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heart. Smooth muscle, except the vessels and ali- mentary canal (and perhaps certain nonstriated muscular elements in the spleen and kidney) does not seem to be affected by generic version of tetracycline vanadium. In toxic doses the substance acts upon the kidneys and ali- mentary tract like other irritating metals. 2. Convulsive Habit Due to Strychnine. — Mostrom and McGuigan studied experimentally in frogs the question whether the time required for, or the ease of production of tetanus with a constant dose of strychnine is reduced with each succeeding tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne exhibition of the drug. In one series of frogs the time elapsing before the onset of spasms was short- ened from thirty to 13.5 minutes in a period of thirty-six days, the total number of injections buy tetracycline being six, while in the second series the time was short- ened from twenty-six to 500 mg tetracycline rosacea 10.5 minutes in forty-nine days, the number cheap tetracycline of injections being four. Thus in both series a tetracycline 500mg capsules convulsive habit was shown to de- velop from repeated administration of the drug. 3. Action of Strychnine as Modified by Epi- nephrine. — Mostrom and McGuigan performed experiments bearing on this question in frogs, guineapigs, and rabbits. They conclude that epine- phrine is antagonistic to the paralytic action of strong strychnine solutions on the heart, but that the two tetracycline 250mg tablets drugs have a synergistic action on the spinal cord. Spasms develop more quickly when epine- phrine is given with or before strychnine. Strych- nine is antagonistic to the general tetracycline mgd depression where can i buy tetracycline pro- duced by epinephrine, but the latter will not antago- nize a strychnine spasm. From these findings there is no indication that epinephrine can be applied with benefit in the treatment of strychnine convulsions. 5. Seat of the Emetic Action of Apomorphine. — Eggleston and Hatcher conclude from a study of the literature doxycycline tetracycline and experimental work that the evi- dence in favor of the existence of a central control- ling mechanism for the act of vomiting is over- whelming. Apomorphine acts solely by direct stim- ulation of this mechanism in the dog and probably also in man. There is no valid evidence in favor of the local reflex action of this drug. REVUE DE CHIRURGIE May, wis. Exclusion of Duodei 11 in Treatment of Infrapyloric Suoracecal Stenosis with Mem- Vautrin _ Ulcer. X. Delore and H. Alamartine branous Pericolitis. Andrea Marro: Colostomies, Total and Partial. A. Vignard and L. Arnaud: Intraperitoneal Injection of Ca: phorated Oil in Treatment of Acute Generalized Peritonitis. Pierre Moojuot and Jack Mock: Treatment of Chronic online tetracycline Met tis by Injections of Zinc Chloride. 146 PITH OP PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. [New York Medical Journal. 6. BarthSlemy ami Miramond de Laroquette: Traumatic Lesions oj Ti sticle and Epididymis. . ■ . j, I. (,i viii and A. Parcelier: Surgical Treatment of Primary Tumors of Pleura and Lung (Concluded). i. Duodenal Exclusion in Infrapyloric Ulcer. — Vautrin reviews the medical and surgical treat- ment of duodenal ulcer, the most salient features of his article being disapproval of gastroenterostomy as an exclusive panacea in this condition and a rec- ommendation that duodenal exclusion be practised as a supplementary measure in buy tetracycline 500mg certain classes of cases. Medical treatment is advocated at first even in rather severe cases associated with repeated hem- tetracycline 250 mg acne orrhages from the bowel, as much can be done by tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg proper dieting and the administration of alkalies to overcome hyperchlorhydria and thus favor healing of the ulcer by counteracting its cause. Several cures of eight or ten years' standing were observed by the author after medical treatment alone. In acute forms of duodenal ulcer, such as are due to toxic causes, to uremia, septichemia, or surgical pro- cedures, as well as in ulcus neonatorum, the best procedure consists in stimulating urinary excretion, combating the infection or other cause, and enhanc- ing the resisting powers. In subacute forms of duo- denal ulcer, such as occur when the hyperchlorhy- dria is in its incipiency, or appears at intervals only, medical treatment will also often give excellent re- sults. In distinctly chronic types of ulcer, however, which are not likely to respond to medical measures, surgical intervention is indicated. Vautrin empha- sizes the advantages of duodenal exclusion, i. e., sec- tion of the gut above the buying tetracycline online ulcer and closure of the two open extremities, followed by gastroenterosto- my. Only in this way can the ulcer be entirely re- moved from the influence of the acid gastric juice and recurrence certainly avoided. where to buy tetracycline Gastroenter- ostomy alone, however wide the orifice, will not lead permanently to a complete diversion of the gastric contents through the new opening unless there be pyloric stenosis in addition. Though the symptoms may be relieved at first, they will later return owing to renewed activity at the seat 500 mg tetracycline acne of the ulcer, and there will be further danger of hemorrhage and per- foration. In two cases operated in tetracycline mail order by the tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg author because of recurrent, copious hemorrhage, gastro-

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