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In passing upon defendant's argument that the 34 \i.irs HUMS. [Niv. York ImPKXAI. verdicl of $2,000 should be set aside- as excessive, the justice said : If defendant was negligent (and of that the jun were the judges) and if plaintiff was guilty of no_ contributory negligence (and of thai the jury were- Lotrel Price the judges under the evidence), and his sufferings and present and past conditions are attributable to the negligence of the de- fendant 1 and of which the jury were the judges), the verdict, while probably somewhat liberal, Discount Lotrel cannot be said in be so far in excess of compensation as to require the interference of the court. $tas Ittms. Civil Service Examinations. — Among the positions for which the New York State Civil Service Commission will hold examinations on July 27th are the following: Pathologist Lotrel 10 Mg (forestry), $1,500; sanitary engineering in- spector, Stale Department of Health, $1,200 to $1,500; medical interne, $1,000 and Purchase Lotrel maintenance, physicians only. Honorary Degrees. — At the recent Order Lotrel commencement of Harvard University the degree of master of arts was con- ferred upon Surgeon General Charles F. Stokes, Lotrel 5 United States Lotrel Coupons Navy, and the degree of doctor of science upon Dr. Frederick Forchheimer and Dr. Frederick Cheever Shattuck. Buy Lotrel Among the recipients of the degree of doctor of laws from the University of Pennsylvania, at the re- cent annual commencement were Dr. Louis A. Duhring, professor emeritus of dermatology, and Dr. James Lotrel 510 Tyson, professor emeritus of medicine at the Lotrel Mg university. Moving Picture Tuberculosis Exhibitions. — For a number of years stereopticon tuberculosis exhibitions have been given in the public parks of New York by the De- partment of Health. Last year the tuberculosis commit- tee of the Charity Organization Society assisted in the work by furnishing a lecturer for some of these exhibi- tions. These lectures did not prove to be worth while, however, and this year moving pictures are being used instead. The exhibitions begin at 8 p. m" The first one was held on the evening of June 21st, in Mount Morris Park, and they will be continued throughout the months of July and August. Changes at Syracuse University Medical School. — This institution has added the following men to its corps of instruction: As assistant professor of bacteriology, Leverett Dale Bristol. Lotrel 10 20 A. B., M. D., Johns Hopkins, of St. Paul. Minn.; as instructor in the department of his- tology, Earl Lotrel 10 V. Sweet, A. B., M. D., Cornell, of Phcenix, X. Y. : as instructor in surgery. Albert G. Swift, Ml).. Syracuse, of New York; as instructor in pathology, John W. Cox. M. D., of Syracuse. This position Lotrel Coupon was secured by scholarship. At the suggestion of the dean. Colgate Uni- versitj has signified its intention of permitting Buy Lotrel Online students to take the senior year in a registered medical college in absentia, such students to receive the bachelor's degree upon the presentation of a certificate from the college of medicine attended, to Lotrel 5 Mg the effect that his v.ork has been done satisfactorily. Materia Medica in Illinois. — The following resolution was adopted by the Illinois State Board of Health at their meeting, held in Chicago, June 29, 1912 : Whereas, Materia medica. "that branch of medical science which treats of the substances used in medicines, their origin, composition, physical characteristics, chemical properties, modes of preparation and administration, physiological and toxicological actions," — to quote from a leading authority on the subject — constitutes one of the sound Fundamentals of a Cheap Lotrel medical education, and, Whereas, A Lotrel Cost lack of demonstrable knowledge, on the part of a physician, Lotrel Online of this essential branch of medicine, indicates a medical educat insufficient for the practice of medicine and surgerv in all their branches, and. '-• I" 1 1 <• "i Hi- Illinois State Board of Health, it IS neci - 1 \ that an adequate test by examination be exacted of the applicant for medical license in Illinois, in the subject of practice of me'dicine, particularly in that phase ot practice relating to ap- plied therapeutics or the treatment of disease, and. Whereas, Certain examining and licensing boards, with some of which the Illinois State I',,. .11, 1 of Health nom sustains reciprocal relations, fail to exact an examination in either one or both of the above mentioned subjects, therefore. Be it Resolved. That, after this date, the Illinois Lotrel 20 Mg State Board of Health will require candidates from other States, seeking license through reciprocity, to pass an examination in the subject of materia practice, or both, when an examination in such subject xacted of the candidate by the board of Medical Reciprocity. — It is announced by the presi- dent of the Pennsylvania State Board of Medical Licen- sure that an agreement has been reached by that board and the State Board of Medical Examiners of .Yew Jer- sey whereby graduates from medical schools of recog- nized high standing, who pass the examinations in either State and receive licenses, may practise medicine in both States, subject to certain limitations. 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