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There are two methods by which the b idy pro- tects itself against the toxines of microorganisms: One, by producing within the body substances which destroy or neutralize the toxines, and the other, by eliminating them from the blood by the organs of excretion. The presence of such marked and constant tympanites, and the result of the ap- plication of this principle in the treatment of the disease, make it appear highly probable that the intestine is the special organ of excretion in acute lobar pneumonia, just as the skin is ih the first few days of scarlet fever and the kidneys are later in the disease. The eruption of scarlet fever, and the albuminuria later in the disease, are simply the re- sult of the irritant action of the toxines on the or- gans excreting them. This excretory action of the intestinal mucosa is not fully appreciated. It has been definitely established that the intestine, the large intestine in What Is Risperidone particular, is not merely an organ of secretion and absorption, but that it plays an im- portant role as an organ of excretion, eliminating from the body, just as the skin and Generic Risperdal kidneys, not only the waste products of Order Risperdal ordinary body metabol- ism, but also the poisonous products of microor- ganisms. Substances thus excreted are mucin al- bumins, keratin, fatty acid, soaps, and various in- organic salts. This excretory function, while not a mere physi- cal process, is nevertheless largely governed Risperdal Mg by the laws of diffusion. Diffusion is a part of excretion. Circumstances which would favor the diffusion of substances from the blood into the intestine, will also favor their excretion. We have two chambers separated by a membrane. On the one side we have the lumen of the capillaries containing a liquid medium in motion and under pressure holding in solution substances for execretion, a condition favorable to diffusion. On the other we have the lumen of the intestine, containing, in the large in- testine where this excretory function chiefly takes place, semisolid and solid feces, containing toxines and other proteid substances. Such a medium is not most favorable for the diffusion of substances from the blood into the intestine, because it is not in the liquid state, and for the reason that it al- ready contains substances identical with, or similar to those to Risperidone Mg be excreted. Even under these unfa- vorable circumstances, experiments have shown that the intestine does excrete albuminous substances. Artificially, Risperidone 1 Mg we can greatly aid this natural process by substituting for the feces water, containing one per cent, sodium chloride together with magnesium sulphate. The sodium chloride favors diffusion by its solvent power, while the magnesium sulphate stimulates the intestinal epithelium. Buy Cheap Risperdal If there are living and active pneumococci in the feces generating toxines, and if the intestine is the special organ of excretion, then treatment based on these principles should materially reduce the toxe- mia and lower the mortality of the disease. Clinical experience amply confirms these theories. Of twenty-seven cases of acute lobar pneumonia so RUTZ: PNEUMOCCUS IN FECES ■US treated, all ended Risperdal Cost in recovery. Were the mere re- covery the only result of treatment, then we m'ght attribute such a favorable result to mere coincidence of favorable circumstances. There was other evi- dence to show that such treatment actually reduced the toxemia. Whereas a crisis on the Purchase Risperdal Online third or fourth day is usually rare, in patients treated in this manner it was quite common, occurring in about thirty-three per cent, of the cases. A reduc- tion of i c to 2° F. usually occurred after twenty- four hours of such treatment and continued to the end of the disease. No antipyretics were used, ex- cept an ice cap. There was also produced a marked improvement in the pulse and mental condition un- der such treatment. Another peculiar effect of the treatment was the liability to a Cheap Risperdal relapse, due either to an extension in the Order Risperdal Online diseased lung, or to a new process in the healthy lung. This never proved very serious. This effect corresponds with the ex- perience of some physicians with the use of Buy Risperdal Online anti- toxic serums in the treatment of other dis.ase>. These effects of treatment were most marked in the severe and toxic cases. This reduction in the toxe- mia was especially noticeable Risperidone 1 in one of my cases, a boy of fifteen years. He seemed at once to be overwhelmed with the toxemia. In twenty-four hours after three rectal injections there was a de- cided improvement in his condition. His attack began with a chill, pain in the side, temperature Risperdal Price 105° F., pulse 156, small and feeble, and with al- ternating stupor Risperdal Online and delirium. After treatment his pulse was reduced to 98 and became of good quality, his temperature fell to 102.6° F., and ranged from ioo° to 102. 6° F. during the rest of his disease, and his mind became and remained clear. In another patient, a woman of forty-five years, Buy Risperdal in rapid succession developed a pneumonic process in her left superior lobe, then in her right lower lobe, next an extensive pericarditis and endocarditis, then a polyarthritis Risperdal Tablets involving nearly all her joints, and finally a thrombosis of her left axillary vein. Notwithstanding all these lesions, she at no time suffered from any marked toxemia. Her temperature ranged between 100° and 101.4 F., except at the very onset of the dis- ease, when it was 103° F. She made a good re- covery. As might be expected, this treatment has no direct effect on the respirations, except such tem- porary improvement as is produced by the reduc- tion of the tympanites. In both of these ca^es 1 Mg Risperidone there was marked meteorism and in both pneumococci were present in the feces. The method employed in the treatment of these cases was as follows : From the very onset of the disease these patients received a soapsud enema with glycerin and the addition of turpentine if the tympanites was excessive. The object of this was Purchase Risperdal

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