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emphasized in a negative statement. Argyrol is not recommended for use in the abdominal cavity ; boric acid is not useful in tuberculous abscesses ; iodoform is not a good dusting powder for con- junctivitis ; the cresols are not possible for gastric lavage ; aluminum acetate is not efficacious as an injection in buboes ; bichloride of mercury is harm- ful in germicidal strength in gonorrhea and useless in safe solutions; silver nitrate is not used to dis- infect the skin of the patient nor the surgeon's h=.nds. buy provera online Tt is provera price not to be wondered at if many, bewildered by this haziness, decided that all disinfectants are good for something and drifted serenely out 1 11 a bottomless sea of empiric antisepsis, happy in the company of a large majority of the profession, and that finally they settled down, either through acci- dent or habit, with bichloride of mercury, phenol hydrogen peroxide, boric acid, iodoform, and some organic silver salt each of which in process of time became endowed with specific virtues, thus settling; quite satisfactorily, for them at least, the purchase provera antiseptic question. By this process a number of substances have been I . r 9 1 2, by A R permitted to parade their laboratory germicidal powers as antiseptic, whereby for a long time they have claimed the triumphs justly due the careful asepsis of the modern surgeon's technique. The tendency to progress from the Listeria'! dic- tum that germs should be killed on the spot, to the aseptic idea that germs might be washed away, provera tablets leaving uninfected fields, and a desire to bring or- der out of chaos caused these antiseptics purchase medroxyprogesterone to be sub- jected to new and more searching tests, whereby it presently appeared that some of our most re- spected antiseptics turned out to buy cheap medroxyprogesterone be frauds and some of humble station proved to be of royal rank. Kinnaman (Journal of the American Medical Association, August 26, 1905) compared various antiseptics. The standardizing of commercial dis- infectants was generic provera undertaken by S. Ridda! and J. S. A. Walker, who published their method, based on car- bolic acid in the Journal of the Royal Sanitary In- stitute, London, 1903. p. 424. Chick and Martin continued the investigation (Journal of Hygiene, 1908, pp. 103, 654, and 698), which was further extended by the Committee of Inquiry of the Lan- cet (Lancet, November, 1909). Post and Nicoll (10) extended the investigation to other antiseptics used in surgery. Seelig and Gould (54) report their results in testing the penetrative power of various germicidal solutions through animal and artificial membranes. They say : "Our germicide must possess, in provera mg addi- tion to the inherent power of killing, the property of reaching the bacteria by penetrating the tissues in which they lie. "This power to penetrate is none other than the physical and physiological process known as osmo- sis, and the task we set for ourselves was the de- termination of the relationship existing between os- motic power and buy provera germicidal efficiency." By a series of ingenious and convincing experi- ments with bacterial emulsions in collodium can- ities, immersed in watery solutions of various an- tiseptics used in surgery, they demonstrated that the order provera germs were unaffected, even after twenty-four hours' immersion buy medroxyprogesterone online in all the solutions except one, a 12.5 per cent, solution of iodine and potassium iodide, which penetrated and sterilized in twenty- five minutes. Testing the germs against grain alcohol, they dis- covered that the provera online osmotic power, and therefore the sterilizing power, varied directly as the concentra- tion alcohol below seventy per cheap provera cent, being practic- ally inert (requiring seven and a half hours to ster- ilize) while ninety-five per cent, was highly os- motic and bactericidal within from provera cost three to ten order provera online ! • Publishing Comi *-* WOODBURY: THE BEST SURGICAL DISINFECTANT. [New York Medical Journal. minutes; ninety-nine per cent, being a shade more efficient yet. They tested the alcoholic solutions of antiseptics to ascertain whether the sterilizing power of alcohol would be intensified. They were astonished to find that ' with the one exception, iodine, the unadulterated alcohol acted as efficiently as the solutions, and the dilution, necessitated by making the solution, did not increase, but actually decreased the antiseptic power. To quote: "Har- rington's solution, for example, represents a sixty per cent, dilution of alcohol, and it took the same time to kill the organisms, despite its percentage of hydrochloric acid and bichloride of mercury, as did purchase provera online plain sixty per cent, alcohol. The alcoholic solu- tion of iodine sterilised the organisms more rapidly than did the highest strength of plain alcohol. This buy cheap provera is a fact of striging reason for two reasons, i .It confirms recent clinical experience regarding the efficiency of tincture of iodine, and, 2, it signifies possibly that by combining two substances with high osmotic power we secure a order medroxyprogesterone solution of higher osmotic power than that possessed by either sub- stance acting alone. We found that by raising buy medroxyprogesterone or low- ering the percentage of alcohol, or by raising or

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