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attorney, the president of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, and to the Pinkertons. He received no material aid from these sources, as he was told, for want of legal evidence. Finally he took the matter into voltaren ec his own hands and killed his victim on June 25, 1906. At the two trials after the homicide, it was in evi- dence that he believed he was obstructed voltaren topical in his reformatory efforts by hired ruffians ; that after the homicide there was a conspiracy between his law- yers, his voltaren 50mg diclofenac experts, the district attorney, and others to railroad him to an asylum for the purpose of pro- tecting the reputation of the man he had killed and his associates in crime. He also had a delusion of poisoning voltaren sr 75 mg tablet in the prison. Thus delusions developed voltaren sr 100mg of conspiracy and persecution. To complete the picture of true paranoia, he had auditory hallucina- tions, hearing little girls screaming in the station house on the night of the arrest, there being no lit- tle girls in the building at the time and the officer in charge hearing nothing. A similar hallucination occurred while he was living with the girl whom he afterward married, in an old German castle, in 1903. The homicide itself was a typical paranoiac mur- der, done in a public place and in a most dramatic manner. As regards the act itself, Thaw repeatedly told his experts during their examinations voltaren rapid 25mg that it was an act of Providence. "Providence took charge of the situation. This was an act of Providence. "' It would be difficult to imagine a more faithful picture of true paranoia of the reformatory voltaren in canada type, with systematized delusions of conspiracy and per- secution. His memoranda of advice to counsel showed a highly exaggerated ego. While in the City Prison and on trial for his life, he wrote let- ters to the judge, suggesting modifications of sen- tences of criminals whom he met in prison. He at- tempted to reform the management of the voltaren for sale Mattea- wan State Hospital ; and, indeed, by the liberal use of money and the exercise of influence, he actually succeeded in reorganizing the medical staff. His various writings and his will and codicil, executed on the day of his marriage, are generic for voltaren insane documents. His first trial took place in January, 1907, and re- sulted in a disagreement of the jury. The voltaren 75 sr second trial was in January, 1908. He was then acquitted on the ground of insanity and sent to the Mattea- wan State Hospital on February 1st. as suffering from manic depressive insanity. This was a pro- visional diagnosis made by Dr. Sydney Russell Wells, a general practitioner, who treated him for an attack of mania in London some years before. The experts for the defense in the two trials gave no diagnosis as to the form of insanity. In April, 1908, he obtained a writ of habeas cor- pus, which was returned at Poughkeepsie before Justice Morschauser. This writ \va^ denied and he was remanded to Matteawan. In July. 1909, an- other writ was obtained. This proceeding was held before Justice Mills, at White Plains. The writ was denied, and Thaw was again remanded. In a third proceeding, held at White Plains before Jus- tice Keogh, in June and July, 1912, Thaw has been again remanded to Matteawan on the ground that he is still insane and that his discharge would voltaren ec tablets 50mg be dangerous to voltaren xr 100mg the public peace and safety. In the habeas corpus proceeding held at White Plains before Justice Mills, in July and August, 1909, it appeared from the testimony of Airs. Susan Merrill that voltaren generic name Thaw had rented part of an apartment from Mrs. Merrill under different names I Reed, Munroe, Johnson. Smith) "for business purposes; and that he placed and was placing young girls on the stage." He rented two rooms in this apartment in the winter of 1903-4. and kept them until early in 1906. "Said he was engaging girls to go on the road in show business and some he sent to school and others instructed himself. Said he would have lots of company and to keep the callers separate. Then my wife will come this afternoon and I (Mrs. Merrill) must never have any con- versation with her." The witness, Mrs. Merrill, also testified that he would have eight or ten girls in the dining room "and he would beat one voltaren xr 100 of them with a whip, some- times they would run out of the room crying and screaming and then I used to go into the ronm and voltaren 100 mg retard save the girl. ... I have seen those poor, young girls all welts and bruises from his whipping, and I asked them why they allowed it. and they said we are working for him, he is going to get us on the stage, if we lose our place why he won't pay us." voltaren ec 75 mg According to the testimony, these scenes — and worse — were of frequent occurrence. "One day in February, 1906, he had a young girl call who looked not more than fifteen years old, asked for Professor Reed ; he was out, but had 'phoned me he expected this party to call voltaren in usa and to keep her waiting; so he came in and after a little while I heard terrible screaming. I went and knocked on the door and said I would break the door down, so he opened it. The girl's clothing was all torn and she was all cut on the arms. He rushed out into the back and jumped through the window and got away." The witness further testified that after one of these flagellations "I told him never to come back to the place again, and he said, Mrs. Merrill, if vou ever tell this I (will) kill you. and I did not see him KOSMAK: ECLAMPSIA. again for months. But he sent a messenger boy with some money, $500, to pay all the young ladies, and told me to not give any one less than $25 or more than $100. which I did, and to keep an account of voltaren xr 100 mg generic name for voltaren it." This testimony was given before Justice Mills, in August, 1909, and was repeated before

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