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[New York Medical Journal. Examination showed a lack of control of the muscles of the tongue and the muscles of swallowing, Tuesday . September 5th, temperature tri levlen was 09° discount levlen F., pulse 100, respirations 30 to 40, not so labored. Mother stated the child had frequent choking attacks during the night, when- ever she attempted to swallow liquids or solids. Examina- tion showed the child cool, pulse good, complete paralysis of both arms, muscles of the back and of the neck. Wednesday, September 6th, condition of the child was about the same, temperature and pulse normal. Had fre- quent attacks purchase levlen of collapse, seeming to choke and have diffi- culty in breathing, but would soon revive. These attacks occurred especially when the child was lifted or moved. She still complained of considerable pain in arms and legs. levlen ed tablets Thursday, September 7th, child seemed improved; rested swallowed much better; temperature nor- mal: pulse soft and good quality ; respirations buy levlen online 40. and not so labored. She was able to move her legs, buy cheap levlen but the mus- cular power was much diminished. The muscles of the uppi r extremities and of the neck and back were para- lyzed. Friday, September 8th, the child had rested better than on any other night. Complained of less pain and took nourishment better. The mother considering the child better went to Jersey City Heights to bring home the six and one half year eld sister, who was said to be sick. The one left order levlen online in care of the child attempted to change the child's position in bed. The child's head fell back and respiration seemed to stop immediately. The child was generic levlen dead. In these two reported cases the fatal issue seems to have been due to respiratory paralysis. In the cheap levlen first case the cerebrum and the bulb were chiefly af- fected. In the second case the bulb and cervical and upper dorsal segments of the spinal cord were af- fected. It is of further interest in connection with the second case reported that the six and one half year old sister and the eighteen months' old cousin in Jersey City Heights were likewise infected with an- terior poliomyelitis. The source of infection in all three cases seems to have been levlen 28 the same. The sis- ter had both lower extremities affected and the back muscles of the trunk. For three months she was un- able to sit upright or to stand. After seven months from the date of infection she recovered power in all the muscles, except for a slight weakness in the anterior muscles of the purchase levlen online right thigh. The eighteen month old cousin, a boy, had the left leg and thigh affected. Nine months from the levlen price date of infection he had recovered complete power of all the muscles of the thigh and leg, with the exception of the order levlen anterior tibial, extensor hallucis, and common extensor digitorum. It might be mentioned that the twin brother of the second deceased patient, who had been continu- ally with the others up to the time they were taken sick, was sent out of the city and remained away for three months. He had apparentlv escaped infection, as no symptoms of the disease developed. 151 West Eighty-second Street. MATERNAL NURSINGS.* Some Important Contraindications. By W. Morgan Hartshorn, M. D.. New York. That maternal feeding is of paramount impor- tance to the baby is levlen ed generally conceded, yet we have all doubtless experienced cases in which we have hefore a stated meeting of the Alumni Association of the St. John's Guild Hospital for Sick Children, held on November 15, 1011; and at the New Haven Medical Association, March 7. [912. wondered whether it was safe for the child and for the mother to allow the nursings to be contin- ued. Briefly enumerated, the advantages of these feedings are (a) the baby receives its normal food in a strength which is best suited for its digestion and is accordingly most nourishing ; (b) by the act of nursing involution of the uterus is facilitated and the maternal feelings are stimulated; buy levlen (c) in normal cases the purity and the temperature of this food are unquestionable; (d) the baby's levlen 21 de- velopment is often watched more carefully than otherwise. However, in some cases there are reasons which make it advisable to wean the baby even against the mother's wishes. The object of this paper is to discuss some of the most important contraindi- cations levlen online for breast feedings. Not finding satisfac- tory literature upon this subject, I wrote to some of our prominent obstetricians, asking their per- sonal opinions upon levlen cost these different problems. I am indebted to them for their courteous responses. ( )f the conditions which might influence the mother during the puerperium, first in importance stands eclampsia. To the question, Do you permit eclamptic mothers to nurse their babies if it is levlen ed tablet pos- sible for them to do so, during an attack and after- ward ? Doctor Cragin says that during an attack all sources of nerve irritation should be avoided. hence nursing is not permitted ; moreover, the milk during an attack is of poor quality. After the attack has passed many women can nurse without detriment to themselves and with benefit to the child. Doctor Painter says not in the acute stages, but it may be permitted afterward. Doctor Voorhees also agrees that it is safe for the mother to nurse after the acute stages have passed and the albumin

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