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MIXED VACCINES IN CONDITIONS. SEPTIC By W. Ross Thomson, M. D., Warsaw, N. Y. The following preliminary note on our experi- ences with the mixed vaccines in generic neurontin manufacturers the treatment of various septic infections is published with the hope that it will impress the general practitioner as to their value in a large field of application. We feel that there can be no question of a doubt that several of the cases detailed would have ended fatally if the vaccines were not given. In all of our cases we have used the stock mixed vaccines, of Streptococcus pyogenes. neurontin 200 mg Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus. Staphylococcus pyogenes albas. Staphylococ- cus pyogenes citrus. Bacillus coli communis, Diplo- coccus pneumouicc. The initial dose was always one half of the vial or 375,000,000 bacteria. The, mixed vaccines were used because we had no time for reports on cultures, and also because we felt that in at least some of these cases there was a great probability of a mixed infection. The injections were neurontin price streets given on the first day that infection was evi- dent, except in one case. Case I. Mr. R.. aged thirty-three years. Referred by Doctor Truesdell, of Warsaw. Admitted to the hospital at 3.30 p. m., February 4, 1912. Pulse 118, temperature 103.5° F., abdomen rigid and tympanitic. Immediate op- eration revealed an abdomen full of pus, gangrenous omen- tum, gangrenous and perforated appendix. Appendix and entire omentum removed, abdominal cavity washed out with several gallons of salt solution. Injection generic neurontin 300mg of 375,- 000.000 mixed vaccines given at 10 p. m. ; at 12 p. neurontin price increase m. tem- perature had dropper to 100.4 F. From this time to the twenty-first day the patient had no rise of temperature. On that date a small secondary abscess was opened. The general peritonitis seemed in this case to cease after the injection was given. Case II. Mrs. D., aged twenty-eight years. Referred by Doctor Randall, of Silver Springs. Patient had been suffering for several years with fibroid and for two years neurontin 300 mg pain had had chronic appendicitis. I lad had two neurontin price without insurance miscarriages. Present illness dated from an abortion of a macerated, three months' fetus. Three days later her temperature went to 104° F. and she was curetted by Doctor Humphrey, of Silver Springs. A dull curette was used. The next day she had a chill and her temperature rose tn 107.4 F. I saw her in consultation and injected the initial dose of mixed vaccines. We decided that if her temperature came down, we would remove her to the hospital and operate. In four hours her temperature dropped to 100.5 F. Iter temperature remained low for two days and then went to roo.5 F. She received a second injection of mixed vac- cines and was sent to the Warsaw Hospital for immediate operation. Her temperature had dropped five degrees in four-hours after the injection. Operation: Posterior vag- inal section. Cervix dilated and uterus swabbed with ten per cent, iodine solution. Low abdominal incision on right side drained a large abscess cavity. From this time on recovery was rapid and uneventful. Case TTT. neurontin mg Mr. D.. referred by Doctor Randall, of Sil- ver Springs.- This patient was the husband of the patient reported in Case II. He became infected through hand- ling a douche bag used by his wife. The infection started in a cut in the right thumb and rapidly extended up the lymphatics of the neurontin 600 mg high arm. On the second day he had a chill and his temperature went to 105.5' F. He received the mixed vaccines immediately after the chill and was sent to generic neurontin solution the hospital. In six hours his temperature had dropped to 100.2 F. For four days it fluctuated between 100° and 102.5° F., when the thumb and forearm were opened and a large quantity of pus was evacuated. He was discharged one week from neurontin discounts the time that he had his chill. Case IV. Mr. S. D., aged thirty-five years, referred by Doctor French, of Pike. Entered the hospital January 29th. Had been operated upon for ruptured appendix two and a half months previously at his home. At that time we found the appendix bound tightly to the under surface of the liver by dense adhesions. In a few weeks he pre- sented symptoms of a subphrenic abscess. Operation : Ninth rib was generic neurontin gabapentin resected posteriorly for three inches and an opening made through the diaphragm from which a considerable quantity of foul smelling pus was discharged. Drained with two rubber tubes. Temperature remained normal for two weeks and then began to range between 99.8° and 102. 5 F. He had slight chills. Fifty million colon bacillus vaccines were injected without any apprecia- ble results. Four days later 375.000,000 mixed vaccines were injected; there was an immediate neurontin price rise in temperature to 104° F. Five hours later the temperature was normal and from this point the patient made a rapid recovery. neurontin prices generic Case V. Mrs. Z.. aged thirty-five years, referred by Doctor Wilson, of neurontin 300 mg for nerve pain Warsaw. Operation: A deep incision was made from under the chin, into the mouth. Also under the tongue for the purpose of dissecting out an ex- tensive angioma. After the operation the neurontin price comparison patient's mouth became greatly swollen and dry. The breath was offen- sive. On the third day she had a severe chill and her temperature went to 106° F. Pulse 160, respiration generic neurontin available 40. Pain in the upper right side of her chest. Respiratory sounds were remarkably tubular in character in the upper front part of the right lung. Diagnosis was made of the sep- tic inhalation pneumonia. The initial dose of mixed vac- cines was injected shortly after the chill, and neurontin 800mg the tem- perature dropped six degrees in four hours and was normal neurontin discount card the next morning. Patient was discharged in one week. Case VI. Airs. A., aged twenty-eight years, referred by Doctor Harding, of Castile. Patient was admitted to the hospital February 25th, examination showed a mass extending more than half way up the umbilicus. Also a pronounced thickening of the cul-de-sac. History of an abortion at second month. A vaginal section revealed a large blood tumor in the right broad ligament. Further operat-'on had to be deferred on account of the patient'^ poor condition. The temperature remained around 103° F.

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