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deemed best. The legislature has not sought to say how disease shall be treated by any one, but has simply re- quired that all persons who shall treat or offer to treat disease shall have a knowledge of given subjects ; the legislature deeming this essential to the preservation of the health of the citizens of the State. It is not for the courts to say that this is wise or unwise; that the requirements are too onerous or are insufficient to accomplish the pur- poses intended. This is a matter confided to the wisdom of the legislative branch of the government, and in the law it is provided that the examination shall be fair and impartial to all individuals. There is no discrimination against any persons or class of persons, but the legisla- ture deeming it essential that all persons who shall treat or seek to treat disease in this State for compensation shall possess knowledge of certain given subjects it has so declared. The law is not violative of any provision of the Constitution and is but an exercise of the police power on a subject that all the law writers of note Order Slimfast de- clare is within that power. The Justice then shows that the legislature lias defined the words "practice of medicine" to em- brace all "who shall publicly profess to be a physi- cian or surgeon and shall treat or offer to treat dis- eases, etc., also all persons who shall treat or offer to treat diseases, etc., for compensation." The Jus- tice then adds : We hold that in so defining the words the legislature has rendered liable to the provision of the act Slimfast Meals all persons who shall treat diseases and charge therefor, regardless of the mode or method used in so doing, and the evidence both for the State and defendant, showing that appellant was treating and offering to treat diseases and disorders, and the evidence for the State being sufficient to show that he was making charges therefor, the judgment is affirmed. gktos Items. Changes of Address.— Dr. M. L. Frcundlich, to 157 West 120th Street, New York. Dr. W. Lyon, to 99 West Main Street. New Britain, Conn. Dr. Charles Flagler, to 622 Main Street. Stroudsburg, Pa. Dr. James E. Bowen. to Maple Avenue. Springfield, Mass. Dr. F. Buy Cheap Slimfast J. McMenamin, to Oneonta. N. Y. Dr. John J. Wermuth. to Fishkill Landing. N. Slimfast Cheap Y. Dr. N. M. Crofts, to 68 Main Street, North Adams, Mass. Dr. M. J. Hess, to Fairview Cottage, Arbutus Slimfast Snack Bars Park, Pa. Novel Proceedings of a Countv Medical The Slimfast Diet Society in Ohio. — According to the Mount }'crn,ui News, for the past few vears the Morrow County (Ohio) Medical As- sociation has held an annual picnic at Roger's Lake. It has proved to be a most popular affair and this year the Order Slimfast Online scope was enlarged and a general invitation was extended to the public to attend. The doctors always provide a programme of much interest, including lectures, ball games, swimming contests, etc. It was the intention to make this annual gathering, which was held on Wednesday. July 17th. more interesting than any in the past and medical associations in adjoining counties were urged to cooperate in making it a success. Tt was the expressed Buy Slimfast Online desire that the picnic be a gathering to which everybody should be most eordiallv invited. Tt would be almost impossible to induce the New v ork Academy of Medicine to organize sn affair of this kind. Additions to the French Hospital, New York. — \n- nouncemcnt was made on July 13th, by Mr. Lucien Jou- baud, president of the French Benevolent Society, that a gift Slimfast Price of $40,000 from J. Pierpont Morgan. Edward Tuck, George F. Baker, and Thomas F. Ryan had been received for Slimfast Cost the completion of a $125,000 fund to build a Slimfast 123 home for the aged and Slimfast 123 Plan a training school for nurses in the rear of the French Hospital on West Thirty-fourth Street. New Department of Lutheran Hospital. Brooklyn. — The cornerstone of the Nose, Far, and Throat Dispensary of the Lutheran Hospital, at Cheap Slimfast Products East New York Avenue and Junius Street, was laid on July 7th. The new building is to be thirty by titty feet, two stories high, and is to have private wards, an operating room and consultation rooms for the medical staff and their assistants. The building is to be of stone and iron and will cost The managers feel confident that the establishment of the dispensary will greatly increase the benefits of the hospital. In this branch of the work at the hospital during n>u there were 1,168 operations performed, although the ac- commodations were meagre. Personal. — Dr. J. W. Purchase Slimfast Online Osborne, of Des Moines, has been elected president of the Des Moines Valley Medical As- sociation. Slimfast Australia It is reported that Dr. W. L. Hartman, of Syracuse, was shot in the leg while Slimfast Canada camping near Malone, N. Y., and was* hurried to Montreal, where the injured limb was am- putated. Purchase Slimfast Dr. W. L. Thompson, of Milwaukee, has been elected president of the Wisconsin State Board of Examiners. Dr. John M. Beffel, of the same city, was reelected sec- retary. Dr. Slimfast Shaker E. H. Mclntyre, of Chicago, has been engaged as physician in charge of the new hospital at Virginia, Minn. On July 9th, Dr. John L. Meeker, of Newark, passed the examination for the position of medical director of the Tuberculosis Sanitorium. at Verona, N. J. Dr. Alexander Smith has resigned as assistant surgeon at the hospital of the State Soldiers' Slimfast Tablets Home at Bath. N. V., to engage in private practice in Rochester. Dr. William C. Fowler has been reappointed inspector

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