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was summoned, and examined the Zofran Odt patient's ears in my Iv Zofran presence and found them in perfect condition; a further examination showed everything normal including the liver and he was the first one to fully agree with me in the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis. Xow. on my su tion. a lumbar puncture was made and the fluid was sent 10 the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital for examination. Oc- tober ,^ist a Brooklyn neurologist of high authority was called for consultation, and confirmed my diagnosis. Late in the night I received by telephone the report from the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital as positive and the next morn- ing. November tst. the usual treatment began. On Satur- day, November 4th. about 4 a. m., the exitus letalis oc- curred (the ante mortem temperature was no F.1 as the result of the brain symptoms, the patient having had for only about three days the proper treatment. I did not describe the dctnils of this last period in the present case, because it was not at a'l the purpose of these lines to give a description of tuberculous meningitis. ^Yhat I des ; re is to call the attention of my colleagues (especially the young practitioners, whose practical experience is limited to the cases they saw in the hospital while studying, which are usually in the advanced 8 Mg Zofran stages) to the initial stage of tuberculous meningitis, especially in infants, the impor- tance of which the history of this case demon- strates, the symptoms in infants being- mostly in- definite. Keep, therefore, always in mind, when \i 111 see a baby who is sickly for a more or less pro- tracted time with a fever comparatively low ( too ANTIVACC1NATI0N 281 to 102 ° F. I, that is restless, crying all the time, put ting the hand to the head (no matter what regi n I, is emaciated, and in whom you find, on thorough examination, everything normal (you must be sure) — then think of tuberculous meningitis and do not lose time ! I woufd not assert that you will save them, as to our sorrow we have no reports Price Of Zofran of sure recoveries, but you will be then able to do for your patient all there is to do according to our present knowledge. 1651 Washington Aveni 1-:. Bronx. ANTIVACCINATION AND THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. By Isaac W. Brewer, M. D.. Fort Niagara, N. Y. Zofran 4mg Most persons are desirious of avoiding the in- fectious diseases, especially smallpox, ami yet alter one hundred and fourteen years of the successful demonstration that vaccination will confer im- munity from smallpox, we find a large and growing community who not Zofran Buy only refuse to accept the im- munity offered gratuitously by the government, but actively oppose any attempt to confer this immunity upon others. It is difficult to understand this, and yet there must be some good reason for it, and if we are to overcome this prejulice we must first try to remove its cause. That the number of cases of smallpox among our people is increasing is proved by the reports of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, (2) which show that during the year 1910 there were 30,352 cases reported in the United States, that number being three times as many as during the previous year. It is difficult to determine just Ondansetron Zofran what proportion of our people are protected from Zofran Price this disease, but it is doubted if half of them have been successfully Zofran 4 Mg vaccinated. Besides those who Zofran Ondansetron are actively op- posed to vaccination, there are many who through carelessness fail to have their children immunized. Whenever the agitation against vaccination be- comes acute it is customary to cite statistics show- ing the value of the procedure, and its comparative safety. In other words the medical profession puts itself on the defensive, and not Zofran 8mg a few of our mem- bers use harsh strictures against those who oppose us in this matter. Cost Zofran This does not seem to be the Zofran Iv proper attitude to take. Zofran 8 Mg That vaccination will protect .is a well established fact, and has been proved over and over again ; the latest confirmation being the statistics from the Philippines and Porto Rico, where the disease has been practically eradicated in the Odt Zofran space of twelve years. Rather than continue the citation of statistics and the castigation of our opponents, it would seem wiser to examine ourselves from their standpoint Zofran Mg lest by some act of commission or of omission we create this opposition to vaccination. Some of the points urged against vaccination are : Cost Of Zofran 1. It does not protect against smallpox. 2. It is liable to introduce the germs of dis :ase into the body. 3. It causes- "blood poisoning." 1. It is not necessary to consider this objection for if the statistics from all portions of the Zofran Cost globe will not convince, neither will any argument we can here adduce. 2. This objection is based upon the accidents that happened when arm to arm vaccination was practised. This is no longer allowed, Zofran 4 and the argu-

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