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estimation of the function of the kidney is next of importance. The general practitioner should make an earlier diagnosis, then it would help purchase synthroid online the surgeon. He should be present at the operation, to add con- fidence to the patient, should see the patient after operation, and synthroid tablets should take charge of him after the danger of postoperative complications is buy cheap synthroid over. As order synthroid we wish the patient to be permanently relieved the surgeon must check up his patients annually, and in those cases, which he has not per- manently relieved, ascertain, if possible, the cause, in order to synthroid price improve his future results. 3. New Operation for Pott's Disease. — Hibbs's operation is for the purpose of producing a price of synthroid fusion of the posterior aspects of the vertebrae, to obliterate motion of the vertebral articulations purchase synthroid over the diseased area, and to relieve pressure on the in- volved bodies, thereby hastening a cure and pre- venting deformity. The strength and functional order synthroid online sufficiency of the new and' continuous bone splint covering the vertebra; have been demonstrated. 4. Acute Perforation of Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer. — Elliot, Jr., says that probably the strong- est plea in favor of adding a gastroenterostomy to the closure synthroid mg of a perforation is that such a measure affords permanent relief from the persistence or re- currence of ulcer symptoms. He positively proves this assertion by his synthroid buy online collection of thirty-six cases. The supposed disadvantages are numerous, such as the condition of the patient, prolongation of the op- eration with accompanying shock due to handling of the intestine, inexperienced operators, etc. 5. Le Rhumatisme Tuberculeux (Poncet). synthroid cost — Lyle says that Poncet and his pupils of the Lyons school hold that tuberculosis is a very common cause of rheumatism, advancing bacteriological, pathologi- cal, and clinical proofs. Lyle further says that, ac- cording to Courmont and Vallery, from twenty-five tn thirty per cent, of sciatica patients clinically are tuberculous, and ninety-one per cent, of them react to serodiagnostic means. ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. May, 1012. 1. Wilder Tileston : Diagn Secretion from Intestii sorption Experiments. 2. C. H. Bailey: Value of Absorption Methods in Wassermann Test. v E. C. Dickson : Further Report on the Production of Experi- mental Chronic Nephritis in Animals by Administration of Uranium Nitrate. 4. John H. Musser, Jr.: Experimental Study of Changes in the Blood Following Splenectomy. 5. Joseph L. Miller and Dean Lewis: Periodicity of Experi- mental Glycosuria Following Injections of Extracts of Hypo- physis. 6. Richard Dexter and C. L. Cummer: Occurrence of Native Sheep Amboceptor in Human Serum and Its Importance in the Performance of Wassermann Reaction. Tames Alexander Miller and Margaret A. R^ep: Studies of Leucocytes in Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. i. Absence of Pancreatic Secretion from In- testine. — Tileston reports six cases and adduces other evidence to support his contention that com- plete absence of pancreatic secretion from the in- testine is usually easily demonstrable, simply by in- spection and microscopical examination of the buy synthroid feces. Five of his cases showed macroscopic fat synthroid mcg in the feces, — in three instances in the shape of butter stools and in the other two as creamy masses. For the detection of fat it is only necessary that the stools he examined frequently while the patient is en a diet synthroid levothyroxine fairly rich in fat, preferably butter, cream. cost of synthroid eggs or olive oil, and that the stools when formed pf Complete Absence of Pancreatic ,ith Results of Digestion and Ab- July PITH OF PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. 139 be cut across with a knife, as the fat is sometimes present only in the interior synthroid online of the fecal masses. Other features diagnostic of absence of pancreatic secretion are : Bulky stools, usually of a mushy consistence ; the presence of microscopic neutral fat in large amounts, and creatorrhea, or the presence of undigested muscle fibres. synthroid cheap Diarrheal diseases might also show an excess of neutral fat, but they can be excluded through the lack of watery dis- charges and by measuring the time of passage of the stool through the alimentary canal after admin- istration of a capsule containing carmin, the time being normal in pancreatic disease and shortened in diarrhea. In a study of the digestion and absorp- tion of fats in six cases, complete absence of pan- creatic juice was found to interfere greatly with the absorption of fat and of nitrogen. The split- ting of fats was usually normal, though sometimes decreased. Saponification is almost always much diminished, generic synthroid and the fatty acids where to buy synthroid always exceed the soaps. Exclusion of both bile and pancreatic juice

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