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time of infection. If it is prenatal, the chances are that the child is already infected. If the mother is under treatment the child also receives some medi- cation, as we know that mercury is secreted through the breast (Lieb). If the infection is post partum, nursing must Buy Cheap Baclofen be discontinued at once. In these conditions it is of primary importance that the mother's child only be nursed. Some men regard it wiser to discontinue Lioresal 10 Mg nursing. both for the mother's and the child's sake, in all cases. Colles's law that a child born of a mother who is without obvious venereal symptoms, and which without being exposed to any infection sub- sequent to its birth, shows this disease when a few weeks old, this child will infect the most health} nurse, whether she suckle it or merely handle it and dress it, and yet this child is never known to infect its own mother, even though she suckle while it has venereal ulcers of the lips and tongue, has been disproved and the theory of germinal infec- tion has been disputed by Metzenour. Osier says that in a majority of these cases the mother has received a protective inoculation with- out having had the actual manifestations of the dis- Lioresal 25mg ease. He concludes that there can be absolutely no syphilis in the child without syphilis in the mother. Doctor Ryder, Doctor Dorman. Doctor Strang consider syphilis a direct contraindication. Doctor Lobenstine says that personally he prefers not to allow it, unless the child shows an unmistakable sign of syphilis and the mother is robust. Doctor Paint- er says that nursing is not contraindicated in ante partum cases. It is in post partum cases. Doctor Voorhees does not consider syphilis a contraindi- cation. Doctor Brodhead thinks that it is not, un- less it has been acquired post partum. The child may get valuable medication through the milk, e. g.. salvarsan. Doctor Cragin says the syphilitic moth- er may nurse her own baby. Doctor Ramsay says he always feels safer in forbidding a syphilitic mother nursing the Buy Cheap Lioresal baby, as Colles's law occasion- Lioresal Tablets : lly slips. Doctor Ward believes that ante partum infections are not a contraindication, but post par- tum infections are. Doctor Knapp is uncertain, but thinks that if the mother was infected after Lioresal Online the beginning of the pregnancy, and the child did not show positive Buy Lioresal Online signs, he would not have the child nurse. Lioresal Price If the mother was infected Purchase Lioresal before impregnation, and the child showed positive is possibly as well for the child to nurse. Doctor Kilbane believes that the manifestations are not present in cas- j s where the infection is ante partum because of this im- munity which the mother receives. As the fetus grows, a considerably larger amount Buy Lioresal of the toxines is overcome by the mother, so that at the birth of Generic Lioresal the child a protective immunity is established. He thinks that it is safe for the mother to nurse when the infection is ante partum. When the Buy Baclofen Online infection is recent or post partum. nursing should not be al- lowed. The benefit derived from breast fee ling in children of syphilitic mothers is probably due to the antitoxine secreted in the milk and not to the direct effect of the Order Lioresal Online drugs themselves. Arsenic i- thought to be secreted not at all or very slightly in the milk. HARTSHORN: MATERNAL NURSINGS. 23 The question of this baby infecting a healthy wet nurse is one which must be carefully considered in each case. If there is any uncertainty regarding the child's condition, the wet nurse should have the benefit of that doubt. Some form of modified milk- can be used in nearly every case. Purchase Lioresal Online Mothers suffering from anemias, primary or sec- ondary, are generally compelled to discontinue nursing, both because of their physical condition and also because of the poor quality of their milk. In cardiac affections it is possible for the mother to nurse without suffering ill effects. In these pa- tients the quality of the milk and the general con- dition of the mother and child must be carefully supervised. Under the general heading of contagious dis- eases it is perhaps wise to consider two classes. First, the milder forms, as varicella, German mea- sles, parotiditis, rubeola. In the second class would come diphtheria, scarlatina, pertussis, and the more severe variola. The nursing baby is generally re- garded as immune, possibly due to the passing of some antibody to Buy Baclofen the child, to the mother a passive immunity, as Schlossman says, produced by the Lioresal Intrathecal protective qualities of the mother's blood. When, however, Order Lioresal the mother herself is affected is there not grave danger of infecting the child? In the dis- eases of the first class the danger is not regarded Cheap Lioresal as great. We should remember that whooping cough kills more babies under one year of age than any other contagious disease (Webster), and that three quarters of the deaths from measles and nine tenths of those from whooping cough occur in infancy. This "passive" immunity for Lioresal Mg the nursing baby is regarded as offering protection for the first five months. If the mother and the child are both in- fected, then there is no need of making any changes, provided that the mother's milk still nourishes the child. In cases associated with pyrexia often the mother's milk becomes very poor or the secretion entirely ceases. It is generally agreed that in the diseases of the second class, when the mother alone is infected, nursing should be discontinued. Doc- tor Cragin says, in reply to the question Should all contagious diseases .be a contraindication for nurs-

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