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jflst prior to the appearance of the rash, or within twelve hours after its appearance. He found Kop- lik's spots of no use in diagnosis, for so many chil- dren had some kind of mouth lesion not typical. In do you need prescription strattera his entire series he cheaper alternative strattera had no case of the disease with- out more or less distressing cough. About fifteen per strattera cost 40 mg cent, of the patients were stated to have had measles before. 4. Aneurysm of the Superior Mesenteric cheap generic strattera Artery. — Gifford reports a case of aneurysm of this artery which had the following points of par- ticular interest: 1. The aneurysm must have de- veloped in the course of this vessel behind the pan- creas, as remnants of the arterial wall were found lying flat on the posterior wall of the sac. 2. The gradual growth of the large aneurysm had caused a fusiform dilatation of the aorta itself by traction. PITH OF PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE 135 3. There was rotation of the aorta so that the open- ing of the celiac axis, and what must have been that of the superior mesenteric were found on the right can i buy strattera online side of the aortic dilatation. 4. There was a grad- ual and persistent dissection upward to the lower surface of the liver, where the rupture occurred. 5. Electrocardiography. — Lewis continues his discussion, with cheapest strattera tracings, of the value of this meth- od of examination of the heart's function in clinical practice. He shows that this is the only possible means of accurately estimating, or even of discov- ering changes in the myocardium. By this means, also, it is possible to determine the presence of a lesion affecting only one of the limbs of the auricu- loventricular bundle. The true nature of brady- cardia and tachycardia, and their relation to differ- ent factors, such as septic or febrile conditions, can be studied only by galvanometric examination of the heart. LANCET June 29, 1912. 1. L. S. Dudgeon: Pathology of Immunity {Lecture III). 2. Percy Kidu: Hoot Points in Pathology and Clinical History ol Pneumonia {Lecture III), 3- H. von Bardeleben: Relationship of Lungs and Genital Organs of Tuberculous Women. 4. R. Donald: Comparison between Fleming's Modification and Wassermann Test. 5. L. C. P. Ritchie: Disappearance of Skin Carcinoma undei Adrenin. 3. Lungs and Genital Organs of Tuberculous Women. — Von Bardeleben enters into a discus- sion of the relationship between these two sets of organs in tuberculosis and seeks to discover the buy strattera online cheap causes at the bottom of the relations. He sums up his observations by saying: 1. As a rule, genital tuberculosis arises from pulmonary disease. The prognosis of get strattera cheaper lung tuberculosis becomes much worse when complicated by genital tuberculosis. The strattera costs without insurance early removal of a genital tuberculous lesion by operation often much does strattera cost canada makes it possible to effect a cure of a newly kindled lung involvement. 2. In preg- order strattera online canada nancy the placenta, or the placenta uterina, is often the principal site of action and interaction ; ( a ) it often provides a harbor for tubercle bacilli circulat- ing in the blood, from which harbor the bacilli can be again mobilized at any moment, especially by the separation of the placenta; (b) therefore the chances of harboring bacilli are much greater in the cases of active, manifest lung tuberculosis than in the quiescent cases ; the liability in these two classes, of cases is as ninety in the former to fifteen in the latter. 3. This agrees with the results of therapeu- tical intervention. (a) Artificial abortion gives really good results in those cases only in which tu- bercle bacilli strattera 40 mg street price are practically never found in the pla- centa ; that is, in the cases of cheapest price strattera simple catarrhal lung involvement until the fourth month of pregnancy. On the other hand, bad results follow in those cases in which there is great probability of placental tu- berculosis, even in the early months of pregnancy. cheapest place buy strattera That is strattera 25 mg street price in cheapest strattera online the cases of active lung disease, (b) The results in the second class may be made just as good as in the first if, instead of mere removal of the embryo, there is excision of the placenta uterina. 4. The ovaries have no part in the aggravation of the disease. On the contrary, their removal in the first class of cases makes the results eight to ten times worse than with simple abortion. 5. The ex- tirpation of the whole uterus, in the second class of cases, gives much better results than simple empty- ing, but, at the same time, it brings with it disad- vantages which render the total excision strattera prescription price of the pla- centa uterina a much more effective procedure. 4. Fleming and Wassermann Tests. — Donald conducted a careful and extensive comparison of the Wassermann test with the simpler Fleming's cheaper alternatives to strattera or Hecht's modification, and was led to the following conclusions : The modification does not give suf- ficiently accurate results to warrant its substitution. Of eighty-two sera, six were incompletely positive by the modified test, though negative by the Was- sermann. This is not to be taken to mean that the modification is the more delicate, for this is not the case. Of sixty sera in a second series, sixteen failed completely to hemolyze the controls. Eleven sera were negative to the modified test, though posi- strattera price australia tive to the Wassermann. Of these eleven, ten were from proved syphilitics. It is possible to overcome some of the shortcomings of the modification, but the difficulty is greater than in the performance of

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