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runk posed 01 be prod spinous Demonstration that by r fixed pelvis apparent correction of a spinal curve Fosamax With D can d. Dotted line marked i Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly shows the position of the cesses when the patient is turned to the left. Dotted demonstrates the position of the spinous processes when the patient is turned to the right. Lines 3 and 4 demonstrate the position of the angles of the ribs in these movements. rowed, the posterior convexities of these ribs are narrowed, and the separate ribs descend (Figs. 5 and 8). Unity of tke thorax: It may be taken as proved that Fosamax 70 movement is a unity in the thorax. Any mo- tion of the dorsal spine must mean motion of the thorax. In subjecting the thorax to stress or strain great tension must come upon the ribs (Figs. 7 and 8). A movement in a rib means movement in the sternum, and Fosamax Femur thus movement in all the ribs. The majority of the ribs are attached to two vertebrae, therefore movement of one rib is usually followed by movement in the vertebra above and in the vertebra Fosamax Price below (Feiss). The same strain which tends to distort the ribs also renders them levers for diverting the vertebrae (Fig. 9). The elastic limit: The trunk is continually as- suming the attitude Fosamax 35 Mg known as that of physiological scoliosis. The thorax is normally under constant subjection to the stresses and strains which are the cause of the Fosamax Online alterations in the shape and direction of its walls, and normally, when these stresses and strains are removed, the thoracic walls resume their old position by virtue of that quality Fosamax 10 Mg which is known as elasticity, which is obviously the quality by which the possessor of it will resume its original form when a diverting force is removed. There is, how- ever, a limit to elasticity. A very slight rhythmic bending may be applied to the same beam many hundreds of times in the same direction, and the beam, while recovering many times, may be in the end changed ; thus if strain is carried beyond the limit of elasticity, permanent dis- tortion may result. By bending the human trunk the ribs give on the side of the convexity, becom- ing more prominent posteriorly and descending on that side (Fig. 8). If the limit of elasticity is over- stepped this position is wholly or partly retained, and pathological scoliosis may ensue. Compensatory balance: With change in shape comes change in the centre of gravity, and with this change in the centre of gravity there will be a ten- dency to shift the thorax for balance. This, as well as the direct pressure already described, causes lat- eral curvature. In other words, the spinal curve, seen as part of Fosamax With Vitamin D the deformity known Alendronate Fosamax as scoliosis, may be the result of equilibration during recovery. Again, if, when the pelvis being fixed, a twist oc- curs, we see rotation at the dorsolumbar intersec- tion and the thorax rotating as one piece until its elements react, then we get a dorsal curve (Figs. 1, 7, and 9). We see now how the normal may assume all the attributes of the Price Of Fosamax scoliotic. We see also that patho- logical scoliosis is seen when the elastic limit in physiological scoliosis is overstepped. In certain postures the bones tend to deform without actually doing so, but if these postures be carried far enough, or re- p e a ted often enough, some- thing must give Fosamax Buy Online and de- formity result. Again, if the orig i n a 1 de- formity has Fosamax Plus D oc- curred, equili- bra t i o n, be- cause of grav- ity, must in- crease it. In other words, the final condi- tion of scolio- s i s Buy Fosamax represents the Fosamax 70 Mg results of two dist i n c t p r ocesses: First, the pro- c e s s of de- formity, where p e r i p h eral Fosamax Lawsuit stresses bring about c e Fosamax Mg rtain d i s t o r tions ; and, second, Fosamax Alendronate the process of recovery, where these distortions oc- casion Fosamax D perma- nent readjust- Fig. 2.— F mm Feiss. Don

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