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sage, and finally by as active physical exercise as is individually consistent. By such measures the circulation and interchange cheap renova of the renova prices body fluids is facilitated, nutrition of the genetic centres is in- creased with multiplied cell output both qualita- tively and quantitatively. This last statement is perhaps pure theory, but certainly patients get well under such measures. Where cases are ambulatory from the outset, one must carefully go into the question of the effect of labor and exercise. In many cases this is not only beneficial but absolutely necessary, for most of buy renova online our patients have before them the serious problem of earning a living for themselves or others, and at times this becomes of equal importance with life itself. The conditions surrounding work must then be made as favorable as renova cream possible and where prac- tical, change to out of renova cost door occupations or to fa- vorably lighted and ventilated rooms should be made. Hydrotherapy must be briefly mentioned, both the external and the internal variety, for in some cases much may be achieved by the cold shower or spray which sends the blood actively coursing through the vessels more certainly and with less disturbance than from digitalis or under camphor. order renova Where financial or social conditions favor, a visit to a watering place, still water and later surf bath- ing may be advised to very good advantage, or the domestic tub or spray may be called ifito use. In most cases water should be freely taken internally and buy renova cream the ferruginous waters are obviously most de- sirable. Climatic changes play no unimportant part in the cure of some of these patients. Look at the miracu- lous change which purchase renova online a short sojourn at the sea side or a sea voyage produces where can i buy renova in the anemic children of the tenements. Variation in climatic conditions is often very beneficial and alternation between sea level and the mountains, other conditions not con- traindicating, are often desirable. I feel certain that the changes in the body fluids which occur as a result of change and particularly rapid ones in altitude often furnish just the bone marrow stimu- lant needed. As regards temperature, I think that this is very largely to be determined by the individual ; some of my patients have prospered in the bracing cold of the Canadian Northwest or on the table lands of Mexico, others have done better in the hotter renova purchase climates, especially in the dry heat of New Mex- ico, Arizona, Egypt, and the like. Most, given sun- light, fresh air, appropriate exercise, and diet, have done very well at home, especially if those best of physiological sauces, pleasure and content, were also present. Nearly renova online all necessary measures may, by the generous physician or patient, be at least well simulated when the exigencies of the case demand renova coupon that the patient is to remain at home and at his cus- tomary work. Out of door exercise and sleeping with the simple life, so recently rediscovered, may be renova canada practised by the worker as well as renova uk the person of leisure, varying only in degree and form. After attention to general hygiene, I think that nothing goes more to uproot the anemic habit than a carefully renova price studied and individualized diet list, and there are few diseases in which a detailed study in the arrangement of the diet is more richly re- warded than in anemia. Obviously, food is ad- ministered in anemia not only because of the iron which it contains, but also because of the general nutrition which is almost always abnormal in anemia and the type of this abnormality varies in result from actual obesity in some cases to great wasting of the tissues in others. Manifestly the anemia of a gout or nephritis demands quite a dif- ferent diet from that best applied in diabetes or in gastric hyperacidity. Foods to be suitable in anemia must be procurable, more or less acceptable to the patient, easily digested, rich in iron, and not contraindicated by the special disease or complica- tions which may be causative of, or associated with the anemia. Of the most desirable fluid foods are soups and broths, usually those not thickened by the addition of starch, but which contain rich stock, green vegetables, meat, blood, bone marrow, and the like. In appropriate cases milk foods are to be used, but not particularly because of their special indication in anemia. Ferruginous waters are also to be in- cluded under this head. They are very many in number and a natural water rich in iron salts can be found in almost any mountainous locality, or the artificial iron waters may be purchased, mostly at very moderate figures. Of the fish,, salmon, trout, halibut, cod, blue fish, and sword fish, with oysters and clams are buy renova among the best, but practically none of the fresh fish are interdicted. Naturally the meats are of crucial importance for, as Yoit and V. Hosslin have shown, these al- cost of renova buminoid forms of iron seem to be most readily transformed into blood iron. Not infrequently in these days of "health food" fads one sees cases of even quite severe anemia which have apparently resulted from price of renova nothing else than the withdrawal of this important food group from the dietary. Beef, mutton, ham, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, goose, and turkey are most desirable. Hamburger steak, roasts, and grilled meats are among the best methods of preparation. Bone marrow used as a spread for toast, stock, or as timbales in soups is probably much more efficient than when given as an extractive and as a medicine. Bacon, when not otherwise contraindicated, is an excellent relish. Eggs are discount renova among the most valuable of all our BROOKS: THE ANEMIC HABIT medicaments in the anemias. They are most bene-

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