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jected subcutaneously and intravenously, and also that the serum from horses recovered from spotted fever has protective value. The potency is great- est about twelve days from the time of the reap- pearance of normal temperature. Repeated injec- tion of spotted fever virus increases the potency of the serum materially, but does not produce a second attack of spotted fever. This serum can be concentrated so that one tenth of the original bulk will possess the original value. If guineapigs are injected with spotted fever virus and immune horse serum separately into the peritoneal cavity, they will acquire an immunity lasting for at least four weeks. Tt was noted that one c.c. of immune horse serum protects guineapigs injected with spotted fever virus up to and including the Purchase Tadalafil Online first day of high temperature. If the serum is given later there is no protection. If guineapigs, injected with spotted fever virus, are treated every day with 142 PITH OF PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. [New Yoi Medical Jot' sodium cacodylate, beginning with the first appear- ance of fever, no effect is had on the course of Tadalis 20 the disease. 5. Disinfection of Water with Ultraviolet Light. — Scharff, as a result of Tadalis Online his experiments, believes that Tadalis Uk disinfection by ultraviolet light would be applicable to surface waters containing vegetable coloring matter only if the color was first removed by coagulation or filtration. ' 6. Antistreptococcus Serum in Streptococcus Infections in Man. — Weaver and Tunnicliff, in earlier studies of antistreptococcus serum, found that the blood serum of persons with streptococcus infections, although it might be deficient in strep- tococcus opsonin, was still able to activate anti- streptococcus horse serum. From this it was in- ferred that antistreptococcus serum would probably Buy Tadalafil have immunizing Buy Cheap Tadalis and curative action against living streptococci in man. The present article has to do with some studies of phenomena arising after injec- tions of Tadalis Tablets antistreptococcus serum Buy Tadalafil Online in patients infected with streptococci. In six cases of erysipelas recov- ery occurred and visible improvement usually began about twenty-four hours after the serum was Order Tadalis given. The improvement was shown by falling tempera- ture, recession of the local swelling, subsidence of delirium, and betterment in the general condition. That the rapidly favorable outcome was not acci- dental was further indicated by the concurrent in- crease of streptococcus opsonin Tadalis Sx above that observed in untreated cases. 7. Immunity Transmission from Mother to Offspring. — Famulener, in his introduction, calls attention to the fact that the inheritances by the progeny, of newly acquired biological Cheap Tadalis qualities from either or both parents has been a question of long standing. Certain tendencies to disease were con- sidered to be transmissible from parents to offspring (inherited). On the other hand, observations were recorded of cases where the mother, shortly after having recovered from Buy Tadalis a disease, gave birth to a child, and the child upon exposure to the same dis- ease showed resistance against the disease. For his experiments the author used pregnant goats, injecting them with sheep corpuscles in order to obtain the specific hemolytic immune body. It was found that: 1. Goats actively immunized against sheep blood corpuscles during gestation passively transmitted the specific hemolysin to their young. 2. The colostrum was the chief agent in bringing Tadalis 20 Mg about the passive immunization of the suckling. 3. When the immunization was done during the period of gestation the colostrum contained a high content of specific hemolysin, often much higher than the adult's serum, at the time of parturition. 4. The he- molytic antibodies rapidly disappeared from the milk after the mother had been suckled by the young. 5. In the blood taken from the newly born before they were permitted to suckle, the antibody colostrum showed no appreciable amount of hemolysin by the test used. The placenta played a Generic Tadalis minor role in the passage of hemolysins to the young before birth, practically negligible in most cases. 6. Mother goats, actively immunized against sheep blood cor- puscles immediately after the birth of their Buy Tadalis Online young, failed to transmit any demonstrable immunity to their suckling young. 7. The Tadalafil Mg milk, in some cases. contained no demonstrable hemolysins, but in others showed fairly large amounts. Apparently a very high degree of immunity is necessary before ap- preciable Order Tadalafil amounts of antibodies are excrete' 1 through the milk. 8. The Properties of Desiccated Rabies Virus. — Harris gives an interesting report of a method for the preservation of rabies virus by dessication and gives the following summary. He finds that rabic material may be completely dessicated with- out destruction of virulence, provided the dehydra- tion takes place at a low temperature. The lower the temperature, the greater will be the amount of virulence preserved, and it is noted that the desic- cated virus contains as much infectivity Cheap Tadalafil as the fresh virus. When properly preserved the loss of viru- lence is so slow that the material may be standard- ized, permitting an accuracy of dose hitherto im- possible. The unit used is the smallest amount which, when injected intracerebrally into a full grown rabbit, will produce paresis on Purchase Tadalafil the seventh day. 10. Proteolytic Ferments during Pneumonia.

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