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is well down. Doctor Lobenstine says : No, very sel- dom in mild cases. Doctor Ryder says mothers who are eclamptic, toxic, should not nurse. If albumin disappears quickly after an eclamptic attack they may be allowed to try Levothroid 25 Mcg nursing. Doctor Ward per- mits nursing after recovery is assured, when con- vulsions have ceased, and full consciousness is re- gained. Doctor Knapp also says that the mother should not nurse until it is certain that the attack is over. He thinks that the Levothroid Vs Synthroid babv should not be allowed to nurse where there is anything more than a small elevation of the temperature or where the mother is not able to take a normal diet. He believes that in any forrn of toxemia the toxines may be given to the child through the milk. Doctor Strang replies : No. In almost every case the milk has not ap- peared. He speaks of one case which he saw in the hospital in which the milk was secreted in a few days after Levoxyl Vs Levothroid the attack and the child nursed without ill effects. Doctor Ramsay forbids it in cases where the convalescence is slow and where the renal con- dition clears up slowly. In cases where the con- Levothroid 75 Mg valescence is rapid he sees no harm. Doctor Brod- head thinks that a mother may nurse after the signs of the toxemia have subsided and the breasts have been emptied several times. Doctor Dorman agrees that it is safe in the third, fourth, or fifth day if the condition has responded to treatment. The cases mav be divided into mild and severe. July 6, i 9 i3.] HARTSHORN: MATERNAL NURSINGS. ante partum and post partum. The post Synthroid Vs Levothroid partum cases Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid are the most dangerous for the welfare of the child. A toxemia which results in the severe manifestations of eclampsia may have some pre- natal effect upon the organs of the child, and al- though the cases reported have been few in num- ber, yet it has been shown that in children of eclamptic mothers nephritis is quite likely to de- velop. Autopsies have revealed congestion and parenchymatous degeneration Levothroid 0.1 Mg of the liver and kid- neys, more Levothroid 100 Mcg or less marked. Several interesting cases have been reported by Goodall, of McGill University, in which apparently healthy infants Levothroid Synthroid have died soon after nursing from mothers suffering from eclampsia Purchase Levothroid Online post partum. He concludes that the toxines are eliminated by the milk and that in this milk secreting toxines, they may- Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine be even more virulent than those which circulate in the blood. He concludes that we must be sure that the toxines have disappeared and that the breasts have Levothroid 88 Mcg been thoroughly emptied several times. He thinks that if albumin has continued after gestation it is best not to allow the child to nurse at all. These cases have also been supplemented by four cases, three ending fatally, reported Order Levothroid Online recently by Dr. Conway Frost in the Archives of Pediatrics. The histories are nearly the same as those of Doc- tor Goodall, each of the attacks following soon after nursings from post partum eclamptic mothers. Doc- tor Frost concludes that the milk of the eclamptic mother is even more toxic than her blood, and that a seizure coming on just prior to the secretion of milk makes it doubly so, Order Levothroid as Nature takes this means of elimination, and he declares that he shall forbid nephritic or eclamptic mothers to nurse their new- born infants. Commenting upon Doctor Goodall's cases. Is Levothroid Generic Doctor Pisek and Doctor Pease, of New York, endeavor to show that these conditions were not due to path- ological conditions of the kidneys probably, or the results would have shown themselves irrespective of the nursings, but might have been very probably due to anaphylaxis. They base their conclusions largely upon results obtained upon sensitized guir neapigs, producing this condition after feeding them milk, showing that anaphylactic shock can be in- duced by absorption of milk through the gastroin- testinal tract. It seems to be the consensus that nursings must be discontinued during the acute stages. In the mild cases it may be permitted when there is no evidence of the toxemias remaining. Levothroid 125 Mcg Another serious complication of the puerperium is septichemia. In reply to the question, Do you permit patients suffering from septichemia to nurse their babies? nearly all the men agreed that a true septichemia was a contraindication to nursing. The mild cases were not so regarded. Doctor Painter says that in cases where there is a Levothroid 100 Mg bacteriemia. nurs- ing should be prohibited, Generic Levothroid but in mild cases he per- mits the mother to nurse if her condition warrants it. It is generally acknowledged that a sapremia is not a contraindication in the majority of cases. Doctor Voorhees permits nursing in mild cases. In the severer cases the mother's milk is often insuffi- cient and also there is some danger of the trans-' mission of the organism from the mother to the child in a virulent form. It must be remembered that the mother needs all the vitality and strength possible. Often the absorption from the breast is out of proportion to the infection. This may be illustrated by the effect of some of the carthartics, or other drugs, as the bromides. The effect upon the mother may be mild, while the baby may be greatly upset. In all these conditions we try to Levothroid Generic preserve the mother's milk by the use of the breast pump, while the infection is mild and an early re- covery anticipated. Bacteriemias and pyemias are often a terminal and most serious condition. Mastitis is another not uncommon complication due generally to a staphylococcus infection. Nurs- ing must be discontinued because of the danger to the child from the infected milk acini and the trans-

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