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The trunk as a tube: In all erect attitudes some effort is necessary to enable a person to stand alone, and this effort is afforded by muscular power, but there are certain positions in which the muscular power may be reduced to a minimum, and these are obtained by distributing the weight uniformly about a vertical line which passes through the centre of gravity ( Parow, Homer). The body is not a firm mass, but consists of seg- ments joined together, one segment resting upon another. To prevent the body from collapsing, connection between the segments must be rendered firm. This is done by tightening the tube of Buy Cheap Floxin tis- sues connecting superimposed ones. Thus to main- tain the erect attitude the line of gravity must pass through the base of support. So in all bodies in which balance is maintained there is a constant Purchase Floxin equilibration by means of shifting segments (Rim- mer, Herman). Whether for the sake of balance, or not, the re- sult of segmental movement must mean that the tube of soft parts made up of muscles, fascia, in- tegument, and joining adjacent segments is subject to a constant change in tension. So in the ma'nte- nance of an erect attitude, the tube of soft parts is subject to difference in tension according with the amount of shifting of the Purchase Floxin Online superimposed segments. To translate the words of Meyers (Lehrbuch der physiologischen Anatomic, 1856) : "If one leaves out of consideration the presence of the ribs and sternum, then the whole trunk wall is to be con- sidered as a cylindrical or sac shaped tube, con- taining the viscera." The ribs may be considered as bony interruptions in this sac shaped tube. Ac- cording to the analysis of this investigator, the mus- cles of the chest are actually continuous with those of the abdomen, the only difference being the in- sertion of the ribs in the upper part, so that the practical distinction between abdominal and tho- racic parietes is merely one of rigidity ; consequent- ly a pull from any part of this tube will not stop at any particular rib, but will always be communi- Generic Floxin cated to the one Floxin Online above, so as finally to Floxin Ear Drops exert itself upon the total thoracic wall. Seat of movement: Now Feiss, in his most valu- able work already quoted (American Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, 1906, 1907, 1908), draws at- tention to the facts that Floxin Antibiotics are so important in the theory of the rotation treatment about to Floxin Eye Drops be de- scribed, viz., that the chief seat of Floxin Otic Suspension motion in the spinal column Cipro Floxin is the dorsolumbar region. Here it is commonly said that rotation, lateralization, flex- ion, and extension occur. Far more important in the consideration of the advantages of the rotation treatment are the facts pointed out by Lovett, that in the dorsal region rotation is freer than side bend- ing, that it is the most marked of dorsal move- ment*. (Lovett, Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, August 6, 1903). It has Floxin Ophthalmic been repeatedly proved that lateralization of the spine as a whole cannot Floxin Otic Ear Drops occur without rotation, or rotation without lateralization. Any motion of the dorsal column must neces- sarily Order Floxin Online be followed by motion of the thorax, because the ribs are attached in such a manner that a move- ment of any of the upper ten vertebrae is rendered impossible without carrying with it a rib, and, as each rib is attached to the sternum, Aqua Floxin a movement in a rib must necessarily be followed by movement in the sternum, and, because of the attachment of all the other ribs to the sternum, movement in each of them must follow. These facts point out that, rela- tively speaking, the thorax moves as a whole or as a single segment in movements of the trunk. Effect of movement: The effect of movement has been demonstrated by Rontgen rays of the normal thorax placed Buy Floxin Online under strain and by Rontgen rays of a fetus placed under the same conditions (Fig. 5). These demon- strate that side bearing and rotation cause narrowing of the thorax on the convex side, and descent of the ribs and crowding on the other side. In a twist the enveloping tube of soft parts, mus- Floxin Price cles, fascia, skin, etc.. running from the thorax to the pelvis, is strained spirally until it is taut, the pelvis running with it until it is brought to a stand- still by the muscles, etc., which hold it to the thighs. Effect of strain: Tension of the rib wall is ac- companied by strain and followed by sharpening of the angles of the ribs, separation of the indi- vidual ribs, and downward inclination of them ; but on the other side the ribs become crowded together and there is no tendency to sharpening of their angles (Figs. 5, 6, 7, 8, and Order Floxin 9). If the convex- thoracic wall comes under strain, this strain is com- municated into the spinal column at its posterior part, thus while the ribs are being separated, Floxin Tablets and their angles are becoming more acute, the arches of the vertebrae are being so acted upon by them ( Fig. 9) that the vertebral spinous processes are being pushed in one direction and the parts of the bodies of the vertebrae are approximating the bent wall in Floxin Otic Drops the other direction. The dorsolumbar intersection in the spinal column being a region of great mo- bility, the thorax is permitted to move as a segment, and diversion of it means that its walls are sub- jected to strain ; thus the ribs, as part of these walls, are changed in shape and direction. These changes are communicated back into the dorsal column, and thus follows a redirection of its parts. The effect of bending is to tighten the convex side, which means that the rib wall is compressed, and conse- quently that particular side of the thorax is nar- FORBES: SCOLIOSIS. of the

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