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characters in The Wild Duck. Hedda Gdbler con- tains a study of the capricious longings and whims of the early months of pregnancy ; the supine, color- less wife of The Master Builder, Mrs. Solness, is a sufferer from anemia ; hypnotism is the theme in The Lady from the Sea, and in Ghosts is an ap- palling presentation of hereditary syphilis. The scene in the Egyptian mad house in Peer Gynt will provide any alienist with an evening's entertain- ment in classifying the various types of lunacy un- der the care of the extraordinary Doctor Begrif- fenfeldt. It is somewhat remarkable that although Ibsen was for several years director of the theatre at Bergen, which is the site of two leper hospitals, the distinguished dramatic pathologist has in it me of his plays held a clinic on leprosy. This omission, however, has been supplied by his German disciple, Uauptmann, in Der armc Heinrich, and also by Hardt in his play Tantris dcr Narr. Recently a new opera, La Lcprcusc, was produced in Paris. In other plays by Hauptmann are striking studies of alcoholism, the delirium of fever, paresis, cata- tonia, and pregnancy, remarkable for their verisimi- litude and fidelity to medical truth. George Bern- ard Shaw has written a play in which much of the interest relates to the opsonic index. The aspiring dramatist or librettist of a pathological turn need not despair, however, for all the stage possibilities of the hospital and bedside are far from being ex- hausted. Appendicitis, carcinoma, typhoid fever, the bubonic plague, the exanthems, and many mi- nor medical and surgical ailments have not yet had adequate dramatic treatment. If the present ten- dency continues it may be quite possible for the future medical student to receive some part of his training in the theatre, which, with artists skilled in the representation of diseased types, will become a valuable supplement to the clinic and laboratory. THE TREATMENT OF ACUTE LOBAR PNEUMONIA. In this issue of our Journal appears a very in- teresting article by Doctor Anthony A. Rutz, of this city on the role of the intestines in acute lobar pneumonia and the treatment deduced therefrom. The author has examined the feces in patients suf- fering from acute lobar pneumonia, basing his research upon the fact that as a large number of pneumococci are found in the sputum, mingled with the saliva or food, they may find their way into the intestines where they will multiply and generate their toxines. He has been, able to dem- onstrate the bacilli in feces and describes his meth- od explicitly. Upon these findings he bases his treatment, reasoning logically that the bacilli and their toxines should be eliminated from the blood by the organs of excretion, and believing that the intestine is the special organ of excretion in such cases, just as the skin acts in the first few days of scarlet fever, and the kidneys later in the disease. Doctor Rutz reports twenty-seven cases of acute lobar pneumonia which he treated according to his idea and all of which ended in recovery. Combined with Doctor Rutz's method the treat- ment of acute lobar pneumonia should be therefore on the following lines : Absolute rest in bed ; with an ice bag upon the patient's head if the fever is high; plenty of fresh air to relieve and assist the lungs; a carefully regulated diet, suspension, if necessary. [30 iRl II IRT1CLES. VORK of all solid food; plent) of water, better some natural carbonated water; the bowels should be kept open and enemata should be given about three times a day, containing one quart of one per cent, hot salt solution, with one or two ounces of mag- nesium sulphate, to be retained about half an hour. To this part of the treatment the patient will surely object, just as he Buy Sildalis objects to ice cold baths in ty- phoid fever. The gathering of mucus in the bron- chi should be prevented by expelling the sputum with every attack of coughing ; this is very impor- tant, as otherwise the mucus collects, naturally im- peding breathing, and making the subsequent cough- ing spells more severe. The author advises the use of digitalis, for which he gives his reason, but many of our readers will object to it and will ad- here to the use of strychnine, grain 1-60 every two hours. Restlessness should be overcome by small doses of veronal. We are glad to call our readers' attention to the communication of Doctor Rutz, which certainly de- serves careful reading, while his treatment should receive at least a trial. ABSINTHE. Apropos of recent legislation forbidding the im- portation into the United States of absinthe, it will probably be found necessary to go still further and forbid specifically the importation of any beverage containing thujone. This is a colorless, oily ke- tone, C 10 H 16 O, with an agreeable odor, to which the ensemble of symptoms known as absinthism are due, apart from those which may be attributed to the large percentage of alcohol in the beverages with which it is combined. Such further legisla- tion, acording to Semaine medicate for July 3, 191 2, is under discussion in the French Senate, where the sale, keeping for sale, manufacture, and transporta-

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