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THE BASHFORD VERDICT. We have had occasion Norvasc 2 Mg in these columns to praise the labors of Doctor E. F. Bashford, the director of the Norvasc 5mg Price Imperial Cancer Research Fund of London. It is Norvasc 100 Mg "with regret, therefore, that we learn of the verdict which imposed upon this distinguished investigator, and indirectly upon the British Medical Association, a penalty of ten thousand dollars damages in favor of the plaintiff. Dr. Robert Bell. The latter, a physician in good standing, had been denounced as a quack by Doctor Bashford in an article published in the British Medical Journal, because he had claimed curative results in the treatment of cancer by means of a nonsurgical method. While thus paying a tribute to Doctor Bashford, we cannot but feel that some investigators too read- ily accuse their practising colleagues. Whether Generic Norvasc Price Doctor Bell has discovered a cure for cancer re- mains to be seen, Norvasc 7 Mg but the measures to which he re- sorts have been clearly described by him and have Cheap Norvasc Online been known to bring about, Norvasc 5mg Generic in Norvasc Coupons some cases at least, a change in the condition of the patient amounting practically to a cure. This should not cause the physician by any means to give preference to Doc- tor Bell's method when surgical procedures are still possible, since the latter afford a far greater pro- portion of permanent cures, but equity demands that his results receive the benefit of impartial scru- tiny, at least before an adverse judgment is pub- lished. As to opprobria, they are never in order. It must not be overlooked that the practising physician has always been a successful pathfinder because clinical medicine Generic Norvasc 10mg is itself Norvasc Cmi a vast field of ex- perimental investigation. This applies to physio- logical as well as to pathological problems. The most eminent of living Norvasc Other Names physiologists. Professor Pavloff, of St. Petersburg, wrote some years ago that physicians in not a few instances had given "a more certain verdict concerning physiological Norvasc Logo pro- cesses than the physiologist himself." This might well apply to the case in point. It is but a few years (1905) since the investigator whom English justice has so severely mulcted, had occasion to write: '"In our investigations we have obtained evi- dence against all the explanations yet advanced as to the cause and nature of cancer ... at present Buy Norvasc 5mg any attempts directly to ascertain the cause and nature of cancer are surrounded by so many sources of fallacy that they remain to-day as un- profitable as they have been in the past." It would be difficult to say much more, even to-day, of our knowledge of the "cause and nature" of this dread disease. Investigators in this special field have every reason, therefore, to be reserved in their estimates of those of their practising colleagues who can point to any degree of success, since this result, faith- fully scrutinized, might lead the pathologist to more fruitful fields. All this applies equally well to every department of experimental medicine. Norvasc 50 Mg A VISION OF ENORMOUS PRACTICE. At a meeting of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Patent Medicines, held on June 20th under the presidency of Sir Henry Nor- man, Norvasc 7.5 Mg we learn from the Lancet for June 29th that the distinguished chairman observed to a witness that he had heard that many eminent medical men had their prescriptions lithographed. Sir Henry is a layman of probably unusual intelligence, and that this ludicrous idea concerning the possible extent July 13, 1912.] OBITUARY.— MEDICAL LAW. 83 of Norvasc Patent a doctor's practice should have been entertained by him gives an idea of the fathomless depths of ignorance concerning medical men and their cus- toms to which outsiders may sink. Legislation concerning the practice of medicine, the public health, etc., in both Great Britain and the United States, is, moreover, usually in the hands of men much less intellectual and well informed than Norvasc Coupon Sir Henry Norman. BACILLUS LACTIS BULGARICUS IN INFANTS. Clock (Journal of the A. M. A. for June 29, 1912) calls attention to the fact that buttermilk has been used in Norvasc Pi infant feeding because, on account of its chemical composition, it was supposed to be adapted to certain abnormities of digestion and metabolism. It is not, however, always adapted to the caloric needs of the infant and the results have not been uniformly good. The failure of ordinary buttermilk in the Norvasc Canada treatment of intestinal conditions is because it does not contain a bacillus that will survive ingestion, multiply in the intestine, and then produce sufficient nascent lactic acid to counter- act and destroy the bacilli of putrefaction. The only beneficial effects are due to the large amount of soluble protein in finely subdivided form which favors its easy digestion. Since intestinal toxemia is believed to cause many diseases, it has been thought that the introduction of lactic acid bacilli into the intestine might possibly arrest the growth of putrefactive and other bac-

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