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to the value of tincture of iodine to the incised mu- cosa when operating upon the price proscar stomach or intestine. He employed the procedure for three years and be- 0.5 mg proscar lieves it diminishes materially the chances of infec- tion from those sources. He formerly used ten per cent., but now he uses five per cent, solutions. n. A New Cell Proliferant.— Maclister refers to a new cell proliferant, derived from the common comfrey, Symphytum proscar 10mg officinale. After experiment- ing with this and a thorough analysis, he found it useful in indolent ulcers. He found that the most important active ingredient is allantoin. Solutions of this substance lowest price proscar were applied to many forms of chronic ulcers and they healed rapidly. He tried it on proscar rxlist a gastric ulcer and had beneficial results ; he also advises its use in skin grafts. The solution is ap- plied in a strength of best price proscar three or four per cent. 12. New Symptom of Aneurysm of the Aorta. —• Hoesslin draws attention to a curious phenomenon in a proscar film tablet 5 mg 28 tb case of compression of the left bronchus by a thoracic aneurysm. There was a loud, stridulous, somewhat prolonged inspiration, while the expira- tion consisted of single rhythmical, expulsive efforts with a short pause, which was soon followed by rhythmic sounds audible at some distance. The simple explanation is that the trachea was com- pressed proscar price philippines to that degree in which inspiration still could take place. Expiration was possible only when the aneurysmal sac emptied itself during diastole; dur- ing systole, however, expiration was entirely sus- pended. ARCHIVES OF PEDIATRICS. -V.IV igu 1. proscar online prescription Maynard Ladd: Studies in Nutrition and Digestion of Infants. 2. Matthias Nicoll, Tr., and Anna W. Williams: Inclusion Bodies in Blood of Scarlet Fever. 3. Henry Ling Taylor: Surgery of Rhachitis. 4. Alexander McAllister: Some Newer Aspects of Infant II giene. 5. Emery Marvel: Appendicitis do need prescription proscar in Childhood. 6. Alfred F. Hess: Cool Bed for non prescription proscar Infants. 7. Frank Van Der Bogert: Throat Infection with Glandular En- largement. 2. Inclusion Bodies in the Blood of Scarlet Fever. — Nicoll and Williams confirm the findings of Kretschmar and Dohle of certain inclusion bodies in the polymorphonuclear leucocytes in fifty-one cases of scarlet fever. Of these, forty-five showed the inclusion bodies, and of the six negative cases all had existed more than proscar online no prescription eight days. They also studied twenty-five control cases, and of these' three only showed inclusions. Their control cases were of measles, diphtheria, erysipelas, or pneumonia. They believe that the blood examination in the first week of the disease will serve to differentiate scar- let fever from measles, German measles, and proba- bly toxic eruptions. Whether a similar differentia- tion may be made in the case of rashes due to sepsis, influenza, and tonsillitis must be left to be deter- mined by further study. 3. Surgery of Rhachitis. — Taylor, after dis- cussing buy proscar online uk the cause, symptoms, various deformities, and dietetic treatment of rickets, takes up the sur- gical treatment. The surgical management should consist, in proscar 5 mg tabletas the mild cases, in restricting sitting, standing, and walking. Many of the mild cases of bowlegs and some of the other deformities in young children improve or disappear. In severe cases of bowlegs, knockknees, and anterior curves, a cor- rective operation should be performed. The bones may be broken at the point of election by the hands proscar cost ireland over a block (manual osteoclasis), or by a maclr'ne 1 instrumental osteoclasis!, or the bone may he di- 96 PITH OF PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. [New York Medical Journal. vided by an osteotome pushed through the skin (subcutaneous osteotomy), or through an open cut (open osteotomy). The deformity should be slight- ly overcorrected and put best place to buy proscar online up in a plaster splint, which may be left on six or eight weeks and reapplied if best place buy proscar online necessary. In unstable cases, braces should be worn for some time. The author has never seen delayed union after an osteotomy or osteoclasis. In ante- rior curves of the tibia the bone is broken sidewise, and afterward the posterior angle is thoroughly opened up. The rhachitic spine may require re- cumbency for proscar price compare some months, as proscar prescription drug sitting aggravates the trouble. 5. Appendicitis in Childhood. — Marvel says that from thirty-five to forty per cent, of the pa- tients with appendicitis treated are under fifteen

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