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1. W. T. Councilman: Experiences of Medical Teacher. j. Edward H. Rislev and Fritz C. Irving: Technique of Trans- fusion. 3. George L. Walton and John Homans: Operability of Cerebral Endothelioma; Reportof Successful Case. 4. Annie Lee Hamilton and Mary Elizabeth Morse: Erythrocy- themia; Order Plendil Report of Case with Autopsy. 5. Philip Hammond: Plendil Price New Mastoid Retractor. 2. Technique of Transfusion. — Risley and Irving say that practically all the instruments Buy Plendil and devices advocated for transfusion of blood are either too complicated, or require too much skill in manipulation or manufacture and are not suited alike to all cases. They consider the use of paraffin coated glass tubes, as advocated by Brewer and Leggett, and later by Vincent, to be the method which Plendil Tablets is the easiest, simplest, and most likely to succeed. They also hold the glass bulb of David and Curtis to be very simple and safe, and to af- ford accurate measurement of the blood transfused. It is possible to do transfusion without cannula? or clamps, or any mechanical aids, provided enough length of artery and vein is dissected out. 4. Erythrocythemia. — Hamilton and Morse report a case of this disease, the points of special interest in which are: 1. The improvement under x ray treatment ; 2, the decrease of the liver from very great size to about normal, apparently due to im- provement, but really to degeneration ; 3, varicosi- ties of the esophageal veins common in alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, but not expected in this case ; 4, the extraordinary and fatal hemorrhage due to, 5, rupture of the esophageal vein. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. June 29, 1912. 1. L. L. McArthur: Antiseptic Surgical Access to Pituitary Body and Neighborhood. 2. J. F. Binnie: Symptoms of Colonic Intoxication. .1. H. S. Plummer: Diffuse Dilatation of Esophagus without Anatomical Stenosis. 4. T. H. Weisenburg: Nervous Symptoms Following Sunstroke. 5. Ralph O. Clock: Intestinal Implantation of Bacillus lactis bul- garicus in Certain Felodipine Er Intestinal Conditions of Infants. 6. G. L. Orton : Procreative Regulation Felodipine 5 Mg of Defectives and De- linquents. 7. W. W. Peter: Health Buy Cheap Plendil Problems of Changing China. S. Joseph Zeisler: Some Uncommon and Often Unrecognized Forms of Toxic Dermatitis. 9. Arthur G. Sullivan: Reconstruction of Bile Ducts. 10. John M. Little: Beriberi Caused by Fine White Flour. 11. Everett J. Brown: Therapeutic Literature. . 12. Arthur A. Eisenberg: Use of Hexamethylenamine in Affections of Upper Respiratory Tract. Purchase Plendil 2. Symptoms of Colonic Intoxication. — See Order Plendil Online Felodipine 5mg this Journal for June 8th, page 1220. 4. Nervous Symptoms Following Sunstroke. Cheap Plendil — -Weisenburg reports two cases of sunstroke fol- lowed by nervous symptoms of unusual character. In the first case reported a severe sunstroke was followed by multiple nervous lesions producing acute cerebellar ataxia, loss of speech, and spastic symp- toms. The second case was that of a Plendil Mg cook in whom because of overheating Buy Plendil Online there occurred muscular spasms. This patient had an old poliomyelitis of one leg, but in spite of this the muscular Felodipine Tablets spasms were just as marked in the palsied limb as else- where, which phenomenon seems to prove the theory that the spasms are produced by a degenerative pro- cess in the muscles and not by a lesion Generic Plendil of the nerv- ous system. In the literature of the subject accessi- " ' Si, PI TH OF PROGRESS 1 1 / UT&RA PURE. INkw York Medical Journ, ble to the author a great variety of symptoms have been described. In addition to the usual rise of temperature, cephalalgia, and occasionally coma, there have been a number of cases of motor lesions, either hemiplegic or paraplegic, and more rarely acute ataxia and disturbance of speech. The au- thor has not found a single instance of such Plendil Online lesions producing sensory disturbances, although there is no reason for their nonoccurrence. There must be something inherent in the physical condition of the individual which predisposes to the effects of heat. In the Amlodipine Felodipine Philippines sunstroke hardly ever occurred Felodipine 10 Mg among the natives, Felodipine Amlodipine and among the soldiers in those

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