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(Price. $i-7S^> Clock, Ralph Oakley.— Out Baby. A Concise and Practical Guide for the L T se of Mothers in the Care and Feeding of Infants and Young Children. Illustrated by the Author. New York and London : Tricor Coupons D. Appleton & Co., 1912. Pp. xvii-193. Pickerill, H. P. — Stomatology in General Practice. A Textbook of Diseases of the Teeth and Mouth for Stu- dents and Practitioners. London: Henry Frowde (Ox- ford University Press) and Hodder & Stoughton, 1912. Pp. xii-268. Groves, E. W. Hey. — Textbook for Nurses. Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, and Medicine. London : Henry Frowde (Oxford University Press) and Hodder & Stoughton. 1912. Pp. xxiv-407. Erbcu. Siegmund. — Diagnose der Simulation nervoser Tricor 145 Mg Symptome. Ein Lehrbuch fiir den Praktiker. Mit 24 Textabbildungen und 3 Tafeln. Berlin und Wien : Urban Purchase Tricor & Schwarzenberg, 1912. (Through Rebman Company, New York.) Pp. xii-194. (Price. $2.15.) Scott, R. J. E. — Gould and Pvle's Cyclopedia of Practi- cal Medicine and Surgery. With Particular Reference to Diagnosis and Treatment. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. In Two Volumes Volume I. Abasia — Jury Mast: Volume II. Kakke— Zoster. With Six Hun- dred and Fifty-three Illustrations. Philadelphia: P. P.lakiston's Son & Co., 1912. (Price. $14.) Ghon. Anton. — Coupons For Tricor Der primare Lungenherd bei der Tuber- kulose der Kinder. Mit 72 Textabbildungen. 1 schwarzen und Tricor 145mg I farbigen Tafel, Berlin und Tricor Coupon Wien: L T rban & Schwar- zenberg, 1912. (Through Rebman Companv. New York.) Pp. 143. (Price. $2.15 1 Urstcin. Maurycy. — Manisch-depressives und period- isches Irresein als Erscheinungsform der Katatonie. Ber- lin und Wien : Urban &- Schwarzenberg. 1912. (Through Rebman Companv, New York.) Pp. vi-6^0. (Price, $7.50.) Pisrcllanrr. Tricor Fenofibrate Dux Femina Facti. — Apropos of the new Sfov- ernmental children's bureau. The Woman Voter in a recent issue remarks editorially with pardon- able pride : Five years ago Miss Lillian Wald. of the Henry Street settlement, originated a national movement for the con- servation of children by means of a Federal Tricor Price Children's July OFFICIAL NEIVS. 155 Bureau. The idea did not seem unduly Quixotic in view of previous agitation for the conservation of land, lobsters, live stock, and other resources less valuable to the country than its young. In spite of rebuffs and discouragements, Miss Cheap Tricor Wald, Mrs. Kelley, and other prominent social work- ers persisted in their effort. In April of this year, the measure was successfully carried through Congress, and became effective when signed by President Taft. The purpose of the bill is to investigate and report upon all matters pertaining to child welfare. Although the Na- tional Child Labor Committee has been one of the most active workers for the measure, it does not mean that the scope of the bureau will be limited to child labor. Every- thing that affects child life will be considered and acted upon. The bureau will embody the spirit Tricor Prices of collective motherliness, standing for the interests of all children. Since the movement was originated by women, has been supported by women, and will deal with children through the cooperation of teachers, social workers, and others, chiefly women, who are in touch Tricor 145 with the younger genera- tion, not even the most ardent antisuffragist could deny that management of this bureau is strictly within woman's sphere. News, therefore, that a woman will act as head of the new department, will be received joyfully by all suffragists. Miss Julia Lathrop, President Taft's choice for the position, is remarkably well equipped to direct this, the most womanly piece of work that our National Gov- ernment has ever undertaken. She is an associate of Miss Jane Addams Tricor Mg at Hull House, a member of the Illinois Board of Charity, a graduate of Vassar College, and Buy Tricor Online a trustee in that institution. She has had years of experi- ence in social and civic enterprises. President Taft could not have appointed any one more acceptable to women throughout the country than Miss Lathrop. Chances for Tricor Online Doctors in Foreign Lands. — Sec- retary Robert E. Speer, of the Presbyterian Buard of Foreign Missions ; Dr. Edward H. Hume, secre- tary of the Yale Medical School in China, and Dr. Wilfred Cost Of Tricor M. Post, of the American Hospital at Konia, Turkey, told of Buy Tricor the opportunities for young American doctors to do good and win reputation in foreign lands at the Academy of Medicine at a recent meeting. Secretary Speer said : "In Persia there are only thirty doctors to 9,000,000 population. In Korea there are only thirty-six physicians to Tricor Cost a population of 12,000,000. In Chile there is an average Tricor 48 Mg of Order Tricor only one physician to every 3,226 of the population. In Bolivia there is only one physician to every 10,000 of the population. The 5,000,000 South American Indians have not a single physician to care for them. "Eighty per cent, of the children under two years of age in China die. People say that it is a good thing for the population of China to die in such great numbers because this prevents overcrowding. But the density of population in Germany is three times that of China and the natural resources of China, which ought to be but have not been devel- oped, are many times those of Germany." Doctor Hume began by telling that the Chinese had developed certain phases of medical and surgi-

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