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ally to stop a cough, which is not frequently wise, requires the use of such an amount Nortriptyline Mg of opium as to be dangerous for a lay person to handle. Antiseptics, with the exception of alcohol, are not needed in a household which has a fire to boil Nortriptyline 10mg water on. Alco- hol is included in the list as much for its rubefa- cient, cleansing, and mental splint Buy Nortriptyline Online properties, as for its value as an antiseptic. Proper labelling Nortriptyline 25 Mg should be pursued ; the dose for child and adult be given for each drug, and the general conditions for which the drug is used should be put on the label. The emergency chart is best hung on the door of the cabinet, for this cabinet need never be locked. All these supplies, by actual experiment, may be packed in a cabinet containing one shelf, the dimen- sions of the cabinet being twelve inches wide, four inches deep, and seven inches space between the shelves. Dr. William R. Behrens, of Nezv York, write's: Following is a suggestion of medicines, etc., nec- essary for an efficient household medicine cabinet. The containers labeled with the name of contents and the dose for children and adults. The bottles are to be grouped as follows : INTERNAL. Ammonia, aromatic spirits of 3 oz. Order Nortriptyline Online bottle Castor oil " " Ginger, tincture of Nortriptyline 25 " " Ipecac, syrup of " " Lime water " " Nitre, sweet spirit of " " Peppermint, essence of " " Quinine pills, Nortriptyline 10 Mg 2 grains 4 doz. Rhubarb and soda mixture 3 oz. bottle Roclielle Cheap Nortriptyline salts " " Sun cholera mixture " " White pine, compound syrup of " " EXTERNAL. Alcohol 3 Nortriptyline 25mg oz. bottle Camphor, spirits of " " Collodion (with brush) flexible " " Iodine (with brush) " " Hydrogen peroxide " " Sweet oil " " Witch hazel " " Sodium bicarbonate " " Boric acid powder " " Carbolized salve 3 oz. jar Mustard powder " " Generic Nortriptyline Oil of cloves .' 2 dr. bottle Talcum powder 1 can MISCELLANEOUS. 4 one inch bandages. 3 two inch bandages. 1 three inch bandage. 1 four inch bandage. 1 package sterile gauze. 1 roll oiled silk. 1 roll three inch adhesive plaster. Safety pins (large and small). Package of court plaster. Package of absorbent cotton. 1 small forceps. Pair of scissors. Bath thermometer. Fountain syringe. Hot water bag. Fever thermometer. Tourniquet. The arrangement of the medicines, etc.. is so placed under appropriate heads so as not to require 78 CORRESPONDEXCE. Medical Journal. further explanation. The contents of this cabinet will be found amply sufficient, anticipatory of regu- lar medical attendance, should the latter prove nec- essary. Dr. B. F. Rea, of La Fayette, Ala., observes: I think the family physician could select a few dressings and remedies, with instructions how to use, which would be of great benefit in emergencies before the doctor arrives. The remedies might also be of use to the doctor, who is often called hurried- ly, taking very little with him. I should recom- mend for the family medicine cabinet sterile gauze Buy Nortriptyline

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