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4th, not June nth, as erroneously stated.] I. Dermatomyositis. — Unverricht first called attention to this condition, as a clinical entity, in 1887. Since then a number of cases have been re- ported, some of which, however, have not been ac- cepted as true diflucan cost cases of dermatomyositis by some authorities. The author reports one case of his own, which, he believes, fulfills all the diagnostic require- ments as laid down by the most exacting authorities. The chief symptoms of the disease are: Urticaria- generic diflucan no prescription like or er\-sipeloid eruptions of the skin ; sweats ; local inflammatory oedemas ; swollen and painful muscles ; fever ; enlarged spleen and a variety of other symptoms consecutive to the muscular swell- diflucan cost with insurance ing and tenderness. 3. Congenital Inspiratory Stridor. — Green says that the setiology of this condition is not well understood. Although deformity of the epiglottis is not the cause of the stridor, yet such deformity is alwavs present. The diagnosis of this affection is based on the following distinctive features; (i) Its appearance at birth; (2) the limitation of the sound to inspiration; (3) the absence of continu- ous cyanosis ; (4) the constancy of the sound in- dependent generic diflucan fluconazole of the position of the child; (5) the generic diflucan over counter laryngoscopic appearance of the epiglottis and ary- June 27, 1903.] PLTH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 1191 •epiglottic fold. The prognosis is good. Tlie treat- ment is diflucan costo purely prophylactic. In very rare cases tracheotomy or intubation may costo del diflucan he indicated. 5. The Education of Nurses. — Denny says that tlie defects of the present system for the teach- ing and training of generic diflucan online hospital nurses are a natural •consequence of the attempt to teach practice and theory simultaneously. The author advocates the establishment of independent schools at which imdergraduate nurses can be systematically ground- ed in the principles of anatomy, physiology, hy- giene, chemistry, pathology, and bacteriology. The practical training pfizer diflucan costo should come after this prelimin- ary training, and it should he acquired, as at pres- ent, in the wards of general or special hospitals. The undergraduate nurses in our present training schools lack: (i) leisure for study; (2) instruction in the principles of nursing before beginning prac- tical work; (3) instruction by those who are spe- how much diflucan cost cially fitted to teach ; (4) improved methods of in- struction. 6. Hasmostasis. — The present paper discount diflucan completes the re])(irt of a series of fifty diflucan gel costo cases in which Keefe lias used the electrothermic angeiotribe of Dovvnes, instead of ligatures. The operations reported in- clude fifty-five cceliotomies, one amputation of the thigh, and one of the leg, and two vaginal hysterec- tomies. The author is heartily in favor of this new method, for which he claims, among other advan- tages, the following: (i) The exclusion of liga- tures and of the dangers consequent upon their use; (2) reduction in the danger of septic infec- tion from the escape of contaminated material ; (3) absence of painful and irritable stumps and generic diflucan 150 mg is to call attention to the possible identity (chiefly of a patho- logicoanatomical character) of a group of cerebro- spinal aft'ections. Their causation is as yet un- diflucan 150 mg costo known, but a probable common exciting cause is toxic in character. The resulting lesions may, pro- visionally, be regarded as diflucan 150 costo inflammatory in charac- ter. This group of cerebrospinal aft'ections includes the following diseases : encephalitis, poliencephal- itis (sunerior and inferior), ]iiiliencephalomyelitis, poliomyelitis, encephalomyelitis, and, with reserva- tions, Landry's paralysis, and ])ossib!y myasthenia gravis and certain apparent jieripheral nerve infec- tions. AMERICAN MEDICINE. June 20, ivos. I. Sudden Death and Unexpected Death in Early Life, witli Especial Reference to the so-called Thymus Death. By J. P. Crozer Griffith. ?, Tile Toilet of buy generic diflucan online the Peritonanini in .Appendicitis. By G. R. Fowler. 3. The Anatomy of the Pancreas.. By Eugene L. OriE. generic diflucan cost 4. diflucan compresse costo Management of Malignant Disease of the Uterus. By George Eretv Shoem.^ker. 5. A New Method of Treatment for Chronic Anterior Urethritis, and for the Declining Stage of Acute Urethritis. By WiLLi.\.\i Warren Towxsesd. 6. Man's Responsibility in Sterile Marriages. By W. H. Prioleau. 1. "Thymus Death." — Griffith characterizes as sudden, a death occurring in from a few seconds up to a few diflucan cost without insurance hours at the utmost, while as unex- pected he designates deaths taking place somewhat

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