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1I1, of Br In, hi ugh Functh of Central Nervous System. F. Fromme: Specific Treatment of Gonorrhea in Women. Carl Helbing: purchase premarin Experience in 100 Operations for Palatine Cleft. Rqtiimann: Is Experimental Reversion of Blood Circulation Possible 16. Richard Fabian: Malignant ' 17. Emil Engel: Is Ovarian Tra for Too Early Climacteriun 18. Alfred Lewandowski: Hygi School. 10. Alexander Zweig: Diagnostic and chiatrics (Concluded). mor with Wrong Diagnosis, plantation Successful Treatment in Castrated premarin mg Women, e of Children Graduated from "•■-<•'■ Progress Psy- 2. Changes in the generic conjugated estrogens Pancreas in Diabetes. — Von Hansemann finds from his experience and from the literature that there appear regularly buy cheap premarin changes in the pancreas in diabetes, that is, buy premarin online that real diabetes, not every form of premarin online glycosuria, is a dis- ease which depends upon the internal secretion of the pancreas. He believes that the islands of Langerhans are buy conjugated estrogens of no importance to this action, as they are changeable formations and only represent a certain variation of the parenchyma. 6. Mesothorium Therapeutics in Cancer Pa- tients. — Pinkuss states that his experiments with mesothorium emanation introduced in beverages and in local and generic premarin intravenous injections showed him that in this form the emanation has absolutely no influence upon carcinoma, but he believes that meso- thorium rays constitute an effective after treatment in cancer following operations. 7, 8, and g. order premarin online Luminal. — Wetzel observes that luminal, phenylethylbarbituric acid, can become an effective narcotic in premarin cost psychiatry, using from 1.5 to two c.c. in aqueous solution for hypodermic injec- tion. Graeffner remarks that luminal is purchase premarin online an im- portant sedative. He advises small doses, 0.2 to 0.5 gramme in a warm draught, when it produces cheap premarin in half an hour deep sleep, but it may be given not only per os, but also as a suppository. He em- phasizes the fact buy conjugated estrogens online that luminal is not buy premarin a narcotic, but a sedative, and therefore has no effect upon pain. Juliusburger states that we have in luminal an important addition to our drugs, which, as sodium luminal, may be given by mouth or subcutaneously. 13. Specific Treatment of Gonorrhea in Women. — Fromme remarks that premarin tablets the specific treatment of gonorrheal pyosalpinx is not a cure- all. A premarin price cure is produced only in about fifty per cent, of the patients and will be ineffectual in old, chronic cases, but subjective symptoms, such as pain, etc., are relieved. MEDIZINISCHE KLINIK. May 26. 1912. 1. Walther Hannes: Waiting for Birth in Pelvic Presentation. 2. Max Herz: Neurosis of the Heart and Arteriosclerosis. 3. Groedel: Balneotherapeutics of Chronic Diseases of Heart and Vessels (Concluded). 4. G. F. Nicolai: Influence of Certain Baths upon Heart. 5. Arthr W. Meyer: Results of Surgical Treatment in Basedow's Disease. 6. Raecke: Luminal, a New Narcotic. 7. Hoffmann and order premarin Martin: Preparation of Sputum Salt Solution Filter for Treatment of Phthisis. 8. Felix Meyer: Does G-Strophanthine Influence Coronary Circu lation? 0. Hoffendahl: Diseases of Pulp of Tooth.

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