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10. Syphilis of the Aorta. — Dunn has found that syphilitic disease of the aorta is common. Dif- ferentiation from arteriosclerosis is desirable for therapeutic reasons. The coronary artery is the seat of syphilitic infection more frequently than the literature of the subject would lead one to zoloft 300 mg a day suspect. Specific infection should be inferred, in the absence of other demonstrable cause, where aortic regurgi- tation occurs in a person between thirty and fifty- five years ; the burden of proof should be on the negative The cheap zoloft no prescription syphilitic ranks are being filled by a rapidly increasing number of myocardial diseases. The does zoloft have street value writer suggests that in all cases of aortic dis- ease, angina pectoris, myocarditis, and aortic insuf- ficiency a Wassermann test should be made. 14. Grocco's Sign in Pleuritic Effusion. — Brown recalls that this sign is a triangular area of dullness, paravertebral in position, situated on the side of the chest opposite the effusion ; he has found that in zoloft price comparison cases with free fluid in the pleural cavity, or in which an encapsulated effusion lies aiong the spine zoloft online order this sign is practically constant in its presence. When the patient lies upon the affected side, dimin- ution or disappearance of the triangle is noticed (except when the pleural cavity is enormously dis- street value zoloft 100mg tended), reappearing when the patient assumes the sitting or standing position, or reclines on the other side. A more pronounced triangle is present in right sided effusions. The hypothenuse of the tri- angle is usually zoloft 300 mg daily a curved generic zoloft online line, especially at the up- per portion. The size of the triangle varies with the amount of pleural effusion, except that right sided effusions usually present a somewhat larger triangle. The presence of this triangle is buy zoloft online canada not path- ognomonic ; it may exist in subphrenic conditions accompanied by a fluid accumulation. 15. Treatment of Superficial Surgical Lesions. — Lohse has abandoned the use of antiseptic pow- ders, ointments, lotions, etc., for reasons given. He substitutes as a standard solution a two per cent. sodium chloride solution containing one per cent. neutral sodium citrate, which is used as hot as can be borne, and kept applied by the i took 300 mg of zoloft frequent satura- tion of a gauze pad, zoloft 300 mg per day covered with rubber tissue and lightly bandaged. The use of this solution for twenty-four hours produced a healthier appearance ; in bad cases, a period of forty-eight to sixty hours is necessary. 18. Laboratory Diagnosis of Malignant Tu- mors. — Wooley states that tumors cannot be classified upon a basis of malignancy, as malig- nancy is physiological, not anatomical. 'He finds that a diagnosis of malignancy cannot b? based upon any single feature of a tumor ; it is difficult to make a fine distinction between different kinds of malignant tumors. By studying the arrange- buy generic zoloft online no prescription ment of the reticulum, carcinomas and sarcomas may be differentiated. Midway between carcino- mas and sarcomas are transitional tumors of meso- thelial origin. 23. Serum Therapy in Tetanus. — Cole firmly believes in the efficacy of tetanus antitoxine as a prophylactic, and in its absolute harmlessncss It can be used repeatedly and in large doses without evil effect. Two injections of antitoxine serum. one at time of injury, and a second dose one week later, will prevent a large proportion of fatal cases. Antitoxine has its limitations ; it will not save when the toxemia is so great as to produce nervous symp- toms and the higher centres are overwhelmed. On the appearance of the symptoms of tetanus, endo- neural and intraspinal injections should be made at 292 n I II Oi I ■< GR1 SSI) 1 / 1TERATURE once, and repeated dail) until a subsidence of the symptoms occurs, not omitting local disinfection of the zoloft online pharmacy no prescription original wound and the zoloft 100 mg street value instillation of large amounts of antitoxine into all buy generic zoloft online the surrounding tissues. 8RITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL July -' 1. \Y. G. Spencer: Operations for Cancer of Tongue. 2. B. Moore: Oxygenation and Tuberculosis. 3. C. Wall: Experience of the Dioradin Treatment. 4. R. E. Kelly: Anesthesia by Endotracheal Insufflation of Ether. 5. C. M. Kennedy: Acme Epiphysitis. 6. J. F. Briscoe: Appendicitis in Private and Public Hospitals for Insane. 7. G. H. Winch: Gastric Adhesions as Cause of Sudden Death. 2. Oxygenation and Tuberculosis. — Moore finds generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription that the growth of Bacillus tuberculosis is in- hibited in an atmosphere of seventy per cent, or over of oxygen, and in the light of this finding he analyzes the zoloft street value factors in the devolpment and treat- ment of tuberculosis in man. He shows that the several sites of predilection for the development of tuberculosis are precisely those in which the blood and lymph streams are most sluggish, least abun- dant, or are poorest in oxygen content, for example, the apex of the lung, lymphatic glands, about joints, etc. Further, the oxyphobic properties of the does zoloft come 150 mg tablets bacil- lus are enhanced by the conditions which spring up about a focus of the bacteria, they are walled off from the blood and lymph streams by a nonvascular zone generic zoloft sale of cells, and are thus cut off from all but the most insignificant amount of oxygen. Now the treatment of local tuberculosis by the hyperemic method of Bier is nicely designed to augment the

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