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The vivid object lesson of the contrasted farnilv his- tories of the Edwards of New England, the Lees of Vir- ginia, and the Prestons of Kentucky on cheap trazodone the one hand, and of the families of Jukes and Ishmael on generic trazodone online the other, forces home the lesson the author would convey with telling ef- fect. From the families first named descended Presidents of the United States, generals, judges, college presidents, eminent jurists, authors, noted scholars, or great divines, with the same certainty that oaks follow the planting of acorns : while from the latter strain of blood, paupers. murderers, thieves, prostitutes, generic trazodone hcl gipsies, and degenerates of every type were almost the only descendants produced The author believes that society "has not only the right, hut the duty, to make a thorough study of all the families in the State and to know their good and bad trails, and that the older States at least should generic trazodone 50 mg establish bureaus of eugenics. He cites instances alreadv established toward this end by private means, as the Yolta buy trazodone Fund founded by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, bv means of which was es- tablished the Volta Bureau which collects valuable infor- mation with reference to deaf mutes, not onlv as a class hut individually; and the Eugenics Record Office, of Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, which office wishes to co- operate with institutions and State boards of buy trazodone 50 mg control, in organizing the study of defectives and criminalistic strains in each State. The eugenic record office has greatly bene- fited by the aid and interest of Mrs. E. H. Harriman to whom Mr. Davenport dedicates his book. Der chirurgischc Operaiionskursus. Ein Handbuch fiir Aerzte und Studierende. Yon Prof. Dr. Victor Schmieden, Privatdozent der Chirurgie an der Univer- sitat Berlin, Assistent der kgl. chirurgischen Universi- tatsklinik. Zweite, erweiterte und verbesserte Auflage. Mit 435 Abbildungen im Text und einem Vorwort von Prof. Dr. A. Bier. Leipzig : Johann Ambrosius Barth. 1912. Pp. xvi-380. If we compare the present volume with the textbooks of operative surgery published ten years ago we are struck with the great changes in this department of surgical lit- erature. The older books devoted their attention largely 10 the technique of such procedures as ligations in con- tinuity, amputations, resections, and a few typical opera- tions on trazodone discount coupon the viscera, genitourinary organs, etc. buy trazodone online no prescription To-day the need is for a book devoted more largely to the opera- tions now in vogue rather than to those classic operations which are so much less frequently employed than formerly. At the present time a textbook of operative surgery to be up to date must devote most of buy trazodone generic its space to operative pro- cedures employed by the best surgeons to-day with such brilliant results. Examples of these are operations with clamps on the intestinal tract, the various modern opera- tions on how much do trazodone cost the biliary and urinary tracts, the brain and spinal cord, the thyroid gland, the radical operations buy trazodone hcl on the breast, rectum, buy trazodone online uk etc. These operations all find full de- scription in the present volume and for that reason the hook is of great value, not only to the student first en- tering the field of modern surgery, but also to the prac- tising surgeon who desires to keep pace with the trazodone cost without insurance advances in surgical technique. Special praise should be given the illustrations which are largely taken from drawings by, an artist and give an excellent idea of the actual appearances of the tissues in an operation. The volume is convenient in size and deals only with the subject in hand. buy trazodone hydrochloride No space is given up to historical data, comparison of various methods, or de- scription of the more complicated procedures. The book suggests the operating room rather than the dissecting room and thus adds an buy trazodone uk interest not always provoked by the older books devoted to topographical generic trazodone cost anatomy and illustrated only from the cadaver. The book will doubt- less meet with a warm reception and when translated into English will probably become a familiar one to the Amer- ican student and surgeon. Prevention of Dental Caries. By J. Sim Wallace, D. Sc. M. D.. L. cheap trazodone no prescription D. S., Dental Surgeon and Lecturer on, Dental Surgery and Pathology, London Hospital, etc. Second Edition. London : The Dental Record, 1012. T'p. viii-70. The author's double qualification as physician and dental surgeon has enabled him to produce .1 buy trazodone sleep little work deserv- ing of as careful reading by his medical confreres as by the dental profession. Tt is well worth while for the physician to know that all 'artificial methods of cleansing the teeth, by brush, floss silk, or mouth wash, are inferior to those provided by certain articles of diet themselves. Farina- how much does trazodone cost ceous and sugary food, sweet crackers, bread and jam. bread and milk, oatmeal mush, honey, cocoa, chocolate, and the like should not be eaten by a child unless promptly followed by fibrous foods, and such articles as fish. meat, 'uncooked vegetables, stale bread, toast, the fresh fruits that require mastication, butter, oleomargarine, tea, coffee. water, and soup. These latter foods an. I the fibrous foods enerally are not only not injurious to the teeth, but are directly preservative in their cleansing action. Beside this popular exposition of the subject, the reader will find tin- scientific side thoroughly discussed. Altogether, this book- let deserves earnest reading by the practitioner, who is certainly neglectful of his duty if be fails to note the con- dition of the teeth in every patient presenting himself for physical examination. If no dentist is near at hand, the physician can at least temporarily arrest the ravages of aries by suitable advice concerning diet, and the con- scientious use of the toothbrush as a help. 154 MISCELLANY. Influenza. Von weil. Prof. Dr. Otto Leichtenstern in Koln. Als zweite Auflage vervollstandigt und neu herausgegeben durch Prof. Dr. Georg Sticker in Bonn. Mil dem Portrait weil. Prof. Leichtensterns, 4 Textab- bildungen und 1 Tafel. Wien und Leipzig: Alfred Holder, 1912. Pp. vi-2S0. When the grippe reappeared in 1889 in Europe and soon covered our whole globe, to most physicians the disease was a new one. The last pandemic covered the years 1N47 and 1848. and since then a few epidemics were observed in 1850-51, 1855, 1857-58, and 1874-75. Influenza has proved itself to be a pandemic of great importance, and with the discovery of Bacillus influenza: in 1892 by Richard Pfeif- fer we have begun to know more about the disease. It

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