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Stoi ilk. Tr ncni zyban sr 150 mg tablet of Hia 1 lie ith Buttei 2. Theodor Goett: Association Tssts in Children. 3. J. A. Schabod: Calcium Metabolism and Rliaehitis. 4. Kurt Bluhdorn: Calcium and Phosphorus in Lar^c- zyban nline australia Intestine in Infants. 5. Karol Rieder: Excretion of Urotropin in Bi isl Milk 1. Buttermilk in Diarrhea. — Stotte calls at- tention to the fact that all infants do not do equally well with the same d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban nourishment. Some infants fail to flourish under breast milk. In regard to mix- tures, or even the same mixture of cow's milk, it often happens that one child will do very well on certain mixture, while another will be very con- stipated, and still another infant will have very loose stools. The reason for this is explained by the con- genital variance of different infants. Constipation in infants can usually be cured by the addition of one or two carbohydrates. Diarrhea, on the other hand, is more difficult to cure. Stotte used butter- milk in cases of diarrhea with very good results. His buttermilk contained about zyban (buprpin) 150 mg 1.4 to 1.7 per cent, zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan of fat. Instead of adding sugars to the buttermilk, he added flour, about fifty grammes to the quart. No cathartics are given with this buttermilk and no period of starvation is necessary-. This buttermilk differs from that commonly zyban 150 mg bula used, in having a higher proportion of fat and- also in having very little sugar, which, it is buy zyban nline uk well known, causes diarrhea. In mild cases of diarrhea substituting this buttermilk feeding for one or two of the regular feedings often has the desired result. At times more buttermilk feedings must be substituted. In substituting the buttermilk feedings we should be guided bv the stool. With this feeding one gets a homogeneous. grayish stool of pasty consistence. If the stools do not become good with this feeding, then casein milk or breast milk must be given ; but according to Stotte's observations this is seldom necessary. 3. Calcium in Rickets. — Schabod ^avs that calcium acetate and a combination of phosphorus and rder zyban n prescriptin codliver oil causes an increased calcium reten- tion in rickets. The phosphorus and codliver oil are given as follows: Phosphorus. 0.01 ; codliver oil, to make 100.0. The dose is one teaspoonful a few times daily. 5. Urotropin in Breast Milk. — Urotropin is excreted in the milk of nursing women, but not buy cheap zyban nline in great enough concentration to have either any PITH OF nn-prescriptin zyban PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. 299 therapeutic effects (in mastitis) or any harmful ef- fect upon the child. ZEITSCHRIFT FuR generic zyban AUGENHEILKUNDE. June, ipiz. Hans Lempp: Position of Rest of Eyeball. Ignaz Jaspers: Question of Mvopia. A. Brueckner: Formation of Symblepharon zyban generic buprpin of Ulcer of Cornea. Richard Cords: Impairment of Vision by Rays of Sun. Alexius Pichler: Findings on Autopsy in Enophthalmos Traumaticus. 6. Viktor Wydler: After Images of Dazzling and Their Relation to the Erythropsia Produced in the Same Manner (Con eluded). i. The Position of Rest of the Eyeball.— Lempp contends as the result of his investigations that orthophoria is only one of the physiological positions of rest of the eyeball. He found it pres- ent in only 25.5 per cent, of the generic zyban cst cases he hw much des zyban cst in ntari examined, while esophoria was present in 40.5 per cent., and exophoria in thirty-four per cent. No dependence on the refraction or on the age hw much des zyban cst in australia could be made out, but it rather appeared as though the position of rest depended hw much des zyban cst in canada on accidental nervous, muscular, and me- chanical generic zyban nline factors that favored sometimes one, some- times another position. buy zyban nline canada 2. Myopia. — Jaspers draws his conclusions from his examination of zyban nline n prescriptin 37,484 patients, among whom he found 2,998 myopes, 7.9.9 per cent.

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