or where the patient shrinks from operation, the x rays give most satisfactory results. Those cases in which there is the great- est destruction often do the best; large ulcers fill up, leaving only the hard rolled edge to treat. Cases in which the cartilage is involved are, as a rule, difficult to heal up completely. In nearly half the author's cases there have been slight Differin Gel Buy re- currences. Small ulcers will heal after ten or twelve exposures ; large cavities Order Differin Online may require months. He Differin Gel Generic applies the rays daily, or on alter- nate days, using tubes which spark at from four to six inches. Actual "burning" is not necessary. Gamlen (5) thinks that the advantages of x Buy Differin Cream rays over operative treatment in lupus, are principally cosmetic in effect. After healing they leave the skin soft and pliable. He reports twelve cases of lupus successfully treated by x rays. From his ex- perience of these and many others, together with cases of cancer, rodent ulcer, lupus Epiduo Vs Differin erythematosus, and various skin diseases, curative treatment is de- pendent upon the following points : The character of the coil ; the voltage Differin Oily Skin used Differin Lotion Coupon ; the condition of the tubes ; the distance of the target from the patient ; the duration and frequency of sittings, with the interval between each Differin Xp Gel : and, finally, whether or not any other treatment is concurrently applied. 6. X Rays in Tuberculous Conjunctivitis. — Stephenson reports a case of tuberculosis of the conjunctiva, occurring in a girl aged four years, which was cured by the use of the x rays. The disease had lasted two months. The palpebral con- junctiva was bestrewn with miliary granulations and folds of cockscomb-like tissue. The sub- maxillary glands Generic Differin Gel on the same side were enlarged. Tubercle bacilli were found in sections of the granulations, and inoculation into a rabbit's cyt resulted positively. The affected conjunctiva was exposed to the x rays at a distance of six to ten inches from the focus tube, for an average period of ten minutes at each sitting. Nine such expos- ures were made in Buy Differin Gel Online the course of a month, when the conjunctival malady was practically cured. The enlarged glands, however, became larger and were eventually removed. 7. Amoebic Abscess of the Liver. — Rogers's summary and conclusions are as follows: (a) Amoebic dysentery is most frequently found in pa- tients dying from large tropical liver abscess, in Differin And Acne Scars the walls of which amoebae can always be found, unless they have been opened for some time. The disease is chronic, and often latent, and not very often fatal by itself, but- usually through complica- tions, (b) Amoebic dysentery Differin Adapalene Cream 0.1 has naked-eye and microscopical characters which enable it to be easily distinguished from the more common bacillary type of the disease, (c) Its most important complica- tions are large abscess of the liver, chronic or acute peritonitis, and postperitoneal abscess, {d) Amoe- bic abscess of the Differin Canada liver secondary to this form of dysentery may be produced (i) by infection across the peritonaeum, with or without previous adhe- sions; or (2) through infection by the portal vein, producing sufficient clotting in its branches to cause a focal necrosis in one or more parts of the liver, concentric extension taking place by means of a similar process, {e) If staphylococci reach the liver with the amoebae, as especially occurs when gangrenous sloughing of the bowel wall Differin Vs Epiduo compli- cates amoebic dysentery, then multiple small ab- scesses in the interlobular branches of the portal vein containing both amoebae and staphylococci re- sult. (/) The bacillary form of dysentery is much commoner in Calcutta than the amoebic one, and is due to Shiga's bacillus, which Buy Differin Gel 0.3 is clumped by the Coupon For Differin Gel blood of cases of ordinary dysentery, although not by that of the amoebic form, thus furnishing a means of differentiating between them clinically. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. June II, 1903. 1. Dermatomyositis. By F. Forchheimer. 2. Poliencephalomyelitis and Allied Conditions. Where To Buy Differin Gel By E. W, Taylor. 3. Congenital Inspiratory Stridor. By D. Crosby Greene. 4. Avulsion of the Tibial Tubercle Occurring in a Girl of Thirteen. By Francis D. Donohue. June 18, 190S. 5. The Need of an Institution for the Education of Nurses Independent of the Hospitals. By Francis P. Denny. 6. Haemostasis by Differin Gel Online Coinpression and Heat. By John W. Keefe. ~. Poliencephalomyelitis and Allied Conditions. By E. W. Taylor [The abstract of the Boston Differin For Acne Scars Medical and Surgical Journal in our issue for June 20th was that of June

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