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of the arms toward the side of the deformity. As it has been shown that rotation is made more easy by flexion, the trunk is flexed or bent on the fixed pelvis. As it is well known that lordosis usually accompanies scoliosis, the lower extremities art- flexed in much the same manner as that of Mr. H. hoodia buy O. Thomas to reduce this flexion. The application of a plaster jacket to a patient being treated in such an apparatus, is not difficult. It is important, however, to see that the jacket when completed fulfills the requirement, that it exerts no pressure on those parts of the thoracic parietes which demonstrate deformities simulating those of pressure. Recently a series of plastic casts have been made of the thorax of patients affected with organic scoliosis. These torsos have been sawn across transversely at certain definite places, and some of the pictures revealed are here figured to demonstrate the deformities requiring treatment (Fig. 11). By the fenestration of a jacket applied in hoodia 57 torsion, we may assume that growth is permitted only in those places in which development has been denied or stunted by the deforming pathological scoliosis. The fenestration of such a jacket is con- sidered in the light of the transverse sections of the torsos already figured (Fig. 11). The plaster is maintained from the spinous processes to the angles of the ribs on the side of the deformity and if neces- sary increased, or increasing pressure may be as- sured by the insertion of wadding between the trunk and the jacket in this position, in much the same manner as that advocated by Calot for the treatment of the kyphosis of Pott's disease. The plaster im- mediately opposite this remains intact, because all pictures of the deformity reveal a bulging here. The remainder of the plaster purchase hoodia online is fenestrated. To make my meaning clear, and yet speaking with some reservation, I might say that opposing purchase hoodia quadrants of the thorax are treated in a similar manner. Plaster opposes plaster, and window is opposite to window. In the treatment of patients by this meth- od in Montreal, so much plaster has been cut away that it has been found necessary to reinforce the remaining plaster by irons, as shown in the accom- panying illustration (Fig. 12). Before closing this description of the rotation treatment of scoliosis, the writer would accentuate certain things. Treatment by torsion by this meth- Flcs. 14 and 15. — (Photographs of patient, Y. P., at Children's Memorial Hospital). Demonstrates improvement by treatment. Fig 14, taken November 16, 191 1. Fig. 15. taken February 7, 1912. During this time the patient had been treated in one jacket apHiecheap hoodia in the method described. FRIEDENWALD AND LEITZ: CRISES OF TABES. od aims at the unfolding of the deformity with the production of physiological scoliosis on the side reverse to that of the greatest deformity. order hoodia By twist may be obtained correction without that lateral pres- sure which, theoretically at least, is so greatly to be deplored in the treatment of a compound de- formity, of which a crushing, or should I say, a narrowing of the thorax is a most important part. The writer feels that treatment by this method has been successful (Figs. 14 and 15). Brilliant results are not claimed, but such cannot be expect- ed in the treatment of an organic deformity which has baffled the wisdom of ages. The application of the first jacket is often followed by an increase in height of one or more inches. On the removal of the first and subsequent jackets, a decided improve- ment is often noticed. The routine treatment is to change the jacket every six weeks. In closing, the writer would like to thank Mr. Robert Jones for allowing him to try the latest form of apparatus for the rotation treatment in his of- fice in Liverpool ; Doctor Fitzsimmons, of Boston, for his aid in this trial ; Messrs. Critchley, of Liver- pool, for the care which they have exercised in fol- lowing the writer's ideas in the making of this ma- chine : Doctor Lindsay, and Master George Mc- Clure, a patient in the Children's Hospital, for pre- paring the illustrations used in this article, and espe- cially the writer would thank his colleagues in Montreal for the stimulus hoodia p 57 which they have accord- ed in this study of the treatment of organic scolio- sis. 1 485 Guy Street. THE GASTRIC CRISES OF TABES.* By Julius Friedenwald, M. D., Baltimore, Professor of Gastroenterology, AND T. F. Leitz, M. D., Baltimore, Associate in Gastroenterology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md. Gastric crises are among the most important as well as the most interesting symptoms observed in locomotor ataxia. As early as 1842, Graves re- ported the results of his study of a case affected with this peculiar gastric disturbance occurring in the course of a nervous disorder. Romberg, in 1851, and Grube, in 1859, reported similar obser- vations, without attracting attention to any rela- tion existing between the gastric affection and tahes ; while Trousseau cited a case of a woman, in whom the lightning pains preceded the gastric pains ; he did not, however, establish any special buy hoodia online

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