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TREATMENT. The treatment of scoliosis should be based on the etiology, pathology, and the mechanics of the deformity, all of glucophage xr 500mg which have already been consid- ered. Although the subject of scoliosis has been studied for decades, perhaps even centuries, we are still buy glucophage online in comparative darkness regarding its effective price of glucophage treatment. It seems useless to consider the treatment of functional scoliosis where there is no bony change, with organic scoliosis where there is often most serious structural change, consequently we will con- sider the treatment of these as the treatment of separate and distinct conditions. The treatment of glucophage mg early, or functional glucophage tablets scoliosis, is the treatment of the underlying cause. If the patient has assumed a faulty attitude, then this must be corrected. If there is general debility, glucophage cost the treatment of this de- bility is the treatment of the scoliosis. If there is a general atonic condition of the spine and the in- ternal organs, which through sagging are probably the cause of at least the protuberant abdomen which so often accompanies functional scoliosis, the spine and the abdominal contents must be supported. In patients suffering from functional scoliosis the lateral deviation of the spine is due to the atonic condition of glucophage 500mg the spinal ligaments and the influence of gravity upon the spine, just as the lordosis is due to the atonic condition of the spinal ligaments and the influence of gravity upon the spine. There are certain patients who suffer from early, or mild, nonstructural scoliosis who do well under treat- ment by regulated gymnastic exercises, in conjunc- tion with a well ordered life. These are the pa- tients who improve under treatment cost of glucophage by an abdomi- nospinal support, such as is ordinarily prescribed for the condition known as internal and external atony (Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Au- gust 11, 1910). The treatment of scoliosis with bony change is, however, a glucophage diabetes very different matter. Here we are called upon to treat a deformed trunk with definite changes in the bony framework. It is difficult to see how gymnastic or any form of exercises can influence these. It is difficult to see how such can Fig. 4. — (Living patient. glucophage online Children's Memorial Hospital ) Shows the increasing lordosis and protuberant abdomen of internal and external atony. This girl was brought for the treatment of scoliosis from which she suffered. The tablet glucophage protuberance of her lower abdomen was so great that a practitioner had decided cheap glucophage that she was pregnant FORRES: SCOLIOSIS. S/A produce any definite change in vertebras whose very shape is changed, in a spinal column whose form is changed, in ribs whose contour is modified, and Fig. 6.— From Feiss. Rontgenogram of a fetus twisted. Note the similarity of the effects of twist and bend (Fig. 5). glucophage xr generally in a trunk which is glucophage price so unlike the normal. Serious "conditions require serious measures, and constant corrective force will perhaps be alone suf- ficient materially to improve the later cases of scoliosis. When casually examining a scoliotic spine, ex- tension will naturally present itself as the remedy for the spinal deformity ; yet to straighten a bowed stick leverage is always preferred. We are not dealing, however, with deformities of the spine alone or with glucophage sr a bowed stick, but rather with a com- pound deformity of the human trunk, a lateral deviation of the spine with rotation glucophage buy of the order glucophage individual vertebrae accompanying other changes, principal among which is the ex- traordinary change of the thoracic parietes general- ly. Such being the case, it is difficult to see how ex- tension alone can be con- sidered a sufficient remedy, or how wise it would be to apply a permanent glucophage generic side force in treatment, as such must be exerted generic for glucophage on the de- formed thorax before it can be extended to the deviated spine. It has al-

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