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Haemorrhage. By R. A. Fleming. 3. buy hydrochlorothiazide The Treatment of Psoriasis. By W. T. Freeman. 4. On Hand Disinfection. By Robert Purves. 5. .Ascites in Early Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver. By F. Parkes Weber. 6. The Xervous Affections of the Fleart. By G. A. Gibson. I. Streptococcus Infection of Lungs. — Law- son reports a case of pure streptococcus infection, of the lungs and pleura and comments upon the fol- lowing hydrochlorothiazide price points : ( i ) The low diet treatment in this case at least failed to reduce temperature or to im- ]jrove the general condition of the patient. (2) No tubercle bacilli buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide were found in the sputum, although the physical signs at the apex of the hydrochlorothiazide tablets left lung were pronounced. (3) The exocardial hydrochlorothiazide cost murmur was due to compression of the air contained in the pulmon- ary cavity by the cardiac systole and Hot to any pure- ly cardiac factor. (4) The author found inspections of the cavity in the apex of the left lung esidrix or zaroxolyn through the upper wound by laryngoscopic mirror and small electric hand-lamp quite practicable. (5) In regard to the physical sign it was noticed oedema of the chest wall was clearly demonstrated by pressure of the stethoscope over its lower one third behind. The l)reathing signs over this region never became en- tirely occluded. They were faintly heard and gave an impression of distance. 2. Retinal Haemorrhage in Diagnosis of Skull Traumatisms. — Meming reports a number of cases of fracture of the skull and from them con- cludes that subarachnoid hsemorrhage, if sufficiently rapid in its development, will cause retinal hemor- rhage, and that if the effusion is unilateral the hfem- orrhage will be confined mostly to the affected side. It may be supposed that the sudden increase of pres- sure in order hydrochlorothiazide the subarachnoid space may, if unilateral, tend to pass up esidrix 25 mg the intersheath space of the same side, while the opposite intersheath may be occluded bv the distorting force, which must be associated with the production of flattening. 3. Psoriasis. — Freeman's treatment for psoria- sis is : The acute condition is benefited by salicin, or by the salicylates more than by any other drug. If itching appears the administration of full doses of nux vomica with the salicin is advised. Salicin may be given order hydrochlorothiazide online in doses of sixty grains. When there is much neurosis, combine the treatment with bro- mides. Do not use the more pozverful remedies. Absolute rest in bed should be required. Alkaline warm baths are advantageous, but buy hydrochlorothiazide online in the oily type of a case, sulphur is to be substituted for or combined with alkali. For external application chrysartobin is the best to emnloy. Avoid its use about the neck, and do not use it anvwhere in an inflammatory type of the disease. Its strength should be regulated and the drug should be used twice a day. buy esidrix If the traumaticin is used, it may be left on for three or four days and some keratolytic agent should be previously used. Thvreoid extract is advised but should not be used in old people. Arsenic internally is useful in some cases. MISCELLANEOUS. Some Points in the Prognosis and Treatment of Puerperal Eclampsia. Dr. W. E. Fother- gill {The Medical Chronicle, March, 1903) points out that in cases of threatened eclampsia the prog- nosis practically depends upon the results of pro- ]jhylactic treatment. Apart from this, a point worthy of note is the frequent absence of oedema in serious cases. In attempting to forecast the end of a case of actual eclampsia, it is not wise to at- tach too much importance to the number or sever- ity of the fits. The irritability of the nervous sys- tem determines to a large extent the number and June 27, 190.3.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. the severity of the symptoms. purchase hydrochlorothiazide The use of mor- phine cheap hydrochlorothiazide and other sedatives may so check convulsions and increase coma that neither of these features can be reHcd on in formint,' an opinion as to the .Cfravity of the case. The author does not put too much rehance in the generally accepted statement that the mildest cases are those in which convul- sions begin after labor is over. The most favor- able cases are doubtless those in which fits occur actually during labor and are initiated by some defi- nite external stinndus, such as obstetric manipula- tions. The quantity of albumin in the urine is, ac- cording to the author, a false .guide, and he asserts that the reduction in the purchase hydrochlorothiazide online (|uantity hydrochlorothiazide mg of urea excreted forms a much more reliable criterion. When there arc symiHoms and physical signs of toxaemia during pre.gnancy, active treatment should never, generic hydrochlorothiazide be omitted. Rest in bed, copious drinks of water, milk diet, purgatives (especially calomel and ma.gnesium sulphate), rectal lavage, hot baths, hot wet packs, are all useful. The use of thyreoid substance for increasing metabolism and promoting diuresis appears well worthy of an extended trial. When there are no symptoms there may still be albumin in the urine. there is no albumin, the daily output of urea may b'fe seri- ously lessened. The medical attendant should ex- amine the urine periodically during hydrochlorothiazide online pregnancy, and if the output of urea is low, he should take sirnple measures to increase it. If these fail, his treatment

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