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To the experimental and clinical facts which have of late tended to indicate the correctness of this view, have been added recently the experimental studies of Fuchs and Roth (Zcitschrift fur Patho- logie und Therapie, x, p. 187, 1912) in healthy subjects and in a case cheap silagra of Addison's disease. After subcutaneous injections of silagra uk adrenalin (l.O to 1.5 tng, ) the respiratory rate rose. It reached the highest level in a young individual and the lowest in buy silagra uk a woman suffering from Addison's disease. In every instance the injection of adrenalin increased the intake of air as well as that of oxygen and also the output of carbon dioxide. The respiratory quo- tient rose considerably in the patient with Addi- son's disease. Fuchs and Roth silagra price concluded that the phenomena observed were due to the oxidation of sugar — a correct view as far as it goes buy silagra online — but the manner in which the adrenalin awakened such a re- action was left unexplained. Unfamiliar as Fuchs and Roth evidently were with the interpretation of the process on this side of the Atlantic, their experimental testimony is of exceptional confirmatory value when added to the established pressure of the adrenal principle in the red corpuscles (Mulon), the rise of temperature produced by adrenal extracts (Reichert, Lepine. Morel), the fatal hyperthermia caused by whole adrenal grafts (Courmont), and many other facts which sustain the American theory. What the recognition of this fundamental func- tion of the adrenal secretion means in the practical field can hardly be overestimated. It not onlv en- ables us purchase silagra to understand the marvelous effects of the adrenal principle in silagra cipla all morbid conditions, the ter- minal stage of all acute infections, shock, hemor- rhage, the whole gamut of silagra 50 conditions classed under neurasthenia, for example, in which the vital func- tions are at a low ebb — to a threatening point at times — order silagra but it opens also new lines of thought of great promise. Whether dealing with pathology, symptomatology, or therapeusis in any disease in which they are concerned, we should no longer at- tribute to the adrenal secretion and the remedial products which contain it, merely the silagra tablets silagra 100 mg power to stimulate the cardiovascular musculature, but also that of enhancing tissue oxidation, the foundation of the vital process itself. Internal Secret:, 1. cheapest silagra first edition, 1903. PATHOLOGY IX M( >DERN DRAMATIC LITERATURE. "Happy the country whose annals are a blank." The thought expressed by the poet may be buy cheap silagra extend- ed to include the lives of individuals as well as of nations. The normal, tranquil existence does not abound in dramatic situations, but is prosaic and devoid of interest for others. The playwright finds his material in the pathological and abnormal. In classic Greek tragedy the attention and interest of the spectator were aroused by playing upon his emotions of terror and pity. To this end the earli- July =o, / DITORIAL ARTICLES. i >g est dramatic themes were chosen from war and rapine, adultery and incest, murder, self mutilation and suicide, and the superstitious fears of avenging gods — the primal instincts and rude passions of a vigorous, youthful, and but imperfectly civilized race. The rich possibilities of disease as subject matter for dramatic treatment, with the single ex- ception of madness, were unsuspected and were left almost untouched for the analytical playwrights of a more self conscious and introspective age. It is true that Shakespeare created dramatic in- terest in the pathos of Lear's and Ophelia's mad- generic silagra ness, in the subtle, morbid psychology of Hamlet, and in the somnambulism of Lady Macbeth, as did Goethe in silagra 50 mg the insanity and infanticide of Margarete, and Euripides in the mental infirmity of Orestes. Two generations buy silagra of playgoers have been familiar with the consumptive heroine of Dumas's Dame mix Cornelias, a not very convincing stage picture of tuberculosis conducted along romantic lines, which antedated the realism and greater scientific accuracy of the dramatic pathology of to-day. silagra online It remained, however, for the ultramoderns to pro- duce in the person of Henrik Ibsen, that grim and indignant giant of the north, the real protagonist of the pathological in dramatic literature. In his sombre, domestic dramas nearly the entire gamut of pathology is sounded, and for this reason they possess unusual interest for the physician and will repay his careful study. silagra tablet In Ibsen's twenty-six plays, physicians are characters in no fewer than ten. In the Pillars of Society will be found an ac- curate and amusing study of neurasthenia. In The Doll's House Nora is plainly a victim of hysteria, and her invalid friend, Doctor Rank, betrays the fatal symptoms of locomotor ataxia. The neurolo- gist will have no difficulty in recognizing the fa- miliar traits of the order silagra online paranoiac in Hjalmar Ekdal, and senile dementia in his father, both important

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