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ausing death of 246 Rochester children who were reported to have died of diseases of digestion 1 from August I, 1910, to August I, motilium buy 1911. -Nationality-^ , Method of feeding ,, Under two weeks 15 Two motilium online weeks to one month 16 One to two months 37 Two to four months 37 Fpur to six months. ... 37 Six months to one year. 65 One year to two years.. 30 Two years domperidone motilium to five years. 9 Totals cheap motilium 246 m u o « '46 48 s 18 motilium canada 14 3 58 24 46 35 16 17 31 40 23 27 87 7 75 9 Deaths in which gastrointestinal disease was contributory cause. 25 3 buy motilium online 6 8 . . 4 3 1 s 16 18 1 26 . motilium 10 . 24 14 3 41 1 3 32 > 13 50 7 4 to the coroner; and, while no direct evidence on the point was secured, and these are listed in the table under "no records obtainable," beyond all question they should be grouped with the seventy- five children who died from bad care and neglect. It should be said that the data in this table are positive information only, and the causes given were cited by the physicians as being the most im- portant factors leading to the sickness and death. motilium uk Where definite information could not be had, no record was made, hence the table does not account for all the factors, either positively or negatively, which may have had bearing on the life or death of the child. If the first group, or those who died motilium tablets 10mg directly from gastrointestinal disease is examined, it will be seen that motilium price beside bad care and neglect which killed seventy-five out of 200, in eighty-seven instances there was a definite history of improper feeding. This quite frequently meant the irregu- lar and too frequent feeding of improperly motilium mg pre- pared food or of the breast. In this motilium tablets group, in chil- dren under one year, a definite history of feeding was secured in 156 cases. motilium pharmacy Thirty of these children mother, will indirectly, but very appreciably, affect the mortality of infants in this group, and that measures intended to motilium domperidone 10mg correct these evils must be di- rected to the parents rather than the -child. Interesting and suggestive as are these data, the problem of immediate motilium imodium importance is the relation of feeding to infant mortality. So complex is this factor, however, that much careful and discrimi- nating study must be made before any conclusions can be motilium cost reached which even approximate the truth. Obviously purchase motilium the deleterious influence of any particu- lar kind of food can be determined only when the extent to which it is used is known. This basic in- formation is exhibited in Table III. It will here be seen, that in 5,431 homes, 526 babies under one year of age were found. Of these 370, or seventy per cent., were being breast fed, eighty-six, or about sixteen per cent., were being fed on cow's order motilium milk, forty-three motilium generic others were nourished on proprie- tary foods. In twenty-seven instances the method of feeding was not satisfactorily determined. In addition to the foregoing, an examination of the records of the Infants' Summer Hospital was made 62

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