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ready been demonstrated that lateral deviation of the spine is accompanied by rotation of the bodies of the vertebrae toward the side of the convexity of the lateral curve ; and accom- panying the progressive deformities Glycomet 500 Sr of the spine we see these deformities of the thorax generally which are characteristic of or- ganic scoliosis. It has been demonstrated, also, that we may have physiological scoliosis, and this, fact is of the greatest importance, because the production of this scoliosis on what I may be permitted to call the reverse side may help to undo the deformity of pathological scoliosis. Treatment must aim at the redirection of growth along normal lines. In the past it has most fre- quently been our aim to straighten the crooked spine, neglecting, I think quite frequently, Glycomet Sr the other component part of the deformity. We have treated one or two symptoms of a complex deformity without regard to the de- Glycomet Gp 2 formity as a whole. The aim of the treatment here suggested is to place the thorax in a position as far as possible from the abnormal by the production of physiological scoliosis on the reverse side to the Fig. -■ — From Feiss. Dem- onstrates the position of the thoracic parietes in rotation. It demonstrates the similarity of the parietes in either ro- tation or lateralization, and lastly the similarity between physiological and pathological scoliosis. FORBES: SCOLIOSIS. pathological scoliosis, Glycomet Gp and to maintain it in this po- sition that Glycomet 1gm the law of Wolff may be made manifest ; that the forced change of form and function of the Glycomet 850 thoracic parietes may be followed by certain defi- nite changes in Glycomet 500 Mg their external conformation. In studying the position of the vertebral spinous processes of one suffering from scoliosis, and the movements possible in the vertebral column, it is to be remarked that apparently lateral deviation may be corrected by means of torsion (Fig. i ). while in Glycomet 500mg reality the apparent correction is Glycomet Sr 500 due to the assump- Fig. 8. — From Feiss. Demonstrates the position of the thoracic parietes in side bending and most important, the similar effects ot twist and side bending. Both cause physiological scoliosis. (This diagram should be studied in conjunction with Fig. 5.) tion of a new position of the spinous processes, which, being in a position diametrically opposed to that of the bodies of the vertebras, must mean that the bodies themselves are, on the contrary, thrown into a position further from the normal (Fig. 9). A rod of iron subjected to torsion demonstrates that such causes lateral deviation to the side of the direction of the force applied (Lovett, Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, August n, 1903). This mechanical truth has perhaps always been ap- plied to the spinal column and it may be applicable to this when subjected to torsion under certain con- ditions, but we have proved that it is not true in the case of a scoliotic, whose thorax is subjected Fig. 9. — Demonstrates diagramatically the action of the serratus magnus and other muscles. Power to create torsion by means of the arm seems to be transmitted through it to the thorax by the serratus magnus and allied muscles. Torsion exerted in this way on the thorax demonstrates a new centre of turning in the thorax other Buy Metformin Online than the spinal column. This rests about the position of the angles of the ribs. As the part of the anterior rib wall Glycomet 850 Mg advances, the posterior part recedes; this recession by pushing on the trans- verse processes of the ribs causes an apparent correction. The spinous processes assume a better position, but as these are dia- metrically opposed to the bodies the latter Glycomet Tablets must Glycomet 500 assume a reverse position. Fig. 10. —Photograph of the latest model of apparatus for the rotation treatment of scoliosis. This Glycomet Gp2 demonstrates. A and B, the arms which Glycomet Tablet Buy Metformin support the hammock; C, on which rests the back of the flexed patient; D. Glycomet Price represents the hoop by which rotation is assured. This carries two handles, E E. which are grasped by the patient with outstretched arms prior to being rotated. F F show the arms which hold immobile the pelvis during rotation of the trunk through the upper extremities and the passive resistance of the Glycomet Gp1 serratus magnus and allied muscles. FORBES: Glycomet 250 SCOLIOSIS. to such force in the manner explained. Here tor- sion is applied to a compound, rodshaped organism, and while mechanical laws may apply to the spine

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