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Madrid Congress. — flomax price The correspondent of the British Medical Journal for May 9th humorously relates his experience with his landlady, when leav- ing Madrid, as follows : "Then came the question of paying. I had ar- rived there on Thursday afternoon, and I left on flomax for women iMonday afternoon, and this, at ten pesetas a day, made, according to my calculation, forty pesetas. I therefore laid eight new silver cart-wheel pieces of five pesetas on the table. These she counted over, and then claimed ten pesetas more, insisting that from Thursday to Monday was Hve days. She affirmed that I should not leave her house until I paid generic of flomax what she demanded, and rushing off to the main door of her flat she flomax generic shut and bolted it, and stood with her back against it. It was necessary for me, therefore, to carry her away from the door before I could open it and escape with my portman- teau. With the help of a messenger the portman- teau was then put on the box of an open cab. The lady having disappeared I thought that I was all right, flomax prices and I told the cochero to drive to the Estacion del Norte. But before we were under way the lady reappeared with a policeman, and practically gave me in charge for attempting to defraud her ! "The Calle Montera leads down flomax cr into the Puerta del Sol, a splendid open space about four times the size of Piccadilly Circus, and as the lady kept on June 27, 190,3.] OFIUCIAL NEWS. 1207 accusing price of flomax me and gesticulating, a crowd was col- lecting. Then two more policemen arrived and stood over me as I sat in the victoria. They asked me for my version of the affair, and I told them I had agreed to pay the lady ten pesetas a day f(jr a small room, and I ended by saying, "Ann he pagado demasiado, y no pagare mas!" (I do not quote flomax tamsulosin this as classical Spanish ; I merely repeat what I kept saying to the police — I had already paid her too much and I did not intend to pay her any more.) By this time the lower end of the Calle Montera was chokefull of people who were inter- esting themselves in the altercation, and a crowd was beginning to surge up from the Puerta del Sol. The electric tram-line was blocked, and all traffic rendered absolutely impossible. I never saw a crowd collect so quickly, and I certainly never occupied so central a position in one. "In the height or all this excitement a gentle- ' man wearing the Congress badge came up to me and asked me if I were an Englishman. He as- sured me that he was immensely amused at the scene, and, having heard my story, told me that his landlady had done him out of 100 pesetas. I then asked him to beg flomax 0.4 mg the cabman to try his best to hurry away ; but he replied he flomax 0.4 could not do this as he did not know the Spanish word for hurry. cost of flomax However, it did not matter, for so anxious had I been to leave my miserable lodging that I had or- dered the cab two hours before it was wanted, and "I had all the time," as the French say. Eventually, perhaps because it was alternative to flomax the simplest and the easiest way of clearing the street for traffic, the police al- lowed me to go, and as I left I saw the lady still holding out that handful of new silver, and vio- lently gesticulating against what she pretended to think was deliberate fraud. ' As the crowd made way for me I waved them a triumphant, flomax online and, I hope, graceful adios, thankful to have got away." An Ancient Greek Epitaph on a Physician. — Empedocles, who was born at Agrigentum, in Sic- ily, about 455 B. C. has left us, among other epi- grams, flomax in women an epitaph on a physician named Pausanias. It contains a pun on the physician's name, the word jraiu flomax women signifying "to cause to cease." A rendering is given in Abraham Mill's Poets and Poetry of the Ancient Greeks, as follows : Pausanias — not so named without a cause. As one who oft has given to pain a pause — Blest son of .lEsculapius, good and wise. Here, in his native Gala, buried lies; Who many a wretch once rescued by his charms From dark Persephone's constraining arms. Ferments what is flomax in the Amniotic Fluid. — Dr. Josef Bondi ( Zcnlralblalt fiir Gyniikologie, May 23d) concludes from his studies that the amniotic fluid regularly contains ferments, especially diastase and pepsin. The serum of an adult contains the same ferments, while the serum of the new-born child flomax alternative contains them only in traces or not at all. This would lead to the conclusion that the amniotic fluid is derived from the maternal scrum. These fer- ments have no influence in determining the macera- tion of dead foetuses : autolytic processes appear to play some role in the changes of the internal or- gans. A new method for the treatment of structural scoliosis is here submitted, and, generic for flomax flomax cost as the theory on which this method is based is of importance, a short study of scoliosis is included in the consideration. This method is evolved from that already described to the Canadian Medical Association, June, 191 1, as the paradoxical method. This latter method was suggested after examining a series of patients suf- fering from scoliosis in an endeavor to discover the best attitude in which to place a patient for the preparation of a plaster torso on which to fashion a remedial corset. Then was discovered a paradox,

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