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9. P. Wagner: Death from Primary Bilateral Malignant Kidney Tumors. I. The Effect of Poisons on Nephrectomized Rabbits. — Lovegra Price Wildbolz concludes that ureth tne, morphine, and diphtheria toxine have no more toxic effect upon nephrectomized rabbits than upon those with two kidneys. Rabbits with but one kidney have increased sensibility for chloral hy- drate, atropine, and medinal. The second class are poisons which are excreted into the urine slowly without a change. The loss of one kidney de- creases the resistance for poisons which are ex- creted unchanged by the kidneys, but not for poisons which are made harmless by being Lovegra For Women excreted into the intestine, transformed into physiological substances, etc. 3. Polycystic Kidney Tumors. — Steiner re- ports three cases of these tumors ; in one case nephrotomy was done, in two cases decapsulation. He agrees with Israel that nephrotomy is not the method of treatment. Tuberculosis, marked hema- turia, pyonephrosis indicate nephrectomy only if the Lovegra 100mg remaining kidney is unaffected. Neither nephrotomy nor decapsulation has a more favorable effect upon, the course of the disease. 4. Gonococcus Pyonephrosis. — Franco reports a case of a twenty-six year old woman who had a ureteritis and pyonephrosis of Generic Lovegra the right side. Neis- ser's gonococcus and another diplococcus were obtained from catheterized specimens of the right kidney. At a later date a pure culture of gonococci was obtained. The pyonephrotic kidney which was removed showed parenchymatous nephritis, interstitial nephritis, severe pyelitis, and ureteritis. This is the fourteenth case of pure gonococcus pyonephrosis. Lovegra Online 5. Drain Removed from the Bladder. — Cathelin reports a woman who had had sixteen operations and examinations. Albarran had per- formed a nephrotomy and Cathelin nephrectomy for kidney fistula ; at the time of nephrectomy by Cathelin the patient said that a drain had been left in the kidney. As the tube was not found during the nephrectomy the patient was considered to have been suffering from a vivid imagination. . No for- eign body in the bladder was found. Two years after the operation the patient had a pain in the right pelvic region and symptoms of a cystitis. Cystostomy showed a long drainage tube incrusted with salts which probably had entered the bladder from the ureter. This was removed by vesical vaginal section. 9. Primary Double Sided Malignant Kidney Tumor. — Wagner reports a case of a primary bilateral kidney tumor in a man of seventy-six years. The patient complained of weakness and swelling in the left groin. There was an enlarged, irregular, hard tumor in the left kidney region. The right kidney was also somewhat enlarged. There were tumor masses in the left groin ; no vari- cocele ; the urine was normal. It was considered that the patient had primary left sided kidney tumor with secondary metastasis. During the time the patient was observed tumor cells were found in the urine. The patient died and autopsy showed a right hypernephroma, with metastasis into the retroperineal lymph glands, in the right suprarenal glands, and in both groins ; on the left side a spindle celled sarcoma starting from the kidney capsule with large subcutaneous sarcomatous tumor in the left pelvic region. Such double involvement with primary tumors is extremely rare. Generally, if the second kidney is involved it Cheap Lovegra is the site of the metastasis. In twenty-six autopsies Kuster Lovegra Uk found that the second kidney contained metastatic growths Buy Lovegra Online forty-two times. DwtMbings 0f JMttttttS, ALUMNI Buy Lovegra ASSOCIATION OF THE ST. JOHN'S GUILD HOSPITALS FOR SICK CHILDREN. Third Stated Meeting, Held November 15, 1911. The President, Dr. Medwin Leale, in the Chair. Unusually Severe Intestinal Toxemia. — Dr. Wilson B. Zimmer, of Brooklyn, reported the case of Lovegra Tablets a girl, two years and seven months old, who had been brought back from the country because she was suffering from a persistent high tempera- ture and increasing irritability. There had been several similar attacks of variable duration, from one day up to two weeks. These attacks were characterized by pronounced constipation, and re- lief of this condition was in all other instances fol- lowed by a prompt return to normal health. In all there were some seven attacks. At the time that this patient came under observation she had been sick for three weeks with anorexia, coated tongue, constipation, irritability, and an irregular temperature, which varied between 99° and 103 F., with occasional intermissions, at which times the patient was apparently well. Intestinal parasites, typhoid fever, malaria were all suggested as diag- 4 8 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [New York Medical Journal

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