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bodies rule. The moment he lives in defiance of these laws Buy Nizagara he is out of harmony with their work- ings and. therefore, out of harmony with their con- trolling forces, the heavenly bodies, the result of which manifests itself in disease. The stars are therefore consulted for selecting a moment in which to begin taking medicine — a moment in which their influences will be propitious in bringing about good results ; put the mental and physical temperament, through the medicine, in harmony again with the laws of Nature, which is health. The philosophy of taking medicine under the benign auspices of the stars, is that man's actions are as much part of his body as his limbs and organs, and limbs and organs and their actions are all under the influence of the heavenly bodies. The Hindus have reduced every branch of thought or doctrine to a system or science of their own, which Western scientists might do well to study, to their possibly immense profit. While Western medical science regards the human body from a severely physical point of view, and calls it only so much Nizagara Online animal matter, the Hindu system of medical science as embodied in the Ayur Veda, or Science of Life, holds that the human body is com- posed not only of animated matter, but also of a mind and a soul, which latter is the source of the animation of both mind and material body. The Ayur Veda says man has three bodies, the physical, mental, and the spiritual. The spiritual is encased in the mental (otherwise called astral) and the mental is encased in the physical, like a sheath en- cased in a sheath. The Ayur Veda, in dealing with the causes and cures of diseases to which man is subject, begins with those of the physical body, then it treats the causes and cures of the diseases of the mental body and ends with those of tin- spir- itual body. The greatest disease of humai ity, it says, is its liability to rebirth, which is caused by the mind's attraction to external objects and its cure by diverting its outward attraction to the in- ward soul, unbroken concentration upon which alone stops rebirth. Hindu medicines, therefore, are of three kinds, spiritual, mental, and material. In the ages long gone by very little material drugs were used. Fast- ing, or regulation of diet, along Buy Nizagara Online with prayers to the Deity and the blessings of holy men were generally thought and found to be the best method for cur- ing ailments. Order Nizagara Now, people's minds having become grossly materialistic by touch with those of ma- terialistic foreigners, material drugs are resorted to at once in cases of illness. If material drugs fail to cure, then only mental or physical treatment is resorted to in the shape of chanted formulas of mystic words, performing ceremonies to please the particular star under whose hostile influence the disease is found — by consulting the patient's horo- scope— to have been brought about. If these fail to cure, then the blessing or magnetic touch of some holy man is sought for, failing to secure which con- tinual prayers to the Supreme God are made, along Nizagara Tablets with continual reading of some holy book by a learned and spiritual priest. Spirituality is health according to the Hindus. Perfect spirituality means perfect health. Spirit- uality is manifested in the expression of the en- souled mind — the universal and the individual mind — while you can draw spiritual magnetism for your health from the same storehouse. There are saints who have thoroughly ensouled their mind by con- centrating it upon the centre, the focus of spirit- uality. One word from their lips can drive away disease through a spiritual electrical word, or wave, as it were, and make you perfectly healthy. This, from the Hindu standpoint, accounts for the mi- raculous healings of Jesus Christ. The next best source of securing spiritual healing is to receive the touch from the hand of spiritual men just a lit- tle less developed than the saint whose very com- mand is potent enough to kill all disease. The very best source for obtaining a remedy is from the vibrations of sacred songs and music, and what is called in India ecstatic dance, in which the dancers sing until the spirit of the divine song moves them to dance. The next best method is to secure health through faith. That is faith cure. If you have an intense faith in any divinity or saint, or even in any man, this concentration of mind will bring about equi- librium in mental and physical disorders. The last, and according to the Hindus, the worst form of treatment — the worst compared with the foregoing processes — is the use of material drugs ; but the Hindu holds that even what the modern world calls medicinal plants and shrubs are reallv spiritual plants and shrubs. Spirituality pervades the whole creation, but it manifests itself in some July 13, 1912.] BHARATI: CURIOSITIES OF HINDU MEDICLXE. 75 special forms of life, such as in plants and shrubs. Like spiritual men there are spiritual animals, as well as spiritual trees and plants. I had the pleasure and privilege of residing with a very highly developed spiritual man. I have not met with another man of such extraordinary genius and accomplishments in the East or West. He has not only read all Sanskrit works from the Vedas downward, all standard Sanskrit literature, relig- ious, scientific, medical, moral, etc., but also is mas- ter as well of all branches of Western science and

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