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that beriberi is found in rice eating people ; men are oftener attacked than women and more young people than adults. East Asiatics are oftener at- tacked than Europeans. The condition of life plays a great role ; hard working people, or people living in poor circumstances, furthermore, debilitated peo- ple, are often attacked. Polyneuritis Vibramycin Tablets is produced through feeding with polished rice. Cocks are more easily attacked than hens, and chickens under one year of age are oftenest subject to the disease. A certain kind of chickens, Order Vibramycin Online for example, egg pro- ducers, are more easily attacked than another kind, for example, broilers. Chickens living in a cage become more easily victims than chickens which have plenty of space in which to roam about. 16. Distinction between Human and Bovine Types of the Tubercle Bacillus through Cutane- ous Injections in Guineapigs. — Tomarkin and Peschic reports their results as follows: Of fifty- two guineapigs vaccinated with the human type bacilli, seven became tuberculous, while of twenty- six vaccinated with Vibramycin Syrup the bovine type all became tu- berculous. 19. Death after Intravenous Hormonal Injec- tion. — Jurasz reports a death after intravenous injection of hormonal, and remarks that the use of hormonal is contraindicated in patients whose hearts are affected. 22. A Case of Syphilitic Reinfection after Sal- varsan. — Stumpke cites a case of syphilitic infec- tion six months after successful treatment with sal- ROUSSKY VRATCH. April 7. '9'2- 1. V. M. Beckterev: Application of Associated Motor Reflexes in Investigation of Feigning. 2. A. I. Iarotsky: Necessity of Supplying the Oculars of Micro- scopes with Threads. 3. Ph. A. Solovjev: Influence of Extract of Ovaries and Corpora Lutea on Mammary Glands. .j. M. D. Tushinsky and G. A. Ivashentzoff: Wassermann Reac- tion in Hospital Practice. ;- K. S. Vibramycin 50mg Karakos: Primary Carcinoma of Fallopian Tubes. IS. K. Buy Cheap Vibramycin G. Pivovaroff: Cyst and Necrosis of Pancreas. 7. E. F. Vashkevitch: Treatment of Chronic Pyelitis by Irriga- 3. Ovarian Extract and Mammary Glands. Order Vibramycin — Solovjev presents a preliminary report on the effect of ovarian extract on the mammary glands of guineapigs, and gives the following conclusions : 1. Ovarian extract Vibramycin Antibiotic is toxic to pregnant and nurs- Buy Vibramycin Online ing guineapigs, but has no effect on others. 2. Ex- tracts of corpora Vibramycin Indications lutea have no effect on Vibramycin For Acne either pregnant or nonpregnant pigs. 3. Vibramycin Antibiotics Subcutaneous in- jection of ovarian extract causes secretion of colos- trum in females that have borne young once or oftener. In nullipara the Generic Vibramycin mammary glands become enlarged. 4. Injection of the extract of the cor- pora lutea has no such Purchase Vibramycin Online Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate effect. 5. Injection of ova- rian extract and the extract of corpora lutea into nursing animals, and animals that have ceased to nurse, does not produce any increase in the secre- tion of milk, nor does it prolong the period of lac- tation. 5. Carcinoma of Tubes. — Karakos reports a case of carcinoma of the left Fallopian tube in a biparous woman, fifty-five Vibramycin Mg years old, whose only complaint was inability to void urine, the difficulty appearing three days before admission to the hos- pital. Examination revealed a large mass on the left side, and a diagnosis of fibromyoma was estab- lished. Operation revealed the mass in the left Fallopian tube', which measured forty cm. Histo- logical examination of the mass showed it to be a primary carcinoma. None of the other viscera were involved. The Vibramycin Cost woman recovered from the opera- tion, but disappeared from further observation. 6. Cyst of Pancreas. — Pivovaroff reports a case in a girl, nineteen years of age, who presented the following symptoms : Pain in epigastrium, oc- curring in paroxysms, eructations, burning and vomiting in the morning, and constipation. After eating, the pain Vibramycin Acne was increased, reaching maximum intensity in twenty to thirty minutes and subsiding in one to 1.5 hour. Pain was relieved somewhat by lying on the left side. The feces contained glob- ules Vibramycin Suspension of fat, the Cammidge test was negative (posi- tive once, before operation), and the Calmette and Pirquet positive. Percussion and palpation revealed a painful mass on the left side, apparently behind the stomach. On operation, a cyst containing some 700 c. c. of fluid with necrosis of the surrounding Vibramycin Hyclate pancreatic tissue was found and removed. The pa- tient made an uneventful recovery. 7. Pyelitis. — Vashkevitch reports two cases of chronic pyelitis successfully treated by direct irriga- tion of the renal pelvis with solutions of nitrate of silver (one to 200) and oxycyanide of mercury (one to 2,000). The irrigations were made every other day. 8. Thiosinamin in Sarcoma. — Ustimovitch re- ports a case of sarcoma of the right cervical glands July 27, 1912.] PITH OF PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE.

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