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minus. The exaltation of irritability passed in the period of vital reaction, to the maximum of contraction, is strictly one of exaltation of irritability, not of real mechanical (motor) capacity. THE PHYSICAL BASIS OF PAIN. Rarity of tissue and its corresponding hyper- esthesia predispose it to painful phenomena. This fact calls for the removal of pain from the domain of metaphysics and psychology to that of living substance reactions. It is observed that pain is caused by that which causes contraction, and its acuteness depends upon the intensity of contraction and amount of tissue in- Order Zantac Online volved in a single contraction. To any unit stimu- lation, the pain involved as the reaction expression, is inversely as the dimensions of the muscle. The small muscles of the Zantac 75 Mg face give rise to the most acute pain. The psoas muscle, the most rarefied, is subject to the Zantac Mg most painful and paroxysmal of cramps. In general, hyperesthetic rarities of tis- sues must be recondensed. not merely relaxed, Zantac Buy as therapeutic measures. Even during painful contrac- tion, a condensing Zantac Coupon agent Zantac 150 Mg such as ergot, will bring relaxation by condensation. Pain is at its climax when in the order of the biological scries, the phase of contraction is at its height. Change the phase in either direction, either by restoring normal conditions of rest, or by contin- uing on to exhaustion relaxation. The latter mode is the one now in vogue. We poison the Zantac Online patient that the painful contraction may Zantac 150mg be relaxed. Painful states that are palliated by narcotics not infrequently recur, as the recession of excursion in the biological series occurs. Often pain is mani- fest only on the recession, as evinced in thawing after freezing of parts of the body. THE PHYSICAL BASIS OF HYPERESTHESIA. In the orderly consecutive series of reaction Where To Buy Zantac events which we have dubbed the biological series. beginning at the normal point which we will call zero, the living tissue being at rest, we find, if it be mildly stimulated by any one of the five forms of physical energy, namely, chemical, thermal, electri- cal, photic, Purchase Zantac or mechanical, and after a little interval, again stimulated, the second one of no greater de- gree than the Zantac 300 Mg first which excited no reaction what- ever, will excite a response that is both precocious and exaggeratedly violent. At the beginning of a stimulation Buy Zantac Online at zero, and rising in intensity progressively but gradually, we 300 Mg Zantac observe that not until a certain Zantac 150 degree is attained, is a contractile reaction elicited. This point is termed by physiologists the threshold Purchase Zantac Online of stimulation. When the single stimulation antecedent to that of the exaggerated response is intervaled to the suc- ceeding one. we find the threshold of stimulation has been attained, i. e.. the succeeding one is promptly reacted to. This Buy Zantac is also the basis of many phenomena in physiology and pathology', yet it is seldom so Cheap Zantac recog- nized by medical men. If a small animal is injected with a foreign serum, so little, and so little toxic as to elicit no reaction, and after a period of ab- sorption and insensible reaction, is reinjected with the same quantity of the same serum, the second reaction may be. and often is so violent as to prove fatal. Tn the terms of this type of research, the initial August 3. 191;.] WAKEFIELD: TISSUE DENSITY FACTOR. 229 injection sensitised the animal and the second one produced anaphylaxis. If, instead of an interval, consecutive injections were substituted, the violent reaction would be absent and an ultimate state of lost reactibility substituted. This is termed im- munity or prophylaxis. Every physical perturbation of living tissue pro- duces upon it its impress, which I interpret as due to a molecular adaptation of the subtile tissue to the impinging typical character of physical energy. This I also regard as the physical basis of all memory, habit, and ultimately of immunity. The initial stimulus accomplishes only a partial molecu- lar adaptation which facilitates too violent a com- pletion of it upon its repetition. Upon the Order Zantac vibration theory also, the initial stimulus would initite the vibratory status of the tissue to the attunement of the subsequent stimuli. In general physiology, the status attained by the antecedent stimulus is termed hyperesthesia. In serology the production of com- plete adaptation to a heterologous agent would be regarded as an immunity from later reaction. Hyperesthesia, however, is a relative condition and is governed in its intensity by the reaction vi- tality and reaction velocitv of the reacting tissue, which in turn is exhibited in inverse ratio to the Online Zantac density of the same. THE TIME EQUATION OF TISSUE REACTION IN RELA- TION TO DENSITY. The reaction time of the mental phenomena of physiological psychology, and that of tissue reac- tion, as related to mental function^ should be sharp-

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