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route, and particularly where the child is large, or a twin pregnancy is present, combined perhaps with some slight pelvic contraction, the abdominal route should be thoughtfully considered as a means for delivering the patient. In summarizing these remarks, I want to call at- tention again to some of the particular points made in this paper. In the various suggestions for the treatment of this condition to which I have referred. T have taken into consideration the cases as they are met with in general practice, where the attend- ing physician may be compelled to handle the case without much assistance or the benefit of hospital facilities. Although it is always advisable to have eclamptic patients brought to an obstetrical hospital for treatment, where consent can be obtained, yet there are a number of life saving measures which may be employed where this is not possible, and these may be sufficient to turn the Generic For Vytorin 10 40 balance in favor of the Generic For Vytorin patient. Not every case of eclampsia n eds an operative delivery, but the attending physician should always be sure of his ground, and there is no condition in pregnancy in which expert advice and assistance is more urgently needed than in Generic Vytorin 10 40 these cases of toxemia of pregnancy. This also applies to the hospital treatment of such cases, and although the latter is a great desideratum, much may be done by the attending physician which will possibly and probably save the patient's life. A great number of other therapeutic measures have been suggested Vytorin Discount Card for the treatment of this condition, many of which are undoubtedly of value, but none of them have been sufficiently proved to Merck Vytorin attempt their inclusion in a general statement of the disease as that here Vytorin Statin briefly sketched. It is well to remember that although Is There A Generic For Vytorin the toxemia of late pregnancv is a most serious complication, yet much can be done to avoid the onset of the dis- turbance and also to treat the same when it is al- ready present. It is Is Vytorin A Statin essential that a proper knowl- edge of its etiology and clinical course be in the possession of every practitioner and the treatment directed not to any one manifestation Vytorin Online of the disease, but to all. Unfortunately, the onset Vytorin Cholesterol of convulsions is often regarded as the Vytorin Generic Equivalent absolute death knell of the patient and discouragement is the usual keynote which dominates the aspect in which the disease is viewed. Taking into consideration, however, the fairly good results which have been obtained with the various methods of treatment, both prophylactic and curative, the prognosis seems very much more favorable now than in the past. 23 East Ninety-third Street. MODERN OCULAR SURGERY.* By T. J. Moran, M. D., Pittsburgh, Clinical Surgeon, Eye and Kar Hospital, and Pittsburgh Hospital. During the last half of the nineteenth century to the present day, advancement in ophthalmology and ocular surgery as one of its phases, is perhaps, although not generally known, without a parallel in modern science. Until the discovery of the ophthalmoscope by von Helmhollz, in 185 1, and its perfection by others since, absolutely nothing Vytorin Gel was known of the ante mortem physiological or path- ological changes of the Vytorin Cost interior of the eye. It was truly a science in infancy. The invention of the ophthalmoscope marks the epoch of definite scientific investigation, going b\ a single leap, so to speak, from the realm of mere speculation to Vytorin Price that of accuracy. By its use a com- ' Paper read before the Columbiana Counts Medii 1 Soci ty, Lis- bon,' Ohio, May 14. 101- 2l6 Vytorin 10 Mg i/OAM.V. MODERN OCULAR SURGERY. plete panorama of former!) undreamed of possi- bilities and many hopeless looking cases of Buy Vytorin incur- able disease of the interior of the eye, are brought to instant view. Many of these cases are now known to have been but an expression of the inac- curacy of the science antedating its invention. Before its day, only external manfestations were apparent to the most skilled observers, and the my- riads of other cases of failing and reduced vision, and even blindness, without external manifesta- tions, were assigned under two general heads, white and black cataract. White cataract covered the cases of actual cata- ract as known to-day, the opaque lens appearing milky through the pupil. Black cataract included the innumerable cases of poor vision and even blind- ness, in which the pupil retains its usual black re- flex. The ophthalmoscope anticipates even the milky- pupil of the so called white cataract and shows it, in its incipience, long before any changes can be no- Generic Name For Vytorin ticed in the pupillary reflex by the unaided eye. Its real sphere, however, is in the cases of so called black cataract. Here it is, the curtain of ignorance has been raised for all succeeding generations. Con- sider with what dread Cost Of Vytorin a patient consulted an oculist before its use! A verdict of white cataract meant possible relief by operation ; but a verdict of black cataract meant vague hopelessness, vision rapidly failing perhaps, no explanation possible, Vytorin Generic Name no means to stop it or prognosticate the final outcome, and the horrible expectancy of inevitable blindness.

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