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- - . ** • Chart i. — Experience of the United Kingdom Temperance and Gen- eral Provident Institution of London. Healthy motrin eq males, whole life policies, amounts. 1866-1910. Expected mortality, British Om table ioo.oo<5! Ratio actual to expected mortality, nonabstainers. 01.27% Ratio actual to expected whats in motrin mortality, abstainers 66.25% Mortality among abstainers 27.4 per extra strength motrin cent, less than among nonabstainers. sity, but could be materially lowered by superior living habits. PLANS AND METHODS. Answering question No. 2 : We open up the broad subject of conservation activities. I have stated that I have no elaborate or ideal plan to suggest, but it is possible to indicate, in a general way, the lines along which such a movement should progress. cvs motrin An educational campaign can be economically and effectively carried on by any company. Some peo- ple doubt the value of such work, asserting that we cannot make individuals either moral or healthy by "telling them things." There is much truth in this contention. The mere facts presented in 800 milligram motrin a health bulletin may of themselves be without power to in- motrin printable coupon fluence the average individual, but the practical business idea behind the issuance of the bulletin may arrest attention and give to the facts a potent suggestive value. Bad living habits and neglect of the body until disease becomes obvious are the re- sults, partly of ignorance, and partly of fashion and the suggestion of example. If the life companies motrin 1000mg persistently pound into the brains of 22,000,000 peo- ple in this country the simple, elementary principles that underlie right living and form the basis of preventive medicine in its broadest sense, they will come very near to governing the fashion in these matters. Not only will they reach the individual policyholder, but they should motrin discontinued reach and activate those thinking groups ( 14) which, in every com- munity, so largely mould and guide public opinion. By the systematic dissemination of information, much of which is locked up in medical literature and reaches the public fitfully, and often in unsci- entific and exaggerated, or unintelligible form, motrin commercial we may bring about a condition where ignorance along certain lines will be regarded motrin b as shameful, and many unhealthful practices will motrin pm coupon be looked upon as imply- ing such ignorance. It is sad, but true, that many people would rather be caught doing something wrong than something stupid. Call a man a devil, and he may be secretly flattered, bearing in mind the rare ability of the Miltonian Lucifer; but show him, gently and tactfully, that motrin 100 mg he is a dolt, a motrin 500 dullard, and behind motrin products the times, and egoism motrin 18 may perform what a deeply encysted conscience could never be aroused into doing. The motrin ad life companies have already accum- ulated valuable information regarding the influence of living habits and various im- pairments which lower the resistance to disease. A vast mine of information in their possession is now being worked over motrin gel caps (15), analyzed, and interpreted according to scientific standards. By imparting such information to policyholders as it becomes available, much that is debatable in matters of personal hygiene could be cleared up, and the nezvly born science of medical se- lection would enjoy the inestimable priv- ilege of growing up motrin 500 mg side by side with the still young science of preventive medicine motrin gel --the giant of the future. By cooperation with public health authorities, by urging policyholders to support health legislation, and to obey existing public health laws, which can never be enforced without the consent of an enlightened public mind, by promoting health leagues in the thousands of communities where policyholders, examin- ers, and agents are available for cooperation, the death rate among insured lives, as well as that in the general population, would be favorably af- fected. Education and organization could move abreast. All such activities should encourage a closer relationship between policyholder and com- pany (16), and diminish the waste to the insuring public and to the companies, through excessive lapsing and twisting of policies, besides increasing the volume of new business by popularizing insur- ance, and rendering it actually "life" insurance, as

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